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  1. Big Ron started this all those years ago. In interviews or match commentary he'd always refer to players by their nickname, or at least what he considered their nickname.
  2. it doesn't help us when the manager comes out with stuff like "it's their (the opposition's) cup final". It just gees the opposition up and at the same time makes us look arrogant at worst, deluded at best. What have we achieved over the last 20 years? We need to move on (forwards) but that won't happen until we take a look in the mirror and acknowledge where we are today
  3. Best all round if no one turns up. Then he might get the message
  4. If they can accept there's little or no money to spend in the short term....we should look for a 40 something ex player (British) with longstanding service at one of the big premier league clubs. Strong links with one of the big clubs will enhance the chances of getting the best young talent for a season or two on loan. But who? Dare I say Gary Neville?
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