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  1. He may have been told to bring some keepers gloves just in case!
  2. Dont worry DM will have his excuses for why he didn't play him enough!
  3. The handle come off my small wednesday mug while it had tea in it.. for some reason i caught it half way to the floor, handle in one hand cup in other..my assumption is wednesday is broken!
  4. Exactly and remember why do there clubs let them go.. Maybe it is because they cant get in there side, but then drop a division and play crap so the answer is there.
  5. I think its got to the stage where the players are probably thinking they dont believe in DM and his management style ..whatever that style is..
  6. Your spot on! These are his players (majority of them) he wanted a winger then plays him at left back, amongst other players he put out of position! From day one he has never tried to get a settled A team and stick with it. Moving players in/out of positions. The players good,bad,or indifferent, didn't have a clue who would be playing along side them in each game!
  7. Well we have someone that comes out and does post match interviews but a "manager"thats debatable !
  8. Most of those players playing last night are HIS players, we were 3 down at half time but came out second half with the same setup and players so i think you can blame moore for the inept performance that he himself said he never saw coming!!!
  9. I remember gary monk saying the same thing "i never saw that coming" right after Blackburn beat us 5-0. It was just a matter of time for monk after that!
  10. If only he could win as many games as carlos i would be happier!
  11. Basically the job is to big for him unfortunately! Trouble is the players dont care because managers come and go!
  12. What gets me is how long every injured player takes to get fit again, its never 1-2 weeks. Is it the player, physio,trainer, who decides there fit who knows?
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