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  1. One of our previous chairmen, might have been Eric Taylor, used to pick potential new signings up at the train station then drive into Derbyshire to get to the ground so he obviously thought the same as you!
  2. I never understand why some of our fans side with Di Canio over the Alcock incident. Richards and Wilson may have made mistakes but both served us well and played a part in a great era for us when we won our only major trophy in nearly a hundred years, whilst Di Canio totally shafted us for his own gain. When we signed him he was on strike at Celtic so we knew what type of person we were getting. He was desperate to get away from us and went back to Italy straight after the incident. Whether we tried to contact him or not, he was employed by us and should have returned to face the music. Theres no comparison with Cantona as he was at one of the biggest clubs in the world and wanted to stay there. Di Canio's antics and the fact we lost so much money on him played a big part in our demise over the next few years. It seems to me that some football fans will accept players treating them like sh!t if they're talented and exciting but then belittle lesser players who genuinely care and give 100%.
  3. Totally agree. Absolute c0ck who treated us with total contempt.
  4. Love these threads. I grew up with stories of Strange, Leach and Marsden as well as Len Hutton from my grandad, and Dooley, Peter Swan and Ron Springett from my dad. My stories would be more about the adventures on away days in the 80's than the football but I've Been lucky to see some great players since the mid 70's. The 60's seems to have been a great time to watch Wednesday though with characters like Megson, Fantham, Layne and Swan (obviously apart from the betting scandal) in our side.
  5. Merson tells a story that when he got subbed in that game, he was walking down the tunnel and a Wednesday fan threw a fiver at him and told him to get himself a pint. Merson said "if I had to watch this shyyte every week I'd have to be pi$$ed"
  6. Walker's consistency was amazing and like Roland, never seemed to have a bad game.
  7. He had an interview but decided against it. I think they appointed Warnock instead.
  8. Warhurst was fantastic in the semi away at Blacburn.
  9. When Gazza was 10 he was looking after his mates younger brother when he ran in the road and was killed. He blamed himself for his death and says this has always affected him. Must have contributed to the problems he had later in life.
  10. He only started 11 games and 2 of those were in the cup when they played their reserves. Most of those appearances he was a late sub.
  11. Doesn't make any sense. He hardly played for them last season, why would they want him in the division above?
  12. Strange. I thought it was Ian Rush. It happened straight from the kick off so he would have been one of the furthest forward, especially with his pace. A centre back pairing of Lyons and Walker would have been amazing. Loved him when I was a kid and met him at the 150th dinner. Think he lives in New Zealand now.
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