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  1. Had some great days out watching wednesday but this was the best. Red hot, loads of pubs/ale, loads of Wednesday fans there in great spirits and just a reyt laugh from start to finish.
  2. Exactly this. If we'd picked up the points we should have earlier in the season instead of throwing them away with last minute goals and limp, defensive performances at home, we wouldn't be in this mess.
  3. Seem to remember Hirst grabbing hold of Carbone's shirt in front of the south stand and getting booed for it. Don't think he actually chinned him.
  4. There's a couple of micropubs that are decent. One at the station and one on Grape Lane. The Arch and Abbey is also good on Silver Street.
  5. Abbey Wharfe across from where he's sitting for amazing fish and chips.
  6. I haven't read all the thread but that's the first time I've heard that. Where did you get that information from?
  7. Either Harris or Murphy up front for me. Got to be a better option than Rhodes. Play Reach out wide.
  8. If a team goes bust, any points gained against that team would be taken away which would cause even more chaos. Imagine it happening to 2 teams and someone like Leeds or West Brom losing 12 points and dropping out of the autos!
  9. And what if some of those are above us, they get points deducted and we sneak in the play offs after being cleared of our own charge? Would be a reyt laugh.
  10. Was talking about buying some paint the other day whilst listening to Spotify. When the next advert came on it was for paint. Proper big brother.
  11. Fair enough. Fair enough. I wasn't falling over myself. If the thread had stayed a positive story about his charity work I wouldn't have commented as I did but the very first post changed it into a thread about his managerial capabilities which is why I posted. It would be so much better if everyone got behind him and gave him a chance to sort the mess out.
  12. I didn't slate Monk. You posted an article about his charity work. The very next poster said he hoped we"d realise what a top young manager we've got. I said I would realise this if he carries on winning games and overhauls the squad, that he was a decent person and it was great to see him getting involved in charity work but that doesn't make him a top young manager. I quoted the original post to save any confusion. I don't see what his charity work has to do with being a good manager. If someone had said doing charity work made him a carp manager I would have also posted that I didn't agree with that as the two things aren't connected. I haven't slated Monk (quote me where I have) and I haven't made anything up. Just because I don't think he's a top manager doesn't mean I think he's poo. That's two posts in a row where you've 'made stuff up'.
  13. This is the only thread I've nipped into about Monk. I do suport him. I also know the difference between doing charity work and being a good football manager which is the point you don't appear to be able to grasp. Can you provide any examples of what Monk has consistently achieved as a football manager to support the statement he is 'a top young manager' or do we just judge him on his charity work? When you say 'it is the equivalent of....' it isn't really is it? You've just made that up as a smarmy, sarcy way of trying to win the argument.
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