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  1. Many moons ago I was a rep and called on well known solicitors in Sheffield. The very nice lady buyer there had a Penguin ( no not him) paperback on her desk titled “What men know about women “. The book fascinated me and on one visit she was called away during my visit, so I picked up the book to have a quick read. Every page was blank so the joke was on me. In the situation here is similar and in short anyone on Owlstalk who claims to be in the know is like that paperback, no substance behind the cover
  2. Didn’t the Chairman promise us fast attacking football when he bought the club? Just asking for a friend
  3. Surely you remember the Jehovas Witness’s annual shindig at Hillsborough in the 1970’s. The held it pre season and I think we beat them 3-1 in a friendly in 1976
  4. I’m wondering how I managed to put my sons underpants on by mistake this morning. They’re playing havoc with my 13a11s.
  5. It’s amazing how many of us suffer with depression to a greater or lesser extent. What I have discovered is that depression is no respecter of wealth, status, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. Talking helped me after years of bottling it up, my wife gently encouraged me to take the first step and I’m eternally grateful to her. I always felt I was alone with my feelings but, of course, many are affected by visits from the Black Dog as Churchill called it. Perhaps we ought to have an Owlstalk just talk page for those of us that need to open up to someone. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. Just keep talking.
  6. 65/66 Season Leicester at home lost 2-1. My cousin took me and I was hooked. Interesting item from that game, I actually saw Sgt. Wilko play and score.
  7. 7 & 16. Everyone knows they're reserved for our new goalkeepers
  8. Regarding the oops moment, if subs were allowed then he would have gone off as he could barely walk after he was injured earlier. Typical of the man that he tried his best to carry on.
  9. Sheffield born and brung up but now in Mansfield via Grantham and Fullerton in California
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