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  1. Nut

    Jordan Rhodes

    They didn't create many against us.
  2. Nut

    Alan wheen

    That was my first thought when I heard he'd died. An away match in his honour would be a great idea.
  3. Nut

    Alan wheen

    Rip weeny. Top man. Remember him from away matches in the 80's. Great character.
  4. Nut

    Andy McCulloch

    Met him at the 150th celebration. Told him what great memories I had of him, particularly the goal at Mansfield, but I reminded him that when he came back with Palace he whined and moaned all through the game was a total pain in the arse. He reacted as you would expect.
  5. Nut

    Andy McCulloch

    That's a reyt photo.
  6. In a boozer somewhere in Whitby.
  7. Nut

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Hirsty's against Villa was a cracker.
  8. Nut

    Steak Bake

    Agree totally and it's testicles. Bores me to death seeing teams pass it forever and not get anywhere. It seems some teams are more concerned with keeping the ball than risk losing it by passing forward. Watch how many times we get throw ins near Stone's penalty area today but throw it back to the half way line instead of getting it into the box. Makes my blood boil.
  9. Nut

    What is the furthest out..

    Shot - Tudgay at the sty. Furthest header - Mick Lyons away at Ipswich.
  10. Nut

    Penney / Preston

    Penney was really good. Never seen Fox play anywhere near as good as that. Preston was a bit in and out but looks promising. Reminded me a bit of Ross Wallace but with more pace.
  11. Nut

    I just go

    Great post. Me too. Although I've fallen out with modern football and rarely watch it, I love Wednesday and the day out with the fantastic characters I've gone with since the late 70's, and their friends and sons. Been through all sorts of poo but don't think I'll ever stop while I'm healthy and can afford it. When we used to concede a goal it was like being stabbed through the heart and every defeat ruined my weekend but as I've got older, with the odd exception, I've realised there are much more important things to get upset about and enjoy the day regardless.
  12. Nut


    Cheers mogbad.
  13. Nut


    What's P&S?
  14. Nut


    He was queueing at the till in the Asda at Chapeltown behind my Mrs' mate a few months back and he paid for her shopping. She was gutted that she'd only spent £27.