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  1. Marine13

    Sad picture

    Sheffield star
  2. Although i definitely wanted JL out of wednesday i think its a sad picture seeing him sat on his own at sheffield train station ..for all his efforts you'd have thought the club would drive him to where he needed to be, being a foreigner in a different country , just my thoughts.
  3. Marine13

    Well done DC

    Lets try and show DC a bit of support while the manager changes are made
  4. Marine13

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Watching on ifollow were absolutely shocking getting out muscled in midfield and no shots on target
  5. Marine13


    Carlos will be pooing himself at the thought of coming back
  6. May have been mentioned in other threads but any news on jos's backroom staff and medical team
  7. Marine13

    Next Manager - It’s now so obvious

    Totally agree horses for courses
  8. Would like to see ian Holloway on the list be a great appointment knows the league plays good football and is a real motivator