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  1. Possibly but he still got the score wrong and the fact that Terry didn't play. It's not the first time his memory has let him down.
  2. Last time we beat Chelsea 4 1 was 1935. John Terry was even younger then.
  3. We always seemed to lose 1 0 at home to Oxford on the 70's.
  4. There's no point spending a fortune on just one player as it won't get us up. We need 3 or 4 players at least or we will finish mid table. One player, whether its Wickham or anyone else, won't improve us enough to justify the outlay. We'd be better off looking at younger players we can develop for next season.
  5. I did think one was in with me at one stage.
  6. Me too. Lovely people and scenery in Capetown. I went cage diving with Great Whites. Best thing I've ever done.
  7. What a player Hooper was. Possibly the most intelligent player I've seen for us. If he'd have stayed fit throughout his time with us we wouldn't be in the mess we are now. Not the quickest but great movement, vision and finishing.
  8. Was just going to post this. If we get drawn away at Man U/Liverpool and its televised, that's a few hundred grand into this years accounts. If things are as tight as it seems with P&S it could make all the difference.
  9. Dont agree with that at all. Bannan's workrate and commitment are unbelievable, plus he'd be much harder to shoot in a trench due to his size. I'd probably add Fletcher to the list as well.
  10. It is very constant. Must have had virtually the same hairstyle for 50 years.
  11. Remember that i think. Did Banno score and we were we holding on at the end? Seem to remember just watching the time on the electric scoreboard and thinking time seemed to be standing still, then realised the clock stopped on 90 minutes. Might have been the first electric scoreboard I'd seen with a clock on it. I always remember the coppers were right b@$$tards down there, nicking people for no reason inside and outside the ground.
  12. Jones was more bothered about his hair and tattoos than football.
  13. The standard of the league this season is terrible but we're nowher near good enough for the top 6 nless we bring in 3 or 4 players, and 2 of them have to be strikers who hit the ground running. Fletcher's goals papered over the cracks but without his hold up play and goals we look a mid table side at best.
  14. But likewise, ourselves and Derby wouldn't have done what we did without advice and guidance from our own lawyers and accountants. We also both consulted the EFL and gained approval before we acted. The only way I can see either of us being guilty is if new evidence has come to light that the EFL weren't aware of, which is what they are implying in our case. It may come down to who has the best lawyers.
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