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  1. He seemed to parry the ball straight to the other sides players a fair bit.
  2. Best one I saw was Mick Lyons from the edge of the box away to Ipswich in a cup replay. Think we lost 3 2.
  3. Great post. This 'modern football' bores me to death.
  4. Mark Smith or Mel Sterland to take it. Colin West or Chris Waddle would be the last choice.
  5. Pretty much word for word what I was saying on the north.
  6. Yes. Not many times we've scored 4 in the second half after being outplayed in the first.
  7. Nut

    Adam Reach

    Been really good in the last few months when we've had no players but an absolute thrower when it comes to winning tackles and headers. Runs about a lot but cost us points against Hull and Bolton due to a lack of bottle. Not my cup of tea.
  8. Just after Leeds scored and were getting on top, Eddie Gray thought they'd win it but thought one thing was for sure, Wednesday definitely wouldn't. How did that turn out Eddie? He sounded gutted after slagging us all game. He did keep saying we were weak though which we are at the moment.
  9. Yes Pulsar that's me with the Timberland t-shirt and it is Lanzarote Owl that I appear to be holding hands with. I remember seeing you outside The Prince of Wales.