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  1. I'd be happy but unfortunately we're not.
  2. I think the season he signed for us he'd scored 14 goals for Barnsley in this division and 13 were from crosses. I dont think Winnall was given the chance to prove himself when he first came here and am sure he would have scored goals for us as he did at Deby. Unfortunately he doesn't look the same player since his injury and will no doubt now drift down the leagues. I'd be playing him and/or Rhodes in the under 23s to get them game time and hopefully confidence by scoring goals.
  3. Murphy upfront might work. We've all been crying out for a fast striker to be signed in January so it's got to be worth giving him a go. He's not played much and hasn't been sparkling when he has but he seems to have an eye for goal. Could be the making of him.
  4. Theres been lots of people saying the football is poor and boring this season, even after we've won. The Stoke and Wigan games were dreadful but some people countered the criticisms with 'I'm not bothered how we play as long as we win' which I fully understand but I dont particularly want to see us play with 1 upfront at home and defend the whole game as we did against Fulham. I think we have enough good players to cause teams problems but Monk doesnt seem to have the same view. Although we had a terrible start to the season with Bruce pi$$ing off, based on what I've seen so far this is a poor division and is there for the taking for anyone who can string a few wins together and gain some momentum.
  5. Me too. I used to watch every scrap of football there was on tv but now I dont bother. I don't even watch our highlights most weeks whether we've won or not. I go to the match now to meet the lads and have a laugh more than I do for the football. I'm sure I'll always have a season ticket but apart from Carlos' first season I havent enjoyed going for a long time.
  6. For the last 4 or 5 games we've said 'if we win this we'll go top/second/third' but at the same time if we lose we're back in mid table. The league is so tight at the moment that there's nothing to choose between most of the top half of the table and being second or third doesnt really mean that much other than tricking us into thinking we're better than we are. We're currently a mid table side and only the performances against Barnsley Middlesborough and Leeds have given me any optimism. It's ok saying winning is all that matters but you cant constantly perform poorly and expect to gain enough points to get promoted. At the moment we're not good enough to do well in a poor league so Monk is trying to grind out as many points as he can and hopefully will improve things in January.
  7. I've seen the last 2 games and would agree with this. As has been said earlier in the thread, it's not all about winning at this level, although I'm sure the players and staff want to win every game.
  8. Totally agree. This defence and the midfield in front of it seems much stronger and more orhanised than the one that broke those records.
  9. I phoned the Wetherspoons in Chap on Friday to see if they were showing the rugby. I was told that they were but it would be full of Leeds fans as the police were encouraging them to go to Ecclesfield and Chapeltown. No idea how many did turn up though.
  10. It's not an opinion, it's a comment. He said he was glad the ref didn't see an attack on one of our players that he should have been sent off for. So he's condoning violence and also showing a bias towards Leeds by being pleased that their player wasn't punished. Pundits should be impartial and have some sort of moral fibre.
  11. He really said that? Unbelievable How can he get away with a comment like that?
  12. I agree but they had Ian Wright consistently pinching goals for them. If we had someone like that we'd be in with a great chance.
  13. Fantastic today, as was Iorfa.
  14. I doubt many Leeds fans will be coming from town by bus before the match. If they're coming by train they'll get off in Chapeltown then get taxis in once they've caused havoc there. It's what they do after the match thats the problem as there'll be no taxis back to Chap due to the road closures so they'll either get the bus to town or be hanging around in Hillsborough. What could possibly go wrong?
  15. Was just about to post the same. If they're going to misbehave on a tram, surely they'll misbehave on a bus?
  16. The club really needs to do something about this now. SAG/SYP are either incompetent or are trying to create more problems to beat us with. It's so obvious and we need to fight back.
  17. It beggars belief. How stupid are these people? Close the lepp access to home fans so we're all on Penistone Road, stop the trams so the Leeds fans have to get buses then make the buses drop off and pick up on Penistone Road. Can they really not see that this could be a problem? It's the perfect storm for trouble. Imagine if there's a last minute winner winner or a controversial decision/sending off.
  18. Anyone know what time they close leppings lane before the game?
  19. Wow. Didn't realise he was with us for 4 years. Great signing.
  20. Can someone explain what this thread is about please?
  21. I think a lot of our hopes for this season rest on FF. If we can keep defending as we are and FF hits the form we saw in his first season, we wont be far away. If we're around the top 6 in January I'd go for Dwight Gayle on loan.
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