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  1. We have no manager planning for a L1 rebuilding and if the last transfer window was anything to go by Either DC doesn't care enough, has gone bust or were on the verge of going over FFP again either way i dont see us staying in L1 for more than 1 season
  2. I dont see many people talk about this, but im very "scared" for the club because were going down 100% in my mind and we have what 90% of the squad out of contract many of which i dont see renewing or even good enough for L1 which means a complete rebuild something which the club isnt in any position for with no manager planning for it. We've also seen in a transfer window that was make or break for us as going down will cost us best part of 7M, sign two frees which to me makes me think either 1) DC has had enough and isnt gonna put in anymore than what it takes to keep us going 2) hes gone br
  3. cant slag of shaw if i was 19 and being offered a contract from celtic which are probably going to be paying him best part of £10k a week id snap your hand off and anybody that says theyd stay at their boyhood club thats going under needs their head checking
  4. i just cant believe were still offering contracts to players that are past their best and are into their thirties, Bannan was a good player but hes past his sell by date and another player we wont get a transfer fee for where as players like shaw which are the future arent being tied down as possible future assets to sell. The club doesnt seem to learn from its mistakes
  5. If we don't go down this season we will next with the current structure at the club
  6. this highlights just how inept he is at running any business, his portfolio is none existent he cant run anything letting assets go for nothing, no long term investment and no long term plan since hes been at the club the bloke needs to sell up for both our and his benefit. The future is looking dark and i cant help but fall out of love with the Club and I hate to say it but there's only so much disappointment one can take, when you see club like the pigs and leeds and even Barnsley and you look at the mess were in you think why bother.
  7. On the Paul Cook front many, many Wigan fans do say that their first half of last season some dire dire football can we afford that with him
  8. The club have had multiple hiccups in player wages, as a player why would you want to come to a club where there seems to be problems getting your wage
  9. So of the players haven't been paid in full does this mean chansiris finally found the bottom of his back pocket. Also of were relying so heavily on signings made in Jan to stay up does this mean there will be no money to sign players. Also what player would want to come to a club that has a reputation now of not paying players on time. Dark times ahead I fear, he needs to sell up and fans really need to start voicing this otherwise I can see us ending up like Chesterfield best case
  10. this squad is the worst squad we've had in 20 years, no passion no drive, none of them could get into any other sides team, I've seen more fight and desire in a Sunday league game
  11. as terrible as this is, its not the manager thats the problem these players are some of the worst lot in 20 years, we have no flair not one player would make it into any other side in this division
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