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  1. They just scored. That's enough watching for me today
  2. I thought they changed that this year which might explain the extra expense in cost.. Yet I can't even find an illegal stream of the game and you can't even buy Sky Sports here in Atlantic Canada.
  3. I removed any 'auto-billing' for iFollow last year and changed my credit card info, they still somehow found out my new CC info and auto-billed me this year then refused a refund. I don't even know how that is legal but, f**k it I'll still watch Wednesday. My next question is, why isn't video available for this game? I can only access radio commentary... wtf.
  4. That was frustrating. We're not going pummel teams on excessive countering so shape and defense are the only things that will save us. Can't afford to go negative like that on a flimsy 1 goal lead. Tactics have to be better. Feel bad for the players I genuinely thought they played pretty well and we didn't deserve to lose.
  5. We look well organized in both midfield and defense. Need to be a bit more aggressive on the counter though or we're gonna wind up with a lot of 0-0s. Still happy with the point and we look hard to beat.
  6. Maybe make the League Cup just EFL clubs then so Premier clubs can take the FA Cup more serious and whatever European tournaments they are in. Also get rid of that League 1/2 mickey mouse cup so it is just EFL cup for tiers 2-4.
  7. This service is criminal. I was autobilled without my consent (my credit card info was changed since last year anyway, how tf did they track it down and charge me????) won't give me a refund for it and now the video doesn't even buffer.
  8. With the introduction of the UEFA Conference League next year will this officially be the end of smaller nations and a quasi-super league? IIRC the Conference League will be for UEFA countries that are lower than 15th on the coefficient list. My question being, can countries who are below 15th on the list move up the next year while others drop down? And are the coefficients only factoring club success or failure, or does it go by international coefficient? Poland has a high coefficient for international level but their club level is complete crap, so what is it? I wish
  9. What are we guilty of? Financial irregularities or something? We haven't spent fk all the past 2 seasons or so, I have no idea what is going on.
  10. I remember an interview like that I think it was between Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard. After their playing days together at West Ham they basically stopped talking for like a decade because of the rivalry at club level. Crazy to think that considering Germany & Spain's success yet Barca/Real Madrid players still worked together at national level. Seems extremely petty in retrospect.
  11. Shearer's numbers speak for themselves. The beautiful thing about football is the tired (North American-centric) argument about "era adjusted" statistics don't translate well with football like other big sports here (NHL especially). I'll go back and watch France '98 videos as it was the first World Cup I ever watched and even though some of the tactics changed the quality of the players are still on par with the superstars of today. I watched a replay of Holland-Brazil in the semis and both squad were absolutely LOADED and their talents would be just as good today with the extra emphasis on n
  12. Not enough TikTok videos being produced. 2 more weeks!!!
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