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  1. Instead buy expensive injury prone players: Hooper Abdi Forestieri Fletcher Matias
  2. Time for Lees to go. Doesn't suit the style of play Moore wants. He's not a dominating centre half or good on the ball. Old fashioned stopper, been a great servant but time for us both to move on.
  3. completely agree with that assessment but at the same time i think that's the exciting part about Dele-Bashiru players struggled against him and he rolled many because of his sheer size, it's a massive plus. As you say though his technical ability is his downfall but that can be worked on and taught. I'd like to see him either given some L1 game time or loaned out and see how he develops. Elliot Anderson from Newcastle is one i'd throw into the mix, watched him a few months ago vs a very good Leeds U23's and he looks a good prospect very direct and highly regarded at Newcastl
  4. Completely kills us at times, he doesn't suit the system but he's our best player. "He's not as confident further forward" for a playmaker that's poor, he's at his best when hes driving us forward like his little run yesterday. No good sitting deep and playing backwards and sideways "retaining possession" when the other team just fall back into shape and say come and break us down. We're not good enough to break them down.
  5. Signed him for absolutely nothing. Outperformed many who we paid millions for. Had quality about him. Remember him getting a lot of stick though likewise Hunt. Never replaced either of them.
  6. This. We've crucified Chansiri for not selling at the right time. It's what's got us into this mess. Windass will be at peak value for us now. Yes he'd be a good player in League 1 for us but surely we have learnt from past errors and the "family" outlook. Only thing i can think is has he got a small release clause for teams like Fulham and WBA to be sniffing. If not and we're offered anywhere around 2m i'd take it and reinvest in a couple of players. More worryingly is Dom Iorfa - last year of his contract coming back from a long term injury -
  7. It's standard practice at every football club. 98% of players will have this is their contracts it's nothing special. You have Promotion increase and Relegation decrease. It's a nothing story - slow news day, Anyone could've come up with this: "But it is understood that some – if not all – of the players set to stay on at Hillsborough are facing a drop in wages should they be unable to beat the drop" You could write that story about any club facing relegation and any club facing promotion.
  8. So why do teams have scouts then?? Who's to say he's not outlined players? That's how they do it now make a list of a few players in each position that they want. Last summer we signed what was on the table and 90% were buzzing with Flint ,Marriott, Izzy Brown, Windass and Dele Bashiru. Flint was injured that can't be helped. Marriott has hardly featured for whatever reasons and Izzy Brown has been the most disappointing out of the lot after a cracking season at Luton Town. If you think we're going to get relegated and hoover up all the league 1 talent i think you'l
  9. Put what it actually says in full. "Recruitment has already started ahead of next season, regardless of what division Wednesday will be in" "I know Darren Moore is in regular dialogue with the recruitment team. He has spelt out his vision and the type of players he wants to add to the squad this summer" THAT'S THE JOB OF THE RECRUITMENT TEAM. The manager tells them what he attributes etc he wants and his system and they go and find them, it's no different to as they were formerly known - Scouts. They just got a fancy new title.
  10. Vast majority was buzzing with this signing at the start of the year likewise Flint, so let's not sit here kidding ourselves, it's just not worked out. Something about him stinks though, somethings not right. Didn't he disappear a few months ago when Thompson was in charge? he said about him not training etc and know he's got a "unknown injury" All a bit strange.
  11. They waltz straight into the Prem on what grounds? Makes a mockery out of teams like ourselves Forest, Middlesbrough etc who have been trying to get back there. We stopped the Super League saying it would ruin the domestic leagues etc but then we are willing to ruin someone else's League to take the two biggest clubs from them again for profit. Imagine the fan violence as well. Pure hypocrisy, It absolutely stinks.
  12. Think the fact we had players like Rob Jones, Reda, Danny Batth, Madine, COG and Lllera probably helped that. Now we've got Tom Lees..... Borner ..... that's it and i wouldn't say they're a massive threat from throw-ins and set pieces.
  13. Where did i solely blame him? There was still a chance to stay up when he came in. We've thrown points away left right and centre. All 4 managers this season have made mistakes and Moore has as well. I posted in a thread the other day saying i don't blame any of the managers solely for this season.
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