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  1. Unfortunately for some fans all they can see is negativity. There is no doubt other owners will also be millionaires or better and not support their employees in the same way. My guess is if these employees were asked they would be relieved and appreciate the gesture and that surely is the measure
  2. Take away the 3goals scored at Nottingham and it paints a less optimistic picture
  3. To then get piled on for openly criticising players.
  4. He managed Swansea to there highest points total in the Premier League and had 40% win rates in championship. So I guess he us better than some give credit. It is clear he is not the problem and him going resolves nothing. Talk of Megson and Pulis is laughable. How long ago were fans in here complaining Monks tactics were hoofball. So let bring in the hoofball masters to change things.
  5. You obviously didn’t read the bit about Fletcher, the legend, rating Monk as the best manager he has worked with. Being selective is why there are so many negatives on here
  6. OT goes into meltdown as Garry Monk is photographed smiling
  7. So sorry sonny George He walked from Leeds after a change in ownership. After Swansea’s best season they had a bad fun and he was sacked. Typical short termism that is keeping Wednesday struggling instead of coming to terms with underlying problems and solving them I don’t think you would have had this opinion around Christmas.
  8. You say he has no track record. I would ask you why do you say that. A little research will show you he got Swansea to a record points total in the Premiership. The Birmingham local paper quoted he got 5be team performing better than the sum of the parts At Middlesborough and Leeds his win ratio was in excess of 40% It seems to me the problem might be elsewhere
  9. Not sure where you get the full of confidence from. The players who had been here under Jos were not high achievers and the ones Bruce signed (including the contract extension for Westwood) had just seen the boss they thought they were playing for disappear. They then had Bullen for some weeks who felt let down by the players in his quest for the job full time. But hey let’s kick out the guy who just might rid this culture of swimming with the tide and start all over again
  10. Read a quote recently that Nigel Pearson made some time ago and willing all likelihood have been quoted on one of the zillion threads about Garry Monk. In this quote he stares that when the culture in the club is wrong you need to change the players and accepted that often things get worse before they get better. It is at those time’s he says you need patience. I couldn’t agree more and it’s time we got behind GM
  11. All 3 would need time is the death knell It was almost universally said on OT that Bruce and then Monk would need time and where are we. But a bump in the road, recognise we have underperforming players and 6 months on looking for his replacement. It’s time for a new strategy. Support and stick with a manager that had a good win record in the Championship before coming here, sort out this squad and provide him with the resources to do the job
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