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  1. Its easy for all the gloomsters and doomsters to write of the season before its started. Why not have some faith in your team. Don't keep knocking SWFC, take some pride and have some faith that in taking back control of our team, despite the reduction, Monk can lead us to a better future in the sunlit uplands of the Premier League. I am convinced that by September, Monk and the managment team, will have in place a world beating defence, midfield and attack. The management team have done a great job, whilst faced with new challenges. The rest of the world gazes at our progress with astonishment. Since the difficulties began our manager has thrown a protective ring around our goal. We released the ball from defence so that the most important element, the defence was not overwhelmed. We have been successful in that strategy. We are all in this together.
  2. If you scour the budgie breeding forums, no one has a bad word to say about him. To be fair there is no mention of him at all.
  3. a duffle coat hung on the back of a door could not be worse.
  4. exactly, but lets face it, facts have nothing to do with the Monk supporters. They will stick with him come what may. There have been so many lines in the sand the beach looks like a ploughed field. Still they support him. Brexit supporters will support Brexit, despite all those experts....Johnson supports Cummings come what may. When you are wrong and the facts prove you are wrong, what else is there to rely upon but blind faith. You can't argue with that. At least Monk is English and not a funny talking foreigner. Onwards and downwards.
  5. leeds 9/4 to finish top ten, SU 5/2 to finish top ten, odds for us to be relegated down a tier? Says it all about Monk
  6. I would love to know in what walks of life is a manager judged only if he is able to bring in a new set of workers under him. As I understand it a manager works with what he has, and is judged on that. Yes workers might change over time, but this constant excuse for failure makes no sense. Any real world examples out there? If you take a job you have to know what that entails. Once its taken you are judged by results. On that measure, or indeed any measure chosen by any reasonable person, his time is up. Yes it would be interesting to see what Monk might make of a completely new squad, same as it would be interesting to see Mourinho at Barnsley, but its not going to happen. Failure, for Monk, has become an ingrained habit. He isn't a winner and doesn't have a 'big' larger than life personality. No one in their right mind would follow him over the top, he isn't a leader, he is a poor communicator and can't lead by example since as a manager he has been a flop. So whats left? Put the future in the hands of a man who has no vision and couldn't explain if he did? Putting all sentiment aside, Monk has much to offer at another club, at a different level, but surely we know enough about him here to say he is the wrong man at SWFC
  7. Conclusion on the quote: “Hell is other people”: 'The No Exit play by Sartre perfectly illustrates the difficult coexistence of people: the fact that others – and their gaze – is what alienates and locks me in a particular kind of being, which in turn deprives me of my freedom' It means the supposed 'difficult' players, and the ineffective Monk are unable to change, fulfill their potential, as long as they are locked together under each others gaze. Monk always falls out with people, scapegoats them and then the situation gets worse. It happens at every club. Monk might resurrect his career, but not with us. The 'difficult' players, so highly rated a short time ago, can be great for us again, or some other club, but not with Monk. It's not name calling its called a literary reference.
  8. Bullshitter Monk as Manager On the plus side, Chansiri's roses have done brilliantly this summer. It could be worse, imagine being in lockdown with Monk. Hell is Monk.
  9. Of course you have to see it in context. Its not a tragedy. But. With all thats going on, the very many personal disappointments, problems economic and family its yet another kick in the teeth. Contrast that feeling, all things being equal, with Leeds and Blades supporters. They have much to cheer them. We have nothing. Only Monk going, and taking his death cult philosophy with him would cheer me up, re football. The rest is life. SWFC is a self inflicted wound.
  10. put it in a double with Bojo to top the charts at Christmas with Agadoo
  11. So what is a manager responsible for? I don't see any managers refusing to take the credit when it goes well. Saying its the players flies in the face of every way society is set up, if managers and people in power are well paid to manage, and Monk is, when it goes wrong they should take the blame. A manager is paid, amongst other things to motivate. SWFC have a set of poorly motivated players, who should we blame for that? Tactics and substitutions are down to the manager, they have been appalling this season at times, who should we blame for that? The manager picks the team, if they are the wrong players, who should we blame for that? The manager has control over the whole squad, its his job to get on with all the players and get the best out of them, not as an equal but as a good boss. If the atmosphere is poison and players don't give their best, who, above all, should we blame for that? Monk is a journeyman, not a big character. Succesful managers are big characters, whether quietly or loudly, they demand and get respect. Monk is a lightweight. The sooner he goes the better.
  12. I have a few questions 1. How long realistically can we go on blaming Carlos for everything that Monk gets wrong? He is a great peg to hang all blame on, I just wonder if we can stretch it into the 2020s - 30s, maybe into 2040s? 2. How do we stop future chroniclers of SWFC from saying, based on money spent v other clubs and our recent history, that Carlos was one of our best managers? Surely if that happens we will all look like idiots for hounding him out and harping on constantly about how 'its all his fault' 3 Is it feasible for all us 'Carlos haters and Monk lovers' to simply invert the league table? That way under Monk we have been making great progress. 4 To launch a new promotion push could we sell at say, 10k, membership of the 'Footballing friends of Monk' it would be onsale to everyone at present and past clubs of Monk and would be very, very exclusive.
  13. Why do you always support him and look for the positives, he's far worse than that.
  14. I am glad we are out of the cup. Gives us a chance to concentrate on being utterly crap and boring as we sink down a division. Would rather we had a go, with a bang, than a whisper.
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