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  1. Tommycraign10others

    Top Half?

    Only managed to get 4/1 but still think of it as an investment rather than a bet.
  2. Tommycraign10others

    S.T renewals.

    The thought I had about part timers season tickets would cover this. Why not have a half season ticket that is match constrained not time constrained. Modern technology should easily be able to manage this
  3. Tommycraign10others

    S.T renewals.

    I know occasional attenders are not always looked in here with affection, but there are many reasons why some of us only attend a certain number of times a season. In theses circumstances a season ticket is totally impractical. Perhaps consideration should be given to a part time season ticket, which allows entry to a certain number of games and through which the individual makes a commitment to the club
  4. Tommycraign10others

    Full Backs

    Both full backs did OK today. But his many times they had the ball and couldn’t attack the space down the line. It seems they prefer to cross from half way inside the opposition half instead of getting to the by line
  5. Tommycraign10others

    Jos's cryptic message & the response against Millwall

    One of JLs strengths when he came was said to be a disciplinarian. Well I think he has now shown who is boss and more power to his elbow
  6. Tommycraign10others

    On This Day in 1972!

    I was there and will forever remember the leap from Peter Swan when he ran onto the pitch..
  7. Tommycraign10others

    was it? and why?

    Ive no idea why but I'm sure it was later than 1965. I would think more likely 68/69
  8. Springett Nillson. Pearson. Walker. Worthington Waddle. Palmer. Craig. Curran . Hirst. Fantham Subs. Hodge. Sterland. Sheridan. DiCanio. Bannister
  9. Tommycraign10others

    Jos Luhukay chant

    IT was Sheffield's Human League, but I think Phil Oakey is a Unitedite