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  1. go and support derby then you can critisize them when they go belly up again
  2. i knew ron boler he used to sell spuds in parkway market
  3. you expect wide players to chip in with a few goals but more to create chances for the main strikers i dont think harris was brought in for his goal scoring record
  4. its the wide players who need pace central strikers need to be able to time thier runs to get on the end of crosses like rhodes and fletcher have been doing
  5. why worry about the squad leeds dont and they do well every year for a while anyway
  6. george best i even saw him score one with his head at hillsborough
  7. stop digging bert the holes getting deeper and the shovel is wearing out
  8. all it take is for the player taking the throw to show some urgency and his team mates to move and show for the ball not throw it high its the defenders ball every time
  9. bruce is already on record this season as saying we got beat by a very good sheffield wedneday side why would he want to make wholesale changes to what he thinks is in most positions a very good side
  10. maybe every wednsday supporter should stick a tenner on us to finish 17th bookies would be laughing at us
  11. you do or you dont depends on the person and the occasion i would have and i bet if we had seen it out he would have congratulated our players comes across as a good bloke
  12. ey up wakefield i bet its been a right laugh in your house this chrismas ive been laid up with a chest infection all week and i bet ive had a better time than you
  13. dont set targets other than trying to win every game we can only try to beat every body else what they do is upto them but its surprising where it can take you we just need to get the attitude right it seems the spirit has returned already fans and players hope we can build on it
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