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  1. Can't have helped having your name on the shirts of the worst football team in premier league history
  2. But we're only in the bottom 3 because of the points deduction though. As bad as we've been our goal difference and points gained makes us currently the 5th worst side in the league a point behind Coventry and Birmingham. Its a long way from being over.
  3. Some pigs seem to think they've turned a corner after almost massacring Bristol Rovers.
  4. Plymouth are 3 places higher than Bristol Rovers. They'll have to play their first team again to have any chance of beating them.
  5. A pork pie as I'm leaving The Railway if there's any left. Agree about the sausage in the Riverside but apart from that it's spot on.
  6. Would've loved him as manager til he played a part in shafting us over George Hirst. I know some people can overlook that and are only concerned that he can do a good job but to me, you don't employ someone who has treated you like that
  7. That first season under Carlos, I've never seen anyone cover as much ground in a game as did. He just ran and ran. If he'd been fit the last few seasons, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in. Hope it works out for him at Bolton.
  8. No way would we be deducted the full 6 points after 23 games.
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