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  1. To be fair he’s been out injured for the majority of the season and still has 9 goals. Better goals to game than anybody other than Vydra and Grabban which is impressive. We need goals from other areas of the pitch ( our players other than maguire lack composure and finishing ability) and we could do with a plan b option ( like a nuhiu to mix it up a bit).
  2. You didn’t see the best of Sean Maguire, who has been on fire up until today and has the 3rd best goals to game ratio in the championship. He came back from a similar injury like Forestieri had and came back in devastating fashion. Barkhuizen needs to be more clinical to add to his pace and we could do with more goals from central midfield. As good as Browne, Pearson, Gallagher are/can be they don’t score nearly enough goals. We are still definitely in with a shout today, we met a team full of momentum getting players back and who had everything go for them
  3. Very accurate reflection on the game. You needed to finish your chances and we scored some exceptional goals. Fisher is a c*nt though!
  4. Pre-sold 1,400. Probably be around 1,500/1,600 there. Add that to 24/25,000 Wednesdayites and the return of fessi should make for a good atmosphere today! Buzzing for the game.
  5. Wednesday 1-1 PNE PNE to take the lead through Barkhuizen and Wednesday to level it up around the 75th minute through Bannan. On a side note, interesting to hear Alex Neil’s thoughts on us underperforming. https://www.lep.co.uk/sport/football/preston-north-end/preston-boss-alex-neil-thinks-sheffield-wednesday-came-to-the-end-of-a-cycle-1-9088672/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  6. I don’t think many people with common sense actually thought that he was. We had the most unlucky period in our history with injuries so people overreacted. All of our players want to play when they can (excluding the Norwich fiasco).
  7. You really aren’t getting it mate but I’m not going to argue with you about a team I have no affiliation to or really couldn’t care less about bar the fact we are playing them on saturday. They are refusing to pay high ticket prices, nobody has said anything about a discount. They should pay them if they care about their club, they aren’t. The end.
  8. As I said, they should bite the bullet, I’m not saying they are right I’m just saying that’s the reason why. I don’t agree with it. This season I’ve been to; Preston ( ironically) Ipswich Millwall Barnsley Boro Leeds Blunts Brentford So id say I go on fairly regularly away and as evidenced by the Leeds (among others) game- I am willing to bite the bullet because I enjoy watching Wednesday and that’s the price I’m willing to pay. Leeds was was the first away win I’ve seen this season !
  9. Haha.... no I just don’t understand why people are comparing us, a team in a massive city with a huge home support. To a side with bottom 5 home support. Compare their attendances to Millwall, Brentford, Bristol City, Barnsley etc.
  10. This argument is incredibly daft. Preston are small club with decent away support, the reason for their poor attendance tomorrow is (rightly or wrongly) ticket prices. Just did a bit of googling. They had 800 at Leeds at the start of the season. But for games local to us; Over 2,000 at Barnsley Over 3,000 at Sheffield United Over 2,000 at Rotherham (last season) Games further away 2,700 at Sunderland Close games 7,000 at Blackburn (last season) 5,000 at Wigan (last season) 4,500 at Bolton (this season) 5,000 at
  11. Hardly the correspondent, you were just being naive about the effect of ticket prices. As far as I’m aware , their away attendances are actually very good for a club of their size (around 12ish) with home support bottom four. Have a hardcore bunch who travel a lot but rarely get many at home. The poor attendance tomorrow is due to ticket prices.
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