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  1. We should form a breakaway Dino league Sherlyegg. Us the pigs and Wimbledon could be founder members. Dave Basett could be the chairman and Colin in charge of VAR which is set up purely to penalise any side playing more than 2 passes sideways or backwards. No pitches would have any grass on after November, players must wear black boots and anyone diving, feigning injury or 'initiating contact' gets a 10 game ban. Shirts are numbered one to eleven, the keeper wears green, the ref wears black and the ball is all white with 'Mitre' emblazoned across it. All chairmen must be local businessmen made good and sponsorship isn't allowed. The clock stops when the ball isn't in play and anyone playing a false 9, whatever the the foook that is, gets kicked out of the league. All players are allowed to perform two career threatening tackles a game before they are booked, and another 2 before they are sent off. Players can celebrate their team scoring a goal however they wish without being booked and the ball must be inside the D for every corner. Weekend games are played on a Saturday afternoon and midweek matches are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. Any player with a man bun is banned for life, and every team has to play 4-4 FOOOKIN 2!
  2. The first against Donny was from a free kick that went forward, that's just what I want to see. The second started with an interception on the halfway line followed by some great football and a cross into the box. Again, just what I want to see. On the highlights of the Rotherham game, the ball started with our centre half playing the ball forward and we scored after another cross, I cant remenber what happened before this. So all 3 goals are exactly how I feel we should be playing - getting the ball forward and wide then in the box, preferably quickly and before we are crowded out and the attack is over. Of course defenders will pass the ball out and on occasions, the best option will be to go sideways or backwards. My gripe is that with lots of throws and free kicks, the first thought is to go backwards and go from having posession in a good position, to being under pressure in a dangerous area and either losing posession or lumping it forward. I've not even started yet on the ridiculous tactic of goalkeepers playing it to the centre halves in our own box. If ever a team shouldn't be doing this it's us. I don't buy into the football snobbery that goals shoul only be scored after 30, 5 yard passes but that doesn't mean you have to smash it long all the time either. My frustration is that we should be doing so much better than we are. This league is terrible but we approach games with a negative, safety first mindset and even if we do get in front, we sit back and defend the lead.
  3. Not sure why you're going on about lumping the ball forward. My issue is with the ball going backwards, then sideways from throw ins and free kicks, that's what boils my pi$$$. Once we've done this, the ball ends up back with the keeper who, under pressure, then ironically, lumps it forward. I can't recall this tactic ever being succesful for us, can you?
  4. Of course I realise we scored from a long free kick, as we did at Wigan. That's exactly my point. How many goals did we score yesterday by 'building an attack'? In fact, have we created any chances this season, never mind scored any goals, as a result of building an attack that started by playing out from the back or going backwards and sideways from a throw or free kick? On the flip side, how many times have we nearly conceded as a result of doing this? In the very first minute yesterday, we had a throw on halfway that went backwards and sideways and we almost conceded a goal. Instead of starting the game on the front foot against a decent side with a noisy away following, we'd have been a goal down and unlikely to get anything from the game. Watching us trying to build an attack and getting nowhere for the next 90 minutes would have been enthralling. The next time we go backwards, sideways, fart about and concede a goal, I'll feel much happier boiling my pi$$$ knowing I have your permission to do so.
  5. Gregory m.o m wildsmith next for the 2 punches in injury time. Apart from that it was woeful. The throw ins and free kicks that go backwards and sideways boil my pi$$$. We've got decent forwards so why don't we attack teams? Stop ***** about at the back. Get the ball in the box and score some goals. It's the third division not the champions league.
  6. I seem to remember there was a bit of trouble when they came last year.
  7. Stonewall penalty. Two handed push in the middle of the back. Instead of being probably 2 1 up, they go up the pitch and score to win the game. We were shocking today but still should have won, disgraceful refereeing
  8. Terrible news. Why do such awful things happen to decent human beings? Really hope the club rally round. Would be great if we fans could somehow let him know he is in our thoughts also.
  9. I couldn't really work out the formation either, I think we played it changed a few times during the game. What I do know is that when we went direct and pushed Paterson further forward we looked much better.
  10. I stayed for a few seconds after the final whistle to applaud the team then shot off but as I got outside the ground, I could hear a lot of noise from our fans. It sounded like they were singing 'what the kinell is that'. Anyone know what happened.?
  11. There's the lad we signed from Southampton as well.
  12. We wanted the original game to be postponed cos BFP was on international duty
  13. We send our youngsters out on loan to gain experience and learn from their mistakes so they can come back better players, but when we take young players on loan we expect them to be world beaters. Today's mistake was a shocker but we need to accept that if we want to move forward with a policy of signing young players with a point to prove, they will make mistakes. Unfortunately, keepers don't get away with their clangers and BPF needs to improve sharpish.
  14. So did I. I liked the formation and the personnel, other than not having a left footed left back. If Bannan had scored the penalty we'd have won easily. I'd swap Brown for Palmer then give the team a few games to see how it gels.
  15. Thought there was a foul in the build up, might have been Hunt.
  16. Thought they'd re-signed ramshackle
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