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  1. Goal of the Season Competition

    Reach for me
  2. Steve Morison

    6 goals prolific get him signed
  3. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    Kop is tragic. I’m moving to the north next season hoping the service is better there
  4. Danny Batth

    Yes defo
  5. Sarcasm. They had a busy up, so why winnall should get another chance I don’t know, get rid
  6. Let’s give winnall a chance and let forestieri go eh? Some people haven’t a clue
  7. Made my mind up

    Seriously fear the worst for next season, very little budget, injury prone players, too many players that aren’t good enough. wildsmith (still young) can’t be first choice next season pudil needs to be released Loovens as above thorniley not good enough could get better in next few years tho Palmer not good enough jones not good enough Pelupessy very lightweight game passes him by Hutchinson love him but just can’t rely on him anymore Buttercup no words for him Nuhiu I know he’s had a good run but still doubt he could do it over a full season Rhodes very disappointed it’s not worked for him need to take what we can get Wallace released we need to be looking at moving players on to freshen the team up, we have a good core of players to build around still westwood lees hunt bannan lee reach forestieri hooper My fear is, we will try get players fit and stick with pretty much the same players next season (maybe 2/3 signings instead of 7/8). Chansiri seems to think this team was good enough 2 years ago so why not now! Sorry but you can’t stand still in football. Hope I’m wrong, but could be a relegation fight next season
  8. How much should we fear QPR?

    Qpr very up and down beat Norwich 4-1, and beat villa 3-1 but lost to reading and hull, 2-1 qpr is what I think tho
  9. To be honest Fulham probably wouldn’t expect him to start whether jos had said or not
  10. Venancio

    I do think he is very good especially with the ball, but I think we do need more of a big unit at the back, hopefully van aken will adjusted for next season, but I can now see why we was getting linked with Morrison and keogh both would give us something we are missing at the back
  11. Well, well, well...

  12. Lee Gregory no thanks. Jesus
  13. Arrive around 12/12-30 I’m usually walking down to tap around that time and have seen them arrive
  14. Hirst v villa di Canio v Everton waddle v pigs tudgay v pigs hirst v pigs plenty more but there a few I’ve enjoyed