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  1. We could have 11 F15 there still be firing blanks!
  2. But some of the people on here think you cant blame moore? Is it the players? Is it chansiri? Need to blame someone!
  3. This reminds of the time when we were told not to BOO the players. So what should we do cheerfully clap and whistle when there crap or cant be ask!!
  4. I said something of the same in an earlier post this season. If roy Keane was waiting in the tunnel for them at half time, they'll have all stayed in the centre circle eating there half of orange.
  5. I think pulis tried to defend every game in the hope we would get enough points to be safe! DM seems to want to play attractive football but the players are letting him down to get to that survival safe position. Fact of the matter is we should fighting for every win regardless how crap the football is just to stay in the championship.
  6. After next season it could be " we're down again "
  7. Most people on here think DM is the answer,but I'm not sure. If he has the players he wants in league one, we shall see! A friend of mine supports Sunderland and he's said its a tough league!
  8. We will finish bottom because wycombe fight for every win!
  9. Well if thats the case, then put the whole academy team out there for rest of season, at least there give every ounce of energy regardless of the result at the end. After all what have we got to lose!
  10. After Easter i think all our eggs will be in one basket..League one!
  11. He would be perfect as the goal kicker in American football with all the goals he's scored, and the best thing he only has to be on the pitch for 5 minutes before he's hooked off!
  12. The only thing i would worry about is DM comes out and says Newcastle are his boyhood team!
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