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  1. Doubt you'd even get Reach in the room.
  2. Always thought his best position was centre half but he was too important to us in midfield to use him there other than in emergencies. Didn't look as ungainly there either and made it look easy.
  3. I'd heard from someone at the club that Hutchinson wasn't playing under Jos because he wouldn't play for the u23s to prove his fitness after injury and this interview backs that up. Seems strange though that Loovens is saying Jos was strict about players proving their fitness after injury yet he was rushed back. Were we so short no one else could play there or were there different rules for Loovens I wonder.
  4. Thorniley was/is a much better player. Solid and committed. Can't remember him ever letting us down.
  5. Classic case of a player improving when they're not playing. Will never forgive him for that game against g3he pigs although he was by no means the only one at fault.
  6. I don't buy kits but £14 for a pair of socks? Fizz me, didn't realise things were that expensive.
  7. I'm confused now. Which one of us is being sarcastic and what about? 😁
  8. Oh right. Wasnt Mellor's goal a diving header?
  9. Went to that game, absolutely amazing but had no idea there was a jazz band there!
  10. And gives them an extra year of prem money guaranteed.
  11. Thanks mate that's brilliant. Remember all of those players more than most we've had in the last 10 years.
  12. Thanks for that Sissons. I've got that programme somewhere. I can vaguely remember a Tommy Craig penalty at the kop end from when I was really young so it could have been this game. Great memories of that kit and some of those players. Any idea of the teams that day mate?
  13. Got mine today. Looking forward to getting stuck into it tonight.
  14. Parachute payments won't be scrapped until the season after we are relegated from the Premier League.
  15. Great photos. One of the earliest games I can remember (very vaguely) going to. All I can remember is their keeper with the blond hair (Mellor?) and the scoreboard saying 4 0.
  16. I've often wondered if this relagation turned out to be a good thing for us. We kept all the players we wanted to and the season after got promotion, won a cup and had started the momentum to do well for the next 3 or 4 years. Hirsty established himself by playing against inferior players which gave him the confidence to be the best striker in the country for a couple of years. If we'd stayed up we may have been a lower mid table side for the next few years rather than achieve what we did. Obviously the pigs getting promoted was something we could have done without.
  17. If we'd lost the last10 minutes of every game this season we'd be laughing so it's a yes from me.
  18. Low attendances were partly down to hooliganism. You didn't get families and women going like you do now, or black and asian fans.
  19. Course we'll have a side to put out. We'll sign players either permanently or on loan and for a change we'll be in the driving seat. No one knows what the position will be on 01/07 yet but regardless, football will restart at some point and clubs will need players and players will want to sign for them and play as long as it's safe to do so. Contracts may well look different to what they do now but this is a reality check for everyone and people will have to adapt accordingly.
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