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  1. Might need Paterson on Sunday against the mini pigs for his height and physicality.
  2. Thry used to wear blue and white striped gloves for easy identification at one point I remember.
  3. I agree. Not the most skilful but I don't understand the stick he gets. Would rather see him upfront than Berahino or JJ if Windass and Gregory are out.
  4. Shame. I had high hopes when we signed him but it's not worked out. Injuries haven't helped.
  5. It's a common chant at the moment by a lot of clubs. The ??? Boys are on a bender ???? Is a sex offender. We sing it about Billy Sharp, the pigs sing it about Bannan.
  6. Usually a couple of minutes after kick off, although for the Plymouth game it was about 4.15.
  7. And bottled taking a penalty in the play off semi. If we'd won that semi and then won at Wembley, that loss would have been swallowed up and ffp wouldn't have been an issue. Got to be Rhodes for me.
  8. I'm there on a corporate do on Saturday. I'll have a sniff round and let you know
  9. Revenge for young Hirsty
  10. I've just watched it on Youtube. Willie Carr flicked it up and Ernie Hunt volleyed it. I'm amazed you can remember the names from all that time ago. I can't remember who scored for us last week, although I suppose it was pretty memorable when we were kids and there was so little football on TV.
  11. Just googled it and it says it was banned at the end of the season.
  12. Yeah I remember that. Think it got disallowed though. That might be Willie Carr in the first photo. Seem to remember he was a ginner.
  13. I remember them at Coventry. I thi k that's where the first photo is from.
  14. Ante looks a bit like Willie Henderson in that bottom picture.
  15. There's already a thread about this mate.
  16. Wow, that's a proper day out. I've only just got up.
  17. Train to chap for your fix then on the coach's coach. Less hassle and you'd get some great pictures for your away day picture thread.
  18. Great name for a pub . Saw a programme this week that said Ronnie Barker was from Aylesbury and there is a statue of him there. Just googled it and you're right, he spent most of his life in the Oxford area just made his acting debut in Aylesbury. Think I've got too much time on my hands!
  19. What is it with Sunderland? They seem to get linked with every player we are. Maybe that shows there's not that many players to go round at this level in the positions we need to fill.
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