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  1. Nut

    The shadow of The Blades

    They're pigs not blades Asteener.
  2. Nut

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    What a c0ck. Made a reyt two hat of yourself with that post.
  3. Nut

    U23s v L**ds (h)

    I once went to a Q&A with the infamous Alan Irvine who said the reason we produce so few attaking players is that they're all picked up by the bigger clubs when they're really young as that's where the money is. They know they can pick up a water carrier later on without spending too much.
  4. Nut

    Roland Nilsson memories

    My main memory is of him hobbling off at Wembley being helped by Alan Smith in extra time of the FA Cup final replay, having played for Sweden the night before. Apart from that I remember the 2 mistakes in the semi finals as already mentioned which is strange when you think how good he was. I suppose he was so good and made everything look so easy that there arent that many spectacular memories that stand out. Even when he marked Lee Sharpe out of the league cup final, it just felt like it was Roland doing what he does. As has been said, he was a Rolls Royce.
  5. Thought we signed them around the same time in pre season?
  6. Nut

    lee Bullen

    Best wishes Lee. Sorry for your loss and also the loss of your Mum.
  7. Nut

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    And also to Chansiri for agreeing to it and having the balls to wait for Bruce if he is was his first choice, particularly as he had been getting some flack around that time.
  8. We obviously have different views which is probably down to my age and what I've experienced. I drink in pubs before matches and chat to opposing fans on occasions and that's how it should be. However, it's still at the back of my mind that the same fans in a couple if hours will be telling me 'Sheffield's a shithole' and generally hurling abuse in my direction. That's part of the game and i accept it but at the same time I think that certain things are out of order and sitting in the wrong end is one of them. You don't get the same abuse or tribalism in Rugby and the game is I'm sure all the better for it but as I said earlier, football's different. If I'm in a minority I think it will be a sizeable one, particularly for fans aged 50 plus, frommost/all English clubs.
  9. Rugby is different and so is cricket. I've sat with opposing fans at Yorkshire and England cricket games and had a laugh but it's not like that with football. Whether you think that's right or not you won't change it.
  10. So if we're in a play off semi or final against Leeds and you can't get a ticket because the Leeds fans have bought loads of tickets in the Wednesday end would you care then? Or you get a ticket but none of your friends or family can get one and you're surrounded by Leeds fans what would you do if they beat us? Wish them well in the premiership and congratulate them on their ingenuity in obtaining tickets in our end?
  11. No that would be totally different and isn't the same arguement. We are talking about supporters sitting in their opponents ends then cheering if they score. If you do this you know the risks and should accept the consequences.
  12. Nut

    In the home end

    I was on the Shoteham that day sat on the kip right next to that section which as you say was full of Wednesday fans. I sneaked on and was just about to sit down when some of my mates in that section who were obviously Wednesday fans shouted me. Cover blown before the game had even kicked off. Pretty sure I'd have been in bother if we'd scored but in a way, losing and having to sit in the middle of them while they're taking the wee wee was worse. I've never done it since other than in corporate areas.
  13. The risk assessment should be carried out by the person who decides to break the law and sit in the home end. The bigger the match, the bigger the rivalry, the bigger the risk. Football isn't a special case. If you openly take the wee wee out of someone with opposing views to you there is a risk of violence in any walk of life. If you are prepared to behave in a certain way you have to accept the consequences.
  14. I think we beat them 2 0 at home first then 1 1 at the lane mate. League cup 1st or 2nd round.
  15. But how good did it feel to get back on the coach having survived? And next time you went somewhere you felt a little bit braver. Wednesday games played a big part in me growing up and toughening up. I wouldn't change my experiences for the world but then I was lucky to never get a real kicking although a lot of that was down to fellow supporters and that was where the camaraderie came from.