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  1. Nando45

    Derby day coming

    Derby game anything can happen but I’ll be nervous as hell.
  2. Doesn’t know his best defence so maybe why he keeps changing it
  3. Nando45

    Team for Boro

    Well I’d expect FF to play, Joao to come on last 20 when they have tired
  4. Nando45

    Team for Boro

    I can see nuhiu and thorniley starting this one, boro are a very big and physical side
  5. Nando45

    Whats gonna happen tomorrow then?

    Hopefully win, but 3 out of 4 away games we have been very poor. Hoping we see a much more balanced team! Fletcher has to start in front of nuhiu, reach needs to be in the position where he was most effective last season, fox wants to be nowhere near the team, and Palmer back in. Obvs would have Westwood back in goal but that won’t happen, and I’d be risky and wouldn’t play hooper today for u23’s rather him be on bench tomorrow and come on for 15 mins if we need him, our bench at forest was limited
  6. Nando45

    Forest thoughts

    Think he will be going, but until then we are going to need him
  7. Nando45

    Forest thoughts

    Hutchinson needs to be back in the team colback was winning all the duals, we was so lightweight in midfield. He gives us that bit more fight, bannan Onomah Hutch that might give the midfield a better balance
  8. Yes if we was to sell we would have to pay all of our fee up, as it’s in installments, and to sell we wouldn’t get nowhere what we paid for him
  9. We didn’t do much better after he left, ok we won at forest - we didn’t really pick up until lees, Bannan & hutchinson returned to the team, and we won at Leeds which sent us on a bit of a run, forestieri also returned a few games after which helped
  10. Believe he should have been given until we got some players back from injury. We will finish lower this season with Jos, the 2 wins have just papered over the cracks. We will lose tomorrow against reading who haven’t won a league game in about 15 back to meltdown
  11. Nando45

    Our best half

    Jones had a good first half, had a lot of the ball, 2nd half not as much, probably down to wolves stopping that happening
  12. Nando45

    Tonight’s attendance

    Around 10k I know season ticket holders that aren’t going
  13. Nando45


    Did get a few decent players in old Carlos
  14. Who’s done better then? Megson?