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  1. Celtic have a graves society that restore former players resting places to a more fitting state,what a brilliant idea,and noble gesture. Great thread BTW
  2. Hes in the stands for quite a few home games a season,not seen his cut out in the north yet though
  3. Hasnt he blown that out of the water and said he was mis quoted fairly recently,said hed never been approached...............
  4. I read on the foxes forum that when NP walked out under MM it had a lot to do with transfers,along the lines of NP submitted a list of 7 or 9 names and when they came back for the new season there was 12 new players,and not one off his list,he had some huge ruck with MMs no2 and walked away. So dunno how hed fair with DC and AP,although Pearson worked well with the Thia chairman that came along later.
  5. Isnt that the minimum qualification needed for a manager these days
  6. His contract is to the end of the season
  7. Normally has a decent game against us,luckily not today,had he been the AK from 2016 hed have piled on the misery this afternoon. Way off the pace today barely noticed him
  8. Darlows going free,Ive always rated him,whats he about 29 ish now,very decent keeper suprised the mags havent tied him up,so im guessing hes ran his contract down to get 1st team football
  9. As often happens when managers change freqently and funds are tight,players are asked to play in roles or positions that they arent accustomed or used to playing in,thats when the wheels fall off and divisions begin,some are more adaptable then others and will just tell the others to get on with it. Changing managers brings its own problems,changing them frequently means you lose any momentum and direction and just causes confusion and division,some will adapt best they can others will just wind down contracts and move on.
  10. Ive always found it quite embarassing how Wednesday fans wet their knickers over Waddle,we signed him in his winter years,when all the leaves had fallen off and way past his best and we managed to coax the last drop of quality hed got in the tank for about 18 months,his best,most productive years were always at the clubs hed played for way before he came to Wednesday and yet some would have you believe he was a wednesday legend..........not by some distance was Waddle a Wednesday legend,he had an indian summer,but it was brief in comparison to others
  11. Still european football and lucrative,as long as covid doesnt rear up again,then maybe it wont be so lucrative
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