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  1. Amazing to think it was so long ago. I was 14 that June and my parents allowed me to go with my mates with High Green supporters club. Went to Semi Final at Villa Park as well. Can’t imagine allowing kids that age to go to London these days. Great team that needed a little investment to take us on but ........ Typical Wednesday I suppose.
  2. Terrific young player. Seemed to be one step ahead of his colleagues. I remember the Eric Taylor comment in signing him, hence the name on here
  3. Put a tenner on at 4/1 and considered it an investment. Still do, will win relatively comfortably on Sunday
  4. We might like to offer Westwood a contract but, as ever, there are 2 sides involved. Westwood is at the end if his contract and is therefore free to negotiate with whoever he chooses. He is also coming towards the end if his career. Therefore a club offering a sizeable signing on fee together with reasonable salary would be in front if us. To our advantage throughout all this, us the fact that Steve Bruce knows the value if Championship players and the days if us being ripped off should be over
  5. Don’t know how many games Dave Clement played, but as he isn’t included it would have to be Worthington
  6. I’d go further and as posted a number of times now. Why not have a half season ticket based on number of games not time.
  7. Commercially I am sure there are many things that could be done. I have previously mentioned on here that with the business model seeming to built around season tickets why not have a half season ticket based on match attendance not time. There are many reasons why people can’t attend games, particularly with Sky changing dates etc. I believe this would attract more supporters to commit to the club and all the ancillary spend that goes with it
  8. I wouldn’t write Rhodes off yet. Bruce recently was very positive about him. Given that, and the unlikely ability we will be able to move him on he is likely to figure in the coming season. Of the forwards more likely to go I would think Hooper, Winall, Nuhui and João are most likely
  9. Dawson Iorfa Lees Hector Palmer Matias Bannan Pelupessy Forestieri Flercher Hooper 3-1
  10. As as he is at the end of his contract he will be free to negotiate a larger signing on fee. So I guess salary is less if an issue
  11. Apologies Alan Hodgkinson was not the previous record holder, but he was Springett’s understudy in the 1962 World Cup
  12. I think one of the spin offs of having SB, apart from his coaching qualities will be his knowledge of the English game. He will have a clear understanding of the value of players unlike previous advisors who may even have benefited from paying over the odds
  13. Could be back to Portugal. SB has a house alongside Vila Sol golf course
  14. Has to be Ron Springett, a hero of mine as I grew up. In his time he was the most capped goalkeeper for England, having taken that record from Alan Hodgkinson, who played for the Blades. Part of the 1966 World Cup squad.
  15. Having given some thought following yesterday’s game, I think there are few you would say we must keep. I would however put Reach in that category. It is important to put down a marker about the ambition we have and selling players with reputations gives a negative impression. Consequently I would not sell Westwood, Hutchinson, Bannan, Reach Lees, or Fletcher. Any if the rest can go if the price is right
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