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  1. I really like him but when he has the ball to feet he always looks sideways and back. He's great running onto balls put in front of him though and I thought he defended really well today. Looks a great signing.
  2. Definitely. It's a thing of beauty. Even the red number on the back.
  3. The amount of injuries we have is another factor making it even more difficult.
  4. fizzed my acca up. flipping Jordan Rhodes.
  5. Losing to Villa has really cost us. If we'd won that......
  6. Me too. Hated them ever since.
  7. I seem to remember Man City looking to do this but not being able to.
  8. I've not seen the Norwich match and they're clearly the best side in the league, but I honestly don't think we should fear anyone. Good teams get the wobbles at this time of year and we wont roll over for anyone. We wont outplay Norwich but we're capable of getting at least a point. Just think back to how good we were that first season under Carlos. We're getting the nucleus of that side back again and have an excellent manager. If we beat Villa and Forest we may be in the top 6 by the time we play Leeds with loads of momentum behind us. I just hope we can keep in touch and get the fans behind us. It could be a great end to the season.
  9. Not seen today's performance but I see no reason why we cant beat Leeds and Norwich. Leeds nearly got beat by Millwall today and the pigs, who caused us no problems whatsoever at Hillsborough did beat them. Norwich were no better than us for an hour at Hillsborough when we were a terrible side. We're much better now and getting some big players back. We're hard to score against so that always gives us a chance. Scoring goals is the problem as we know.
  10. No way. Beat Villa and Forset and we'll be right back in it. There's still 21 points to play for.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Winnall's further on in his recovery than Hooper yet looked miles off the pace in his last game. I hope Bruce knows better than me. That's a great line up with everyone fully fit though. Keep everyone fit till the end of the season and throw Kieran Lee on as well we could have a great chance of making the play offs.
  12. Hes a knob. Usually gets the wee wee ripped out of him when hes a pundit.
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