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  1. I'm a massive fan of Fletcher but he's 33 Years old, will be wanting a two year deal, on decent wages still, we can't justify that, it was the right time to part ways with him, take our recruitment in a different direction and use his wages more effectively...
  2. I mean Weavs stepped up after Andy Rhodes left, so he's just returned to that position, i'm guessing Monk would've told him that's what will happen. Weavs is a local lad SWFC fan so will be happy to do so, would he want to move and find another team? doubt it. Same with Bullen, settled in the area, fell in love with the club slight demotion however can't see him grumbling either. Overall a very good move!
  3. Seeing him get torn a new one by Crewe under 23's was enough for me, should have stood out a mile and he did, he was shocking best of 200 centre backs they said
  4. think what people are saying is yes you might get some that doesn't hit it off but you only need 1/2 to hit it off and you've already made your money back that you spent if not made profit! We've signed big names on big wages and as you put it yourself: There's lots of other routes to look down, Lower leagues & abroad in the lower leagues of Germany France Italy etc... We need to change our mindset and look at other avenues because the recruitment has been shocking.
  5. See what your saying but If we're sticking with a three at the back ideally you want pace across it, no good having slow outside centre backs like Borner who at times will have to cover the wing areas
  6. Didn't Harris reply with this sort of message on Instagram the other day? Is this Garry's way of reconnecting with the fans as he spoke about
  7. Turned down prem teams to sign for Hearts didn't he #SeanFlair 😂
  8. clutching at straws, that one moment didn't relegated them, their poor performances over 38 games relegated them.
  9. @mildatheart67 it was Otsemebor's podcast and it was him vs Reda Clinton Morrison threatened to shoot Jon Parkin
  10. Classic example of what i just mentioned about, so blinkered that he's had a shocking season it pains people to say he actually did well in the last couple of games. See what everyone else has said on Morgan Fox, basically took that much flak he's said F That im off.
  11. THIS! it's the exact attitude that has to change at our club, we have this sort of swagger about us when in reality we've done F all for 20 years. We used to talk about can the players play in front of a Hillsborough crowd like its some sort of bragging rights, reality is the up and coming youth don't have the character that they used to have and most will just crumble. Is it a coincidence Moses Odubajo has just had his best games in a Wednesday shirt with there not being a crowd? We write players off after 3 games, when in reality it takes time and we as a fanbase ain't so quick to allow that. Look at Jamie Vardy he didn't pull up and trees at Leicester when he first signed, yesterday he won the golden boot, there's endless example of this happening sometimes it doesn't click straight away but our fanbase slags them off with 1 miss-placed pass.
  12. If he's cheap and it doesn't work out as we intend then who cares? We did it with Iorfa and come up trumps on that one, he's worth more than we paid! He may have a resale value if it doesn't work out probably and we can recoup the money but he will have a point to prove and i rather us sign players like that than spending megabucks on some 'been there and done it' kind of player who couldn't give two hoots. Sign more hungry players with a point to prove, avoid spending millions on players 26/27+ I find it interesting he's a central midfielder when our most promising talents from our under 23's are supposed to be all central midfielders as well, see how that all plays out.
  13. One of the main reasons is our fans, too many don't have the patience, we play someone for two games and there's already posts on all social media stating he's not good enough etc Look at Morgan Fox as a prime example, took that much flak he's off! Dom Iorfa, remember reading the reviews from Ipswich when we signed him they were poor reads, fans had already written him off, we've given him first team football in his natural position for a year and he's flourished, yes odd couple of mistakes here and there but that happens in football. We've got this attitude hanging over our club of expectations etc when we've done absolutely nothing for the past 20 years!!! It's time we started giving players a chance and not writing them off after 3 games into their Wednesday career.
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