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  1. No offence dude but I couldnt set foot in that place if we werent playing under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE,they arent real Owls in my opinion,so no loss,so **** em
  2. Intresting story dude,how many of ya old buds go to the stain if you dont mind me asking?
  3. Strouds a proper homer,hes no balls,hes one of the worst in the championship,you dread him away love him at home,but letting them get away with those antics at the FK should surely see him demoted now,or get yet another 28 day rest FFS!
  4. Borner though Big Dom ran him very close,Hutch looked far better than of late,Harris had a very good game almost notched one from the free kick. Fox was the better FB on the night Palmer for once looked off his game,which is rare,Bannan was industrious but lost his way a bit 2nd half. Dawson had a very quiet first hour,thanks to the defence,but was at fault for the goal,forget the antics of Flint,hes a job to do,and was way out of position on the FK. We need a keeper that pushes Westwood for his spot,sadly neither of our own are upto it,suprised its not been mentioned before,but its been a glaringingly obvious for the past 4 seasons
  5. Wel need to sell players to bring anyone in,have you not read the accounts? With the oldest squad in the league,that may take several players
  6. From memory it was the former QPR chairman that sold out due to ill health,heart attack? then later bought out Portsmouth that relayed SBs parting shot after he was relieved of the hot seat,was his name Gregory?
  7. The very fact SB signed moses a RWB points him looking to go 3 at the back,with Iorfa in the back 3 but carrying it out,so MO has had to adapt and sacrifice his foreward skills for a more defensive role,which hes done his last 3 outings,and was a standout v hull despite the defeat. We should have replaced Bannan and Hutch last season,and brought at least one striker in,we just dont learn
  8. He spaffed what little we had on some right tripe,Phil Henson cost almost his entire budget for that season,as did Colin Harvey the season before,Jimmy Quinn from Celtic,Neil the flapper Ramsbottom,was another beauty,he signed Dowd and McIver,gave debuts to David Herbert,Nimmo and Andy Proudlove,he loaned in the worst keeper I ever saw, Bobby Ferguson for 5 games,he got rid of Peter Rodrigues who lifted the fa cup the season after,Holsgrove,bobby Brown,Peter Eustace,Cameron,Ronnie Ferguson,sold Tommy Craig,released Peter Springett who was light years ahead of Ramsbottom or Ferguson,Willie Henderson and Eddie Prudham Thats hardly Dooleys squad he got rid of the majority of it and replaced it with inferior quality which is why we went down,he won 3 away games his entire tenure,and quit management after relegating QPR whod been one of the contenders for PROMOTION the prior season. He even admitted himself after QPRs relegation,"Im not cut out for management" no sheet sherlock,he wasnt he was hopeless
  9. True, We were partly responsible and became victims of our own greed,alas noboddy could have predicted the monster the PL unleashed or the powers we were about to relinquish
  10. Just dont wear colours go in with the unwashed,ive never had a problem matchday at boro,watch a couple of episodes of when the boat comes in on yer i phone and nip in the ticket office canny lad
  11. The Owls board over reacted,failed to protect their asset and payed the price,the chairman was handjobbing the FA under the table for an exit stratergy once his tenure became untennable,PdC handed him the perfect opportunity,the fans were shafted and fed loads of bile to cover their tracks,the rest is history
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