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  1. Callum Robinson Matt Phillips Robert Snodgrass Grady Diangana And you think Reach will be their best winger?
  2. Trying to remove tackling as much as they can, now trying their best with heading. We will have foam goalposts soon as they'll be classed as too dangerous. It's a risk of course it is, it's part and parcel of the sport. Every sport has risk, every action we take has some sort of risk. Boxing & MMA for example - they choose to take punches/kicks/elbows to the head fully well knowing the consequences that can happen. "Evidence suggests it can cause a long term effect" My Grandad has shown early signs of dementia - he's never kicked or headed a ball in his life. We're talking about getting long term diseases/injuries which you can get whether you head a ball or not. Personally i'd take the risk and have the luxury career a footballer has for something i might end up with anyway regardless.
  3. On the right contract (length wise and money-wise) he would be a very good signing. He got hammered at the time because we was doing well we were a top 6 team and he was someone who could've been upgraded on to take us the next step, i think we got all too carried away with what we could have been and we underestimated players like him, fact is we never upgraded on Hunt or replaced him. In league 1? no brainier for me.
  4. I've got two gripes with our transfer business. 1. Why do we never announce the contract length anymore? 2. We find out first from Att Chansiri's instagram who we are signing even before local journalists get a sniff.
  5. Believe we did, think he was called Leon? Centre half
  6. i do however blame him for lying about Kieran Lee and Nuhiu and letting those two go and not replacing them.
  7. I'm not buying into some of this stuff it's all in hindsight. Dele Bashiru - People were happy with this, sensing a new direction for the club. Dunkley - No matter of his ability as a player we signed someone who was recovering from a broken leg? Brown - People were buzzing with this signing and it turned out to a awful one Windass - Decent player - what is his best position though? Paterson - Decent - nothing special, brought in to replace Nuhiu? Adedoyin - Young Marriott - Again same as Izzy Brown people were happy with this signing and it didn't work out for whatever reason Kachunga - It's clear and obvious why he was brought in, it showed how much we were struggling to recruit, he was brought in as a extra body and that's it. Green - Honestly think he could be a big player for us in League 1, will be interesting to see if he kicks on, it's a small gamble on wages with a potential higher reward if he does kick on Flint - Again same as Marriott and Brown, people were happy with his signing, myself included. What we were missing some aerial presence and a leader, it's not his fault he got injured. It's easy to now sit here and say the recruitment was poor, which again in hindsight it got us relegated amongst many other reasons but this isn't down to the recruitment team or Monk. We clearly struggled to recruit, Dunkley and Kachunga are prime examples of that plus Patterson and Windass who are versatile players with no stand out position. While i think Monk was a poor manager i don't blame him for the recruitment. This season is more than likely going to be just as bad so strap in for the bumpy ride, everyone is shopping in the same market as we are now for obvious reasons worldwide plus the poison around the club with unpaid wages, how are we going to be a bigger pull to a player over however many other teams?
  8. The mistake wasn't letting him go, the mistake was not replacing him. Lets be honest he wasn't that good, he was replaceable but we failed to do that. Led us to being one dimensional with no other attacking option. If we knew we wasn't going to replace him then we should've given him another deal.
  9. The damage is done. Who wants to sign for a club that's been in so much hot water over wages and money in general. Good luck with recruiting decent players.
  10. Off the top of my head.... Grant Simek Bougherra Hector Pudil Antonio Lee Whelan Brunt Kenwyne Jones Hooper
  11. Actually more gutted about this than the players that have left us.
  12. Joostless Van Aken He haunts me as a defender, From Duffy to Crewe U23's. Terrible defender.
  13. i agree, sad state of events, could be a long summer. work for a certain neighbour so lets see how we recruit. Yeah true, was thinking more of their game time etc, problem is we need to get out of the mentality of "We're not a selling club" . Imagine the uproar if FF was sold when we was offered good money, We should've taken it and reinvested like every other club does.
  14. Rather sign 3 up and coming plays for the price we bought the likes of Forestieri Abdi Hooper Matias and so on. They have the potential then to be a sale-able asset, there's endless players that have made the step up and been sold on for good money, it's time we started doing it. Problem is as you say it looks like Chansiri doesn't fancy putting more money into us atm.
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