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  1. Like attracts like. Depends what thoughts you had in your head at the time. I was never looking for it and never saw it.
  2. Never saw any trouble home and away in the 70's and 80's. We could go to a local derby and not get our heads kicked in unless we stood on the opponents Kop and started jumping up and down. Used to be mixed with United supporters in main stands and seated stands.
  3. Time moves on. A fantastic new stadium could be built to mirror traditional grounds. Hillsborough needs to have more development room around it and be more central at the same time as better access to the M1. Wednesday should never have moved to Hillsborough, the fans choice was Carbrook in Sheffield.
  4. I remember us playing a qtr final at Hillsborough when Sky first started. It has to be played on a Sunday tea time, crowd was only 43k and would have been much larger on a Saturday. Killed the atmosphere that day. At that time it was a record crowd for a televised match, higher than even Man United.
  5. I first started watching Wednesday weekly when I started my apprenticeship in the early 80's. I got paid £40 a week and I could get on the Kop as an adult for 90p. I last had a season ticket when Di Canio pushed over the ref and it was costing me a hours salary to sit in the main stand. I was never happy sitting even though I could afford it, I chose the main stand because it was a better view than the KOP. Bring back standing and a reasonable price and supporters would come back in their droves. I remember getting the stretch Limousine treatment, meal before match and sat in the directors box at Old trafford, long before other clubs did it and said if this is the future of football I am not interested. I went for the atmosphere and meeting people, as well as hopeful Wednesday would win. I may as well be sat at home watching the match on the box.
  6. in 1980 as an apprentice I got £40 a week and I could have got in Hillsborough for 90p as an adult. Now somebody on a minimum wage would have to work 6 hours to get into a match. Football thinks it can do without the working person.
  7. Strange how we are told that we can't limit the number of non UK players in the Premier division due to free movement, but the Greeks limit to one non-Greek per team. No wonder we don't produce so many stars in the Premier division when only 30% of minutes played are by UK based players.
  8. My dad spoke to slink and I understand he uses public transport and the super tram.
  9. I think Hi. Is it Paul.. My dads booked on Kettlewells. We thought the Cutler minibus was full. Cheers Tim
  10. Thanks. My dad is going to ring Kettlewells again in the morning and ask the question again?
  11. I think he was told they only picked him up if there is a spare seat, which leaves him marooned if they are full.
  12. I wondered if anybody could help. My dad has just renewed his season ticket and wondered if anybody knew of any coaches/minbuses to the ground from Dinnington or Anston on a match day? Or passing through along the A57 with a guaranteed seat. Thanks in advance. Tim
  13. If only Wednesday supporters knew their history. Before moving to Hillsborough from Olive Grove, the supporters voted to move to Carbook in the East end. The directors went against the supporters wishes. The location of Sheffield Wednesday should be in the East end of Sheffield, halfway between the city centre and the M1. There should be enough land to develop the stadium for non-football activities.
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