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  1. Seriously? He was a one man team in a lot of games I saw and is often picked in 'all time Wednesday 11's' on here. I've never ever heard any other Wednesday fan criticise him to that level and call him a cheat.
  2. 60 percent effort? When was that? Walker was amazing for us.
  3. Looks as hard as fizz in that photo, even without the blood.
  4. Never been a fan of Reach but got to agree, he did step up when we had all those injuries.
  5. By the time football starts again a few clubs will probably have gone bust in all divisions except the prem. If that is the case, how can the leagues possibly start from where they are paused at now?
  6. Really can't remember anything about him other than i always thought he was lightweight. Cracking bloke though and love his commentaries. Once had a scrap with his brother in a Sunday morning match while he was watching with his bird.
  7. I wasn't there but surely the Rotherham turnaround must be the best? I can't recall another game where we were losing in injury time but won. I loved the one this year against Charlton. Didn't mean much in the grand scheme of things but the run we'd been on and the shithousery of Charlton made it really satisfying. Di Canio's winner against Barnsley where he rounded the keeper (how good was he at that?) won me £200 so that's one of my favourites. If Rob Jones had scored that header at the stain in the mind the gap season to win it would have been right up there.
  8. Made all the better for the fact that we got battered for the first 20 minutes.
  9. Blackburn in 1980 for me. Interesting to see how many times Blackburn and Leicester have been mentioned but for different games. Makes you think it's worth going to future games just in case. Bet their fans really hate us.
  10. Great story. It's hard to describe how exciting it was going to games in the 70's and 80's, even at home. There were some great characters and a lot of us who are 50 plus will remember their names and their exploits. Being able to drink on coaches and the threat of violence obviously played a part but there was a pride and camaraderie in following the team in those days and we used to take over towns for the day, the football often being the least important part of the day out. People talk about the best time to watch Wednesday being when we had that great side in the early 90's but in my opinion, the best time to be a supporter was the 70's and 80's even though there were some dark times to go with the great memories.
  11. I was stood in the corner for the Liverpool v Forest semi, the season before the disaster.
  12. Chesterfield 1978 with my dad. Went to a few more local away games with adults after that - Rotherham, Mansfield, Scunthorpe, Chezzy again but my first unsupervised away day was Oxford in 1980 with the Palmers on the intercity owl and I was hooked on away days after that. I worked part time in a shop to earn the money to pay for away matches until I left school a year later. God knows what my parents were thinking letting me go to away matches in those days at 14 years old.
  13. Coloured boots and pony tails used to make my eyes light up as a big daft centre half.
  14. There was loads of trouble that night as Wednesday fans got their revenge.
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