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  1. End up as a number 3 at a Prem club, easy to fill the "Homegrown players" rule like Andy Lonergan, Granty, David Martin etc... Or at our neighbours if they don't get Henderson back.
  2. Some very harsh comments on Winnall, Scored goals at Derby and at Barnsley and was a steal at what we was rumoured to pay for him, 36 League appearances and only 5 of them he played 90 minutes and 4 of them was in his first season and in 16 of them games he's played under 45 minutes, what do people expect a goals return of from that? Definitely didn't get a fair crack at it but why have we not sold him on, we could've at least got our money back on him if not made profit!
  3. He will have been monitored, he was considered one of the better players along with Hunt, that's my point though, you don't see players leaving our club on loan to go and play at a decent level, Kirby being the first in years! If they thought he wasn't good enough send Hunt out on loan instead, as said previous by all account he did well at Macc, No point having the better players sat in your under 23 squad, get them out playing regular football
  4. 100%,really surprised he didn't get another contract even if it was for one year, again can't understand why we loaned him out to release him, and keep Hunt sat in the 23's. We need to get more of them out playing regular football, it hasn't happened enough over the years.
  5. I can't see Cat A Academies stopping, Several lower league teams rely on youth players so i doubt most of them would get rid completely, its a club by club model, won't work for all, Brentford did it because they're a established Championship side with not much coming through the ranks, in a catchment area of London competing with Chelsea Spurs Arsenal etc, it saved them a lot of money so it made total sense for them to do it, Why should we? apart from GK's have we produced anything in recent times? Who have we produced that's gone on to the top? We've had Beevers and Spurr who we sold for pittance, We've got a training ground that can't accommodate all the teams we have. We won the under 23's league a few seasons ago and whats happened to most of them? Dawson, Penney & Hunt are the only ones who's around the first team still and are they even good enough? No B teams should enter the league system, it's horrendous enough having them in Micky Mouse cup and i don't think we'd have to worry about United poaching all our players, we've produced nothing for past 10-15 years maybe even longer. Getting out and playing mens football at a young age is a massive benefit compared to sitting wrapped up in cotton wool in the under 23's. The thread recently saying most of them are just water carriers for the good players was spot on but the good players should be going out and playing regular football.
  6. THIS!!! god knows how much the academy set up costs a year, i'd look to go that way personally, would cause a divide in the fanbase probably however like you said its paying off for Brentford. Smaller teams like them and Peterborough are showing us the way forward. Brentford have sold key player after key player and our fan base had a meltdown when it was rumored FF was going to leave for 3x what we paid for him. Pick up players from top academies that's not quite made the grade. We did it with Jordan Thorniley and he was probably the best youngster apart from the GK's that we've had to offer from our U23's, it's worked a treat for Brentford, i'd recommend people to actually go and research this and watch the videos on it all, very interesting stuff and philosophies. Questions need to be asked about our setup and development, Why have we sent Kirby out on loan for the season (one of the few we've sent out in recent times to a decent standard) to then release him from the Academy? Players like Kirby and Hunt were the ones rated, so why not send them both out on loan, why's Hunt plodded about training with first team and playing for Under 23's making a odd appearance here and there playing 10-20 minutes at a time, if he's that highly rated and thought of he should have been going out and playing regular football, not sat in the under 23's.
  7. re-read it, i didn't compare him, i actually said I HOPE he can step into this role so its hardly ridiculous? You don't need to be someone who shouts constantly and barks orders to be a leader.
  8. Personally i wouldn't complain if we offered him another year, he's exactly the sort of player you want in and around a changing room something we lost when Semedo and Loovens left. I hope KL would step into this role, he comes across as a real role model and with players such as Hunt coming through it can only benefit the likes of him and some fans are writing him off like he has nothing to offer us anymore, he's been chasing fitness for the past few seasons a full preseason and he might be able to offer us more than just a squad player again, he certainly can offer us more than JP. If the wages are right for the club its a no brainer, couldn't imagine he will be on that high of a wage, he also likes to be local to Manchester so he won't want to up sticks in a hurry.
  9. His agent and Stuffing man are very good friends, that's why we signed a random Argentinian from the 15th tier of Italian football complete rubbish he's heard nothing, it's a come and get me plea from his agent because he won't be offered a new deal here or a force of the hand for us to get a move on with it. FF will know where he stands, it's just the standard agent drivel
  10. This is a long one but i thought i'd do some research and actually look into the stats.... "13 goals in 70 Sheff Wed appearances" - Shocking stat for a striker "3 goals in 15 appearances this season" - Poor season so far Dig deeper, Rhodes has played in 12 league games this season. He's completed a full game on one occasion out of the 12 league games, Forest away (he even got subbed off in that but it was the 87th minute so we will count it) , His playing time this season in league games is 500 minutes. He's played 45 minutes + on 5 occasions out of the 12 league appearances. He's completed 5.5 games but his 7 minute cameo at Swansea away this season adds a appearance on. He's made 61 league appearances for us out of the 70 games. He's played 3382 minutes for us. The minutes he's been on the pitch equates to 37.5 games, that's not even one season his average game time is 55 minutes. Stats don't tell the full story on the face of it the stats look very poor "13 goals in 70 Sheff Wed appearances" when you look more closely how can anyone find form when he's playing the odd 7 minute here and the odd 20 here constantly chopping and changing, not being involved for a few weeks then having a 15 minute run out. Take this into consideration along with does our tactics even suit him and you could debate about Rhodes all night long. Personally i feel he's had a very rough time here and i feel sorry for him, he doesn't deserve the stick he gets, he's not been the signing we all wished for but that's not always down to the player and the fee/wages argument, that's not also Rhodes fault we offered those terms, its not like he's sat taking our money, that's our choice with not playing him, when he does play he gives 100% and i'll never knock him for that. I did a similar comparison with Winall who has also been wrote off on numerous occasions and been deemed not good enough, baring in mind he's in the same mould as Rhodes, scored goals everywhere else apart from Wednesday. Since Winall Joined he's played in 36 league games and scored 5 goals. He's played 1660 minutes. Out of the 36 games played he's completed 90 minutes on 5 occasions with 3 of those being in the first 3 months of him signing. Again despite the 1 minute cameo vs Birmingham which goes down as a appearance, he's started 18 games out of those 36 appearances. We can't expect these players to play now and then and hit form, they need a run of games and a chance, we as a fan base and club need to be patient with players, not write them off after not scoring in 5 10 minute cameos saying that they've had their chances, people say they've both had chances but look at the stats provided, a chance isn't 1-30 minutes out of 90 minutes. Look at Iorfa, bit of a rough diamond, we've given him solid game time and a run of games and look how he's done, he's developing into one of our more promising players. You don't just stop scoring goals overnight and football hasn't evolved that much from Rhodes's time with Blackburn and Huddersfield likewise Winall at Derby and Barnsley.
  11. We moan how unsustainable we are but we should have spent 5-8m on a 27 year old defender that had 12 months left on his contract? No one is paying that kind of fee apart from teams that have parachute payments and are knocking back on the door of the premier league and that's why Fulham signed him.
  12. That's the player that he's been throughout his career. He isn't going to grab the game by the scruff of the neck, win lots of headers like Fletcher, he doesn't have pace but he has scored goals playing his game, in the box as a poacher, as stated earlier in this post, we've not utilised that correctly, Since CC brought him in and he would chuck him on up front on his own and we then would launch the ball up to him expecting him to do a Nuhiu/Fletcher role. In this modern day 1 up front tactic, Rhodes is non-existent and it is like playing with 10 men but when he's upfront playing off a targetman that's more his game Our system of play since Rhodes signed has not benefited him one bit! Problem is as a fan base we moan when he or Winnall is selected and if it doesn't work within 60 minutes then it shouldn't happen again all season and we should change it immediately, if we gave them a run of games together they'd both get us goals.
  13. Don't get the whole Fletcher on big wages argument, never once looked like he isn't interested and always puts a shift in, he cost us £0 in transfer fees and nowadays the kind of player he is we would have been paying a couple of million for his services, so paying him a bit higher wages doesn't hurt too much. We've spent money and wages on players who have had much less impact or zero impact at all. Emanuelson - very strange "agent" signing, Sougou, Melo, Abdi, Jones, McGugan, Matias & Boyd, Rhodes, Hoooper to some extent... you get the idea.
  14. Sorted it for you, its not just his lack of understanding with FFP his lack of understanding full stop, about football in general, English Football, English culture. He is incompetent, he needs people around him that know the English game, Not some "Agent" turned advisor. Never doubting his good intentions but he's way way way out of his depth and is too stubborn to listen to anyone else. Under his management there's only one way this is going and if he thinks he can keep throwing money at it and the plan remains the same then were screwed really.
  15. This is the problem with some of our fan base, Some have the attitude of "We're Sheffield Wednesday we shouldn't be doing that, we should keep all of our best players, We're too big of a club for us to follow that method, Tin pot clubs etc etc..." We've done nothing in the last 20 years lets be real about it and the "smaller teams" such as Brentford, Peterborough etc are showing us up. Then you've got clubs such as Norwich and our neighbours who both sold players for good money & reaped the rewards. You could go down through most of the Championship and see how other teams have run a sustainable club, buying & selling and we are no further forward than any of them for example Preston, Bristol City & Swansea. EVERY team south of the Premier league will buy and sell players to balance their books, i mean we hardly even sold fringe players. We bought players who were ageing on big contracts - very risky move, We ended up letting them leave for free at the end of their contracts and they had cost us millions! Abdi Hooper, Jones, Pudil and Matias then we spent a pretty penny on both Reach and Rhodes - Reach is now 27 what's the chances of recouping that money? Rhodes, not a prayer were touching even half the figure and he will end up leaving for free. Lets look at some of our solid performers over the last few seasons, Tom Lees, Glenn Loovens, Ross Wallace, Kieren Westwood, Barry Bannan, Kieran Lee, Sam Hutchinson, Steven Fletcher all free transfers or very minimal. Then we've had Dom Iorfa who cost us hardly anything (250k reported) Mass Luongo who looks promising and we got him at a snip of his valuation (800k-1mill) both look wise investments. We spent just under 3 million on Joost Van Aken - We've had Julian Borner and as above Dom Iorfa who both look twice the player he is for 250K. We need to look at players as a investment, its not even about the Brentford model (which is brilliant) we just need to be more sustainable as a club. Go back over the years and find players that 1. We have bought and sold them for profit, 2. Players that we have developed and sold for decent profit, apart from Joao, who else over the past few years has there been? No one in Chansiri's rein, go even further back and granted we had zero money, Chris Brunt, Antonio, Bougherra, Whelan, Lee Grant and we got measly fees for most of them. Summary: Chansiri has wasted money on ageing players, poor investment, poor structure, no sustainability and our more solid performers at the club have been the free/Nominal fee transfers. Joost Van Aken was the best Centre back we found out of 200 players.
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