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  1. Saw one yesterday walking up the St Albans Road from Watford Junction. It was the WanDisco version.
  2. When is the 20 minute version out? The one filmed by Jordan on a training run.
  3. Back Pass Roland

    What date was this?

    That shirt Michael J Fox is wearing, not really back to the future is it.
  4. People at 24 are in for a surprise when they get back from work then.
  5. Good to see all the smiles - even the head coach! Well apart from Tom Lees, never seen him smile, looks like he is properly suffering with a major migraine all the time.
  6. Back Pass Roland

    3D Printed Hillsborough

    Prefer the players tunnel on this version than the one in real life. Like things to be in their proper place.
  7. If you ask a lady who runs a golf club in Sussex who she rates she will give you a million reasons for the player on the left
  8. Back Pass Roland

    Time for Moneyball?

    I think we are copying the Yankees with Spunk Money Ball.
  9. I don't think he is the answer money wise. Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi Crown Prince) is in the country for the next 3 days, he could definitely make us one of Europes best clubs. Not sure what would be in it for him/them?
  10. No exit via Leppings Lane then
  11. Back Pass Roland

    Fernando on his bike

    Faping about on his bike
  12. Went up Blackpool Tower once. Couldn't see Hillsborough but a great view of a gym in Chorley.
  13. Back Pass Roland

    What made you support Sheffield Wednesday?

    Watching a report about the BDM as a youngster. Third division game and a 50K crowd. Assumed once we got to Division 1 the crowds would be 4 times the side and we would be the biggest sports team in the world. (The logic of a 9 year old) Family were mostly Arsenal or Spurs and school much the same with the other London clubs and usual suspects. 1 Leeds fan though. 1st game was Arsenal away on the North Bank a 1-0 loss. 1st home game was on the newly roofed kop and loved it so much was back a few days later to see us beat Chelski. Remember Speedie getting lots of abuse.