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  1. I think the first game at our place kicked off early on a Saturday, I suppose because of the success of the BDM policing. Think the second leg was 1 1 at their place but I cant remember the scorers or anything about either match. As we didn't play them again til the 90's (apart from the ZDS) and hadn't played them for ages before BDM, it meant that for around 20 years of me following Wednesday, I'd never seen us lose to them which is probably what caused my feeling of superiority over them which I still have now even though the scrubbers are currently above us.
  2. What's worrying is losing to Hull QPR and Millwall, not us beating the bottom teams. I dont think we'll have a prayer against Leeds and Swansea.
  3. Yes its worrying. The 6 teams weve beaten are in the bottom 7.
  4. Think is more to do with how crap the league is and the shyte teams we've played this season
  5. Was more like 5 at the back in the first half, pelupessy was playing centre half.
  6. When you play poorly against a poor side you need to still grind a point out. I thought with the way Monk has started setting us up this would be something we would be able to do now but unfortunately not last night, albeit Hull scored with their only effort on target. It's still early for Monk and he needs time to see all our problems for himself. I thought against Fulham he underestimated how good we were and maybe last night, after the Middlesbrough game he thought Saturdays team was better than it is. Monk does seem capable of changing tactics to suit different situations but he needs to know which players fit into different systems. Fortunately theres three months before the next transfer window for him to have a good look at things then hopefully he can wheel and deal us into a better position but I doubt we'll be challenging this season.
  7. And if we'd had a go at Fulham we could have another 2 points. We paid them too much respect but they were shaky at the back when we attacked them. Maybe Monk under estimated us as much as he over estimated them. If we'd picked up the points you have highlighted we wouldn't have Monk though and he's surely a better long term bet than Bullen and we're still in contention so hopefully it will work out for the best.
  8. I sit on the North just about on line with the 18 yard box at the lep end. The number of throws we have around this area that go backwards to the half way line, sometimes ending up with the keeper lumping the ball forward is unbelievable. We never take quick throws and we never throw the ball down the line to try and get possession further upfield. Makes my blood boil.
  9. How on earth has this never been questioned by anyone?
  10. Probably referring to us bringing on the big man and knocking it long for the last 10 minutes. Football snobbery but I'd rather watch direct football than the trippy tappy sideways shiit and play acting that's so common these days.
  11. Me too. We gave Fulham too much respect. When we pressed them it was a different game and despite all their possession, we looked more dangerous than them when we did attack.
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