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  1. There was a quote from Bruce on Sky tonight that he wouldn't let Murphy out on loan again.
  2. God this is painful. The following is a direct quote from the article I posted a link to. Why do you not get this? “This made no sense to us and would actually cause us more problems with FFP as we would have to pay all the outstanding balance on his transfer from Middlesbrough."
  3. It's a murky world mate. Not all transfers will be constructed the same but it's common to spread the payments.
  4. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-owner-dejphon-chansiris-ffp-fear-over-letting-jordan-rhodes-leave-free-norwich-city-2503631%3famp
  5. I'm not getting mixed up, that's how transfers work. Do you think premier league Man U paid £100m for Pogba up front?
  6. It's common for clubs to pay for a player in instalments over the length of their contract so if Cash signed a 4 year contract, Forest will probably receive £4m a year over 4 years. This is not set in stone as Mcguigan pointed out earlier. Sometimes a club will accept a lower amount for a player in order to receive most or all of the money upfront. If the player is then sold during the term of his contract, the outstanding balance becomes payable straight away which is why you will have seen posters on here arguing that there was no point letting Rhodes leave on a free as it would trigger a payment to Middlesbrough which would have made our financial situation worse. It's also one of the reasons why clubs get into financial difficulties when they get relegated and their revenue drops. If clubs had to pay all transfer fees upfront it would be a big help in sorting out the financial mess a lot of clubs are in.
  7. The problem is the £16m fee will be spread over the term of his contract so the amount they receive this year probably won't cover their wage bill for a month.
  8. Yeah one of my earliest football memories. Must be nearly 50 years ago?
  9. Thanks for the explanation but watering heavily definitely makes it more slippery. Sounds like a bit of a design flaw in the deso pitch if that's the case.
  10. Can never understand why they do this just before kick off and at half time.
  11. Because financially we can't compete for the best players so are unlikely to be in contention for promotion for a couple of seasons at least and at 31 I think he'll be looking for a bigger contract than we can offer him, at a club where he has a chance of success. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see him signing for a club who are treading water on lower wages however happy he is here, particularly if we can't overhaul the points deduction and get relegated. He would be mad to even consider re-signing for us until the end of the season at which point he'll not be short of offers, he's a fantastic player at this level.
  12. I don't see him doing that in our current situation unfortunately. I doubt we could pay him what he's worth.
  13. Isn't Bannan out of contract next year? If we don't sell him this year he's another one who will walk for free and the club will get grief over.
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