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  1. It should have been a lot less than 25/1 at that stage Orlando, probably more like 5 or 6, although with the way we concede late goals, evens would still have been generous. Massive duck up from someone at Sky. I would probably have been on it but I was driving.
  2. I was doing my preliminary coaching badge at the time and Worthington, Shirtliff and Pearson were on the course. The day after the game, I overheard Worthington blaming Pearson for Palace's goal (I think he let the ball bounce and Mark Bright lobbed the keeper). Surprised me at the time but I suppose he was disappointed to concede such a late goal that could have cost us the title.
  3. I wa there when we finished third. We had a chance of winning the Premier league before the game kicked off. Incredible really.
  4. The only nice thing an opposition fan has done for me was when the Wycombe fans applauded us when we got promotion. It's great to hear some of these stories though. Great thread.
  5. It's one of the few occasions where the clean version is funnier.
  6. Me too, unless we don't rise like a Phoenix, in which case I'm done.
  7. The one worn by TC for me. The yellow Bukta shirt from the same period second.
  8. Loved him as a player but always thought he was a bit of a bell until I heard his podcasts. Love his positivity, confidence and outlook on life. He's probably too outspoken for a lot of clubs but I hope he does really well and gets another crack in the football league.
  9. I'd like to see the stats on how many tackles he's bottled.
  10. This result feels a bit like when we beat Burnley away 7 2 last game of the season when we were already relegated. Freak results happen sometimes. The annoying thing is, we know this squad is capable of much better performances than they've produced/been allowed to produce this season.
  11. I never realised his record was so good. Makes you wonder why things didn't work out for him here.
  12. Danny Dyer bottom left in the white jumper, Chubby Brown just under the flag.
  13. Think that Fulham match was my first, certainly the first one I can remember anything about - seeing the 4 0 score on the old scoreboard, Peter Mellor in goal for Fulham with his white hair and the old kit with the blue body and white sleeves. My dad says my first Wednesday game was against Italy u23's when I was 18 months old which would have been 1967 but I can't find any record of the match. Doubt my mum would have let me go at that age anyway.
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