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  1. Rhodes Fletcher and Nuhiu as a front 3,theres about 15 goals between em,thats scary,or a MF of Bannan,Hutchinson,Reach & Harris on average 12 goals,and we dont have goals in defence,wow thats relegation
  2. You would have,if Bruce was still in charge,alas that didnt quite come off,he was earmarked as Joaos replacement,we didnt see it through,sad but phookin predictable
  3. WOW that was pantz,thats as bad as it could possibly get,we looked a shambles at times against a poor side as well, Reach is screaming for cover behind him,then stands still,the defender,Palmer? failes to cut out the pass and stands and watches him stick the cross in,no effort to get back hes got his hand in the air asking for OS,but hes back onside son,hes inactive in the 1st phase you plonker,proper sucker punch and Palmer was the sucker. Players not taking instructions from the manager,Westwoods clearly told to hit it long. Small wonder Bruce jumped,Id stick westwood in the stiffs next game up,and make jones sub keeper,make Dawson no1
  4. Leadership comes from the top bud,and weve not been blessed upstairs,and sadly thats continued,weve swapped 6 to$$ers for one
  5. Lets be reyt its needed an overhaul for time,two seasons weve just stoodstill its not good enough,if we were paying thirty bob a game to get in,fair enough,but top dollar for every little thing is a joke,we want value for money chansiri were not ****** muppets,and the average wage up heres a lot less than london. This club is just turning in faulty towers by the week,wer a complete laughing stock.Foreign owners need to be kept out of english football
  6. You can pay cash at turnstiles still,its the concourse,food and drinks ect thats cashless
  7. True,Id would never had Swansea up where they are just now,but leeds have a good squad and leader,Forest have looked decent in the early games,youd expect the fallen millionaires to hit the ground running and yet Huddersfield have looked awfull,not unlike sunderland did,its early days torry but were entitled to vent our frustration if we dont give it our best shot and we looked very poor at PNE for 70 minutes with a HUGE following,and once we introduced the better players it was a different game,WHY wait so long?
  8. But everyones entitled to an opinion
  9. Unless he can get the wages down,therel be another soft embargo next season,despite selling the ground,so hel have to sell the training ground to balance the accounts and after that who knows,will there be owt left to sell?
  10. That was down to crap tactics and sitting in the shed,we barely got out of our own half for an hour,we just looked to lock it down outside our own area and hit them on the counter,but they locked up the channel and the wide boys couldnt get in the game.You cant legislate for a player doing what Odu did. Once they changed tac,PNE couldnt handle it,but it was too little too late,had they set up like that at kick off wed have got the 3 points,we cant keep playing one striker,it takes two baby
  11. Not too shabby then LOL,wasnt our highest ever average crowd under Eric Taylor? mid fifties we got around 42K plus as an average,about 1953 ish? You cant knock Taylor,he brought the club out of the dark ages,modernised us,he was only held back by the boardroom,they lacked his vision. Mr Sheffield Wednesday,what a guy
  12. Not a fan of Fox,hes very inconsistent,at times he looks like he struggles to read situations and gets caught in between getting foreward or staying put,he does cover well at CB,and hes half decent in the air,drifts inside regular and makes up a 3 that frees up MF cover to move foreward. The muppets affect his game and dont help his decision process,hes a far better player than the vocal majority give him credit for. A move would do him the world of good,Sunderlands a huge club,if I were him id force it through,2-0 to the gobshites that know Feckall
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