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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t believe this leaving for nothing. He may have offered to leave by mutual consent but without a payment attached us stretching credibility to snapping point. It will be no surprise that his mates at Sky will paint the picture of Pulis being dealt a dud hand. My take on it is he was tempted out of retirement and when he got here realised the size of the job and how much retirement meant to him and wanted a way out. The most disappointing comment from DC was that TP wanted to look after himself and not his staff. The response from DC is completely in character with h
  2. It will be interesting to hear what Tony Pulis thinks about this in this weeks presser. Can’t help but think this favours those at the top especially the recently relegated with the bigger and deeper squads
  3. What a great interview. Given a few wins he will win over the doubters. It’s a results business and he delivers results
  4. I do wonder what people see sometimes. How can that remark be made about a Luongo after Sunday’s performance
  5. But it is though. We have just started a new season with the manager having his own team in supporting him. He has made changes to the playing person which many thought long overdue We have just played played 3 teams with expectations of being top 6 which I think everyone said was a very difficult start. It really is time to be realistic. We are likely to sign at least another 2 players before the window closes. The time to judge the progress being made is when we have played a representative cross section of the teams in this league. For what it’s worth I happen to beli
  6. I felt reasonably confident before a ball was kicked. I could not see us being the equivalent of only 12 points better than the relegated teams. However following the games so far it’s clear the team spirit is better, the players are playing for each other the impact of the coaching team is obvious. All we need now is for the appeal to result in a withdrawal of the points deduction or at worst a reduction Definitely going in the right direction
  7. I understand your argument but somewhere along the line people have to start taking responsibility for their own health. The numbers suggest that those infected are largely young and healthy. If you are in one if the vulnerable categories you need to take care of yourself and limit any exposure. The rest of the country should not need to suffer. By the way I am speaking as someone approaching 70 not a selfish youngster
  8. Seemed sarcastic to me and therefore I considered it negative !
  9. Wow it’s taken until 15 minutes to go while winning away 2-0 for a negative Monk comment. WAWAW. aren’t we?
  10. And I’m sure last week the Leicester fans were in melt down after not scoring against a struggling Championship side when their manager and coaching staff, let alone the players are all better. This was only the 2nd game played since the short close season. With new players, some of whom have had no real pre season and new coaching staff GM was successful in getting the team into the next round. There were definitely some signs of the work that has been done and opportunities for players like Penney to show what they could do. Its still far too early to judge but I remain
  11. A member of the team I first started supporting and of course the 1966 cup final team. Always reliable in defence RIP
  12. Of course it does. The buying club would put a value on Westwood, which if he is still as good as some think, could easily be £1.5m. If SWFC then allow him to go on a free he could receive the equivalent of the transfer with the balance being his weekly earnings. The fly in this ointment is of course that knowledgeable football managers don’t believe he is worth a fee. It would then be DCs decision as to whether or not to reduce his wage bill and come to some agreement with Westwood
  13. If he is the keeper many think they would gladly pay a transfer fee. If the club let him go for free this money could then be paid to Westwood. Alternatively if he’s not that good to warrant a fee he will stay here unless DC decides to cut our losses
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