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  1. I’m currently there and the place is fantastic. Amazing food and very helpful people, though I accept that is in tourist CapeTown
  2. Bullen has stood in as temp manager twice then since he told you this and I don’t recall him being played there
  3. Think you are confusing revenue with profit. If prices were reduced by £10 as you suggest that is a loss of income of £200000 If they then spend that £10 on goods that have a profit of even 50% that is only half recovered.
  4. Think the bigger worry is how the fans react. I have no doubt from what we have witnessed so far Chansiri will be loyal to GM. However we have some very fickle fans. As Snooty reminded us yesterday, Bruce saw rebuilding as a long term protect so it is no different now. Garry Monk deserves 3 transfer windows to start putting right the poor decisions if the last 3/4 years
  5. Needed saying. Well done. Sometimes the negativity on here from people that claim to support the club is incredible
  6. Great reflection toon on the last year. Interesting to remember the views of Bruce, that it was going to be a big summer and that there was a lot to be done. Despite carrying little or none of that out the squad was passed onto Garry Monk, who is now being criticised for getting them into the play offs. Hopefully he will be ale to get some wheeling and dealing done in January and demonstrate how capable he is.
  7. Talk of the poor substitutions is unfair. Firstly Monk has a squad he reckons is unbalanced and is working with a hand he was dealt. Secondly, what is clearly a disadvantage over the thinking of many Owlstalk contributors, is Monk has to look ahead to the next match(es). I dont think anyone could see Derby scoring if they were there all night and only managed it through a dodgy decision. Therefore protecting 2 important players for the next match made sense at the time. If we are still in touch with the playoffs by January and are about to change the squad (in and out) he will have done a very creditable job
  8. How the tide has changed. It was only a short while ago we were desperately short if Central Defenders with an abundance of strikers. Given our current situation I can’t think of any player I would not sell fora fair fee if GM sanctioned it to strengthen the side. Losing Lees with Börner, Iorfa Thornily and Hutchinson available is a no brainer and the kind of deals we should have been doing these last few years
  9. I’m sure that as someone who earns his living by managing football teams Garry Monk never realised this. To be fair Monk is only the latest in a number of managers at Wednesday who have not played Forestieri regularly, but what do they all know when trying to build a team spirit
  10. I know it’s Owlstalk but some opinions on here are really beyond the pale. Remember when Bruce came and the fans on here generally accepted it would take 3transfer windows before he could be fairly judged. Why is that different now?The team are creating more chances than they have in a long time, but the system he uses is suspect. Really? He doesn’t pick our best player. Yet neither on a regular basis did our last 3 managers plus Bullen and his attitude at times last night tells you why. Monk should be supported until he has the opportunity to develop his own side and I believe we will then see a successful team which is what we all want.
  11. It’s time to move on and let Dawson develop. On another thread on Owlstalk recently someone posted Westwood’s performance stats since he joined. There is a steady decline year on year, which reversed last year. However this current year its lower than his previous worst . It’s too late now but I would have happily sold him last summer and let Dawson and Wildsmith joust for the position. Perhaps that what we should now do
  12. So where would you play Westwood then. I can’t think of any other position that would be regarded as his best yet he has made more than his share of errors
  13. I can’t see why there should be any impact on January business, unless the issue is sorted. Surely even though this is SWFC and the EFL they can’t be punished until the case is finally settled
  14. I maybe wrong, but as the ground no longer belongs to SWFC any development would be paid for by the owner i.e. DC. This would probably lead to an increase in whatever rent we pay, but is perhaps something he would think of as he considers how we move forward as a club
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