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  1. He wandered around like he was lost on the pich as well.
  2. It's taken a while for the partnership to flourish but looks like they've cracked it now
  3. Yeah but that list is in the correct order they took the penalties I think.
  4. Not sure it's legit. How would he know what order they would take their penalties?
  5. Not to the ones I know it doesn't.
  6. Anyone got that picture of the grunter and toytowner holding hands?
  7. They were never in front at any point in the tie, not even on penalties, even though they took the first one yet ate making out they were robbed somehow
  8. Big fat bloke charged at him and looked like he nutted him.
  9. Why does he deserve better? He's played for a fantastic club with brilliant fans who've forgiven him for some shocking errors and allowed him to continue his development. He's played in front of big crowds in a successful side with a supportive manager. It's been a great move for him, he's right to be grateful.
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