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  1. Best 2 away games I've ever been to were both at Blackburn the game you've mentioned and the semi when we won 4 2 best I've ever seen us play
  2. Think spider mellor got the first and ticker taylor got the winner
  3. When I first got there last night I wondered who the little blond haired lad was that was playing for us.
  4. Gave a couple of bollockings out in the 2nd half as well so has obviously settled in now .
  5. There may have been a team of people doing the actual recruiting but the manager will have identified the areas we needed to strengthen and the type of players he wanted. Seem to have got it right other than the forward we need but presume we couldn't sort this without selling more players and no one wanted to buy them. As the OP says, it makes it more annoying that Bruce left when he seemed to know what he was doing.
  6. Booing someone is only ever going to.be counter productive. I don't see what anyone thinks will be gained by doing this. We're actually making it harder for the team we supposedly love to win. To be fair to Bannan, he's earned the right to be excused the odd mistake after the effort he's put in for us over the years.
  7. But his record suggests otherwise Guru. Almost a goal every 2 games at Scunny and Barnsley and 1 in 3 at Derby where he was mainly coming on as a sub, yet he's hardly been given a chance with us. Apart from the spat with FF it's hard to see what the problem could be.
  8. I know someone who played with him at at Scunny and said he was a good lad but the bit of success he's had since then may have gone to his head. There's obviously something wrong as his record shows he can score goals at this level but none of our managers pick him.
  9. No there's no crisis. It's great to see we now have variety to our play and different options from the bench. It's also fantastic to see players with pace and skill running at teams. My point was whether we will score enough goals to get in the top 6. Unless they come from out wide as eightace says, or FF gets back in the team and hits his old form, I dont think we will.
  10. I've only seen us once this season which was last week against Barnsley. I was really impressed with how we played going forward but was worried we didn't take more of the chances we created. It sounds like today we had loads of possession and created chances but didn't take them. As much as I like Fletcher and appreciate what he does for the team, he's not prolific and if Rhodes isn't going to step up, who's going to score the goals? We've no-one in midfield who is capable of double figures so I feel it's going to be a struggle to win enough games to reach the top 6 unless we can keep it really tight at the back.
  11. I take it they dont sit at the leppings lane end of the North?
  12. I thought we missed Bannan a little bit in the first half against Barnsley but I'd leave him out on Saturday to make sure he's fully recovered then bring him in for Keiran Lee on Tuesday.
  13. As I said in my earlier post, it was a H&S issue on Sarurday when leaving the stadium as the whole of the stand has to leave through the same exit. It's more dangerous than rival fans mixing on leppings lane. Forcing us to do this has actually made it more dangerous.
  14. Not read the whole of the thread but it was a bit of a crush getting out of the north on Saturday. I'm down towards the lepp end so instead of being straight out onto leppings lane, I had to walk the length othe stand. I stopped for a waz and when I came out you could hardly move. It was much more dangerous than it would have been to walk out of the closest exit. Its madness only having one way out but maybe this is why the numbers are limited. Forcing a lot of people into a confined space at the same time is exactly what caused the disaster all those years ago.
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