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  1. What a stupid foul to give away what is that
  2. A goal off a corner that was never a corner, what in the pet shop is this garbage
  3. how did that not go in...
  4. No Strikers

    One was awful and other suffered a serious injury.
  5. Wow as soon as we put on any kind of talent we suddenly start dominating WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT??
  6. Man we are bad. What kind of lineup is this..
  7. What kind of lineup is that? 5-5-0???
  8. Crowd, keepers and Reach

    Which is insane to think of even 6 months ago! But as good as Westy is, Wildsmith and Dawson are both pretty good at this level with a much higher ceiling for the future. I'm sure we could get a decent price for Westwood if other clubs know he's up for grabs.
  9. I'm just as furious as anyone here, but I'd like to give the players some love for playing their hearts out being down two men whilst pulling a goal back. At half time we all wondered if they'd put up double figures and we bossed the second half. Hopefully we can play with that kind of urgency going forward. UTO.
  10. wait, I went out for a smoke like 10 minutes ago, did we score???