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  1. He needs to go

    It is the steel city after all
  2. He needs to go

    6 wins in 18...
  3. I still want Carlos out after this crap regardless of the result. Don't let a flukey handball decision mask this crap.
  4. Worst 45 mins I've seen

    Watching that first half..
  5. "Wednesday have seen a lot of the ball... haven't done anything with it mind" end me.
  6. And Butterfield is only another 3-4 yards in front of him. The distance between our CMs and our strikers is like 30+ yards, no wonder they can't score and goals.
  7. So... anyone else bored already?
  8. It's all good I'm stealing a stream on wiz1(dot)net
  9. Why isn't the game available on iFollow...?
  10. I forgot we had this guy in the team! Why do we bring in new players with different skillsets yet we always persist with a lot of Stu Grays players 3 years running?
  11. I got it to work at halftime. Kinda wish I didn't though