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  1. Why does he deserve better? He's played for a fantastic club with brilliant fans who've forgiven him for some shocking errors and allowed him to continue his development. He's played in front of big crowds in a successful side with a supportive manager. It's been a great move for him, he's right to be grateful.
  2. They'll go through. Unbelievable they're still in the tie.
  3. Yeah, every time the crowd got going, a Sunderland player laid on the floor. Seem to remember someone was down for about 3 minutes just after the goal to try and calm the crowd down.
  4. I'm stuck in it coming southbound. Made worse by loads of selfish wa nkerrs using the hard shoulder and blocking it for the emergency services.
  5. I'm sure we did the double over Huddersfield the season they beat us in the semis.
  6. Attack is the best form of defence.
  7. Definitely. Wouldn't fancy us on Monday with 7k Mackems behind the goal
  8. Think it's the one next to the river that always floods.
  9. I'm sorted. Very helpful in the ticket office. Must be pulling their hair out. Basically, you just have to keep calling until you join the queue at number 14. The wait wasn't that long once I got through.
  10. I'm no 14 now so hopefully you've moved up at least one place.
  11. If you get through, ask em to give me a ring
  12. I've managed to reserve my ticket but when I try to checkout I'm getting a message 'the deposit amount is less than the payment amount' and it wont let me buy it. Can't get through to the ticket office to sort. Anyone else had this?
  13. After reading 2 pages of this thread, I think I'll go and live on a desert island.
  14. Think it's gonna end up being one of my all time favourite goals for all the reasons you said, plus the fact it was such an important goal to win us a really important match.
  15. Can I wait til after the match to give you my choice?
  16. Yeah, I looked twice at that stat as well. Although we were shocking at that time, the problem was propbably more up front than at the back.
  17. Thanks Holmowl, that's made me feel better.
  18. I really don't know. I thought they looked great together in that game. Berahino started the next game then has been in and out of the side ever since. There's often things happening that we don't know about which make decisions look strange from the outside so I'm there sure will be a genuine reason. We know that there's a lot of sports science data available nowadays and that some players regularly get rotated and some, such as Bannan and Marvin Johnson, play almost every minute. What I did find strange was Berahino travelling thousands of miles to play a meaningless friendly.
  19. But weren't they the front 2 when we scored 6?
  20. Brilliant clip. Great to see so many youngsters there and enjoying themselves.
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