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  1. this comes out a day before our first home game and the club had no idea it was going on... this was a set up, all summer and they drop it now when we know we cant do owt for new season
  2. well cant see Bruce coming back to Sheffield ever again now both half's can agree on something, that is if he goes
  3. Does it matter at all whos in charge we all know this season is done just stay up. if anything its highlighting what we need either this month or in the summer we need to be judging the squad and looking how to improve it for next season.
  4. people saying Wildsmith should've covered it however dont take credit away from their player that pulled off a shot like that and lets not forget who gave away the free kick in that area.
  5. I feel really sorry for Bully look at the team and players hes got to work with, most of them are unfit and not played together on a regular basis which showed today, we need a good transfer window and a man in sooner rather than later the club needs stability more than ever.
  6. Lets face it Mclaren has been eyeing the job at Wednesday ever since he got the sack from Derby...
  7. Completely dodged that question about rushing players back, how is it "not an important question"??
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