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  1. On the basis that the ground is no longer the property of SWFC any costs are irrelevant
  2. I think your point about Westwood is a valid one and you could see Bruce getting exasperated by it in his time at Hillsborough. It makes you think maybe Jos tried to sort this issue out but was beaten by the players remains at the club. Seems to me a strong manager is needed together with a clear out. Interestingly I hear Westwood is not particularly helpful to the younger keepers either.
  3. It’s been e ident for some time Westwood takes far too long to distribute the ball. Not only did Bullen refer to it in his recent interview it was apparent during Bruce’s time here. You could often see him shaking his head at Westwood’s antics. Unfortunately it does seem to be all about “me” instead of putting pressure on the defending team.
  4. Why would people want a dinosaur like Allardyce. Don’t forget he was sacked from his last job after being found offering to tell how to get round his employers rules. People have overwhelmingly said in here what we want, if not Bullen, is someone young hungry and desperate to prove themselves. Then when someone mentions Allardyce everyone goes weak at the knees.
  5. Not sure the posters on here who would take anyone have, fortunately, been personally involved in the recruitment process. So difficult to see the connection to being in the doldrums
  6. It’s all assumptions but I could imagine DC agreeing to let Bruce go if the compensation is agreed and shaking Bruce’s hand in that basis. In which case Bruce would not be lying when he said at Lincoln it is down to the clubs to agree. It then went horribly wrong when Bruce resigned before an agreement was made
  7. Interesting to see Pulis’ stats on there. Must be a no
  8. It’s odd how people forget what Carvalhal served up after the first season and also how good Moyes has been at Preston and Everton. If we could be where Everton have been the last 20 years I don’t think we would be too unhappy
  9. Any respect left for Bruce disappears if this is right. Only 6 months ago he signs a contract including a clause re him moving on, which he would always include in a players contract. DC should now complain to the relevant authorities about an illegal approach while appointing his Bruce’s successor as soon as possible
  10. Ive just re read the article Alex Bruce write about his dad. Interestingly he says in there if you treat people the right way, which hue says his dad does 9 times out of 10 you will get more in return. All sounds little hollow given the considerDC gave him at the start of his contract. Now comes across as a very shallow individual. I don’t accept the argument about his boyhood club as he has turned them down before.
  11. I understand all that’s being said about his boyhood club. But he was given enormous respect by DC when he was prepared to wait for him and supported him in bringing in his own back room staff. Once he asked to speak to Newcastle that respect was thrown back at DC and he must be feeling enormously let down. Its onwards and upwards now. Hughton would be a great appointment and give the fans a belief there is still to be a reason to be optimistic for the coming season
  12. Time for some journo out there to ask the question. Probably in post match interview
  13. Don’t worry be happy my mantra and phone ring tone. Applies to many things in life including SWFC
  14. I think it’s a great read and makes me even more confident we have in Steve Bruce a manager we’ll be proud of. I just hope the fans give him time as I am sure DC will
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