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  1. All I remember from Simon Donnelly was that goal he scored against Derby (that we allowed 2 goals in stoppage time...) and that's it. O'Donnell I genuinely don't remember a thing about him other than he passed away playing for Motherwell a few years after he left us. I wonder how many millions that alone cost us
  2. De Bilde only cost about 3mil which even back then wasn't a crazy amount, he scored double figures in an awful team. The guy was just a complete nutcase but the 2 Scottish lads signed at the same time were a bigger waste of money.
  3. Longest serving player by a mile and an academy graduate to boot. Would love to see him stay as long as he plays any part in the team.
  4. I remember reading the day Pulis was sacked we were set in bringing in a former Barnsley manager? The name escapes me but the Barnsley supporters said you're f**ked if you take him.
  5. jUsT tWo MoRe WeEkS~~!!! FlAtTeN tHe CuRvE!!! The year 2021 is going to horrific in ways nobody here could have ever imagined. Will that be the last final wakeup call for the lemmings who still don't get it? I legitimately don't think so, a significant proportion of the public is beyond saving. It was a good run mate, can't get through to people though
  6. The lack of finances since 2017-18 had to do with FFP, so this year being 3 years of spending nothing sort of clears our ability to spend more next year. It's why Chansiri has been so frugal whilst frustrating the fans but if we can survive this year then next year he'll probably buy 6-8 more players. It's why he brought in Pulis for this season instead of rolling the dice on a young manager that would actually go for it. I don't think it will work this time though, I'm positive we'll be relegated under the current setup.
  7. The players are just playing the way they were told to play. No one in the squad can play to their potential playing anti-football. I wish the club went for Ryan Lowe and told him to just go for it and assure him job security for League One if it wasn't enough. We're going down regardless.
  8. Why do people think we don't have the players to play more attacking football? We never score because players like Reach and Bannan et al can't play to their strengths... and our defensive players are good enough to just sit back and defend for their lives for 85 minutes. If it didn't work under Monk, then why the f**k would it work under Pulis? It defies any logic. This team will never win another game for the rest of the season set up like this. Roll the dice FFS and get our quick players higher up the pitch and just go for it. Who cares if we lose 5-3 if we're just going to lose
  9. See what happens when Harris plays on the right not left? He can actually swing the ball in at full speed instead of stopping and trying to switch his right!
  10. After looking into Ryan Lowe's managerial career I'd love to have him back. Even if we went down due to lack of quality he would get us doing well in League One regardless. I am not a fan of Pulis and if he's hired it tells me DC has no damn clue and I'm kinda over it at this point. A player like Bannan or Luongo or Windass would prosper under Lowe but have (what's left) of their careers die under Pulis.
  11. Well there was that one half-season under Big Ron with DiCanio playing out of his mind. That was the first season following Wednesday
  12. Jeremy wasn't the finished product but you cannot coach pace like he had, omg the guy was lightening! Crazy how he quit football to become an Imam or something weird. To each their own I guess.
  14. They played well in the first game of the season together. Then never paired since. wtf
  15. Why do we keep playing this 3-5-2? It does literally nothing for us. Then bringing on subs who don't add anything under the same system.
  16. Okay so they both fall to the ground, the Bournemouth player knees Harris twice in the ribs while on top of him so Harris throws him off and gets sent off? wtf
  17. Their #11 has been running his mouth off all game someone needs to punch him in the face and shut him up.
  18. Marriot is so trash. No touch, doesn't win 50-50s, positioning is bad. Why is he on the pitch?
  19. They just scored. That's enough watching for me today
  20. I thought they changed that this year which might explain the extra expense in cost.. Yet I can't even find an illegal stream of the game and you can't even buy Sky Sports here in Atlantic Canada.
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