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  1. Nando45


    Deadline shuts on the 9th of August
  2. Nando45

    Brum in for Bannan?

    No I will always enjoy my love of going for a Nando’s
  3. Nando45

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Bannan and forestieri leave bad times lay ahead
  4. Nando45

    Our fire sale

    Sell fessi and Bannan welcome to a relegation fight
  5. Nando45

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    Get rid simples
  6. Nando45

    It's all very quiet at Hillsborough

    Your tampon needs changing pal
  7. Nando45

    who went to this game?

    Classy away shirt that tho isn’t it?
  8. Nando45

    who went to this game?

    Modern day footballers would lose the plot if they had to play on that pitch!
  9. Nando45

    Westwood will be Off

    Rather us sell Westwood on to raise funds than the likes of forestieri or Bannan
  10. Somewhere new dom howson has said on Twitter
  11. 3 clean sheets in a row, good to see
  12. We’ve got a player called Fernando lets hope he is still here next season
  13. Ok fair enough your reasoning with possibly changing formation. And agree the squad does need freshening up, but to we need a core of players that are good enough to take us forward, we need to move fringe players on. The players we need to keep - westwood lees bannan forestieri reach hooper anyone else i would listen to offers, and yes that includes hutch