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  1. If wilder had done it with another club wed all be lauding him for the way hes gone about it,young english players for modest fees on modest wages,and the brand of football is highly entertaining to watch.
  2. Hector was a class above anyone on the pitch,wel miss him next season,hes been different class. Big shouts to the rest of the back four,Westwood also,Bannan tried to orchestrate things in the 2nd half,but millwall were quick to close us down. Crap game,proper slog,sunday league quality
  3. If we did move I dont know that that site would be big enough for a new stadium,but your spot on,the views would be brilliant from up there. Reckon the park would be a decent location for us to rebuild,and redevelop the old stadium into a new recreational area.......
  4. Theres a lot of love at the club for Kieren Lee,hes held in high regard by the majority of us and a lot of us are almost willing him back,fit and injury free,wether it will happen in these closing months of a long season is anyones guess,personally Id LOVE to see the guy back along side Hutch,im an optimist. Just to see him back in the stripes again would give us a massive boost
  5. Clough applied for the Wednesday job and we binned his application was mid 70s wasnt it? Yeah I heard what Taylor said it was on world of sport? Wasnt Mcfarland a tranmere player then? I knew wed taken a keen interest in Keegan,even before the cuptie in 1970,marshall lined him up to take over from fantham but thought he maybe too young,once again Liverpool nipped in while we debated the 25 grand fee. Put it all on paper mate and if wed have had a bolder board and manager wed have had a trophy cupboard to rival any club in england,like you say it boils. All water under the bridge pal,we are a medium sized club and have been for many years,infact weve had to work hard to get upto medium,its gutting though to look back at the mistakes and know what could have been our destiny WAWAW mate
  6. Brown didnt like the fact that Watson played 2 positions for his then club,Notts,he missed out on Archie Gemmill as well when he was at st mirren,hed been sent off twice that season and Brown pulled the plug,wed been favorites over preston obviously as they were a league below. The worst must have been Colin Bell,didnt Malcolm Allison say he put the Owls scout off by telling him he couldnt head or pass?Think Bell was having a mare in that particular game and he knew we were about to bid,but they (CITY)had not asked the board for funds,we didnt put in the bid and City bought him the week after.....Gutted or What LOL all water under the bridge now though
  7. Agreed,he fell for every trick that afternoon
  8. I recall this match,reading the report above its obvious we dominated that game,even their own press couldnt cover it up,you read that report and its all Wednesday. The pitch was the heaviest Ive ever seen it after a lot of rain and was one of the few times Ive seen sand on the playing surface at Hillsborough
  9. RIP Mark Sad news at such a young age Fly High fellow Owl
  10. RIP Took unfashionable Swindon to a memorable day at Wembley,proudest day in their history. He wasnt given much of a chance here,he worked under a tough regime,that was the owls boardroom and that would sale the club into the football equivalent of an iceberg. Very honest jovial guy
  11. Its for the FA to decide,in recent years weve had the likes of wigan,millwall cardiff portsmouth as suprise winners or finalists,that devalues the competition,while its fun,it does make the cup look a tad tinnny in relation to what it used to be before the prem formed.
  12. Great competion,where else could you beat man utd 7-2 away...... The prem sides should be forced into playing their strongest sides or face punishment or expulsion.for every round,lets bring value back to the competition and pay it the respect it deserves and play in front of full houses again
  13. Reckon Id open with Hutch & Hector,No3 would be Fox,Bannan at 4,5 Reach,6 Thorniley talented kid,no7 and wicketkeeper Westwood,8,9,10.11 the bowlers,Fletchers got good height,with Mattias,those teeth would be a huge distraction,Boyds tall agian would generate good bounce,Palmer would be my fourth bowler,looks like a spinner hes adaptable,spinners physique....Nuihu would be 12th man
  14. Hutch gives us 100% every game,You cant ask more of a player,ok his enthusiasm gets the better of him occasionally,but hes a winner and a competitor,if the guy was fit every week hed play prem football at a prem club. Hes been superb here,when hes been allowed to play
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