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  1. You can't knock a 10 inch nail in with a toffee hammer.
  2. My arse is massive and I'm as slow as fizz. I was 40 years ago as well.
  3. We played donny a few years back and in sure they left 4 up from corners so we left 5 back. Kind of nullifieds the corner.
  4. From memory, I think at the point the decision was made, West Ham looked certain to be relegated so a points deduction wouldn't really have achieved anything and they got a massive fine instead. They then went on an unbelievable run that no one could have foreseen and hysterically survived on the last day.
  5. Totally agree. Clubs should have to pay transfer fees upfront as well instead of spreading them over the term of the contract.
  6. The one where he didn't turn up til half time was a cracker.
  7. Anyone on here go to the reunion last night? It was a cracking night with some great stories. Really enjoyed it.
  8. You're my favourite poster on here at the moment. A little ray of sunshine!
  9. Haven't the EFL said they have new evidence they weren't aware of before and this is the reason for the charge?
  10. Also, a business doesnt have to be incorporated in order to exist and trade. He could have set the business up as a sole trader or partnership. Pretty unlikely but still possible.
  11. Absolutely. What would be the point in going to all that trouble of discussing the validity of what we were doing then sneak a £60m transaction into the wrong years accounts and hope no-one would notice? The worry for me is that the EFL say there is new information that has come to light and I have no idea what this could be.
  12. Not sure about his other posts but he's bang on with this.
  13. We shouldn't but we are and rather than running from this, Chansiri has committed more of his money to us and is insistent he's done it in the right way. He's now come out fighting on behalf of the club and himself. We should be backing him, not automatically thinking he's in the wrong.
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