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  1. canadianowl


    I don't use Chrome anymore, something to do with not working with https (also, screw google).
  2. canadianowl


    Can anybody explain why iFollow hasn't been able to stream video the past few games? I've tried streaming the game on Firefox and Brave and neither work anymore. Screen is just blank. Getting really p!ssed off being charged for a service I can't use anymore..
  3. canadianowl

    Wednesday - V Preston OMDT

    That's the first time I've seen someone win the ball, then raise BOTH their legs on the follow through to two-foot an opponent. Wtf was Pearson thinking? Dirty stuff.
  4. canadianowl

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    I can't even stream the damn game on ifollow. Maybe it's for the better?
  5. canadianowl


    Just a black screen for me, wtf.
  6. canadianowl


    My biggest gripe with Nuhiu is that he is awful in the air and for a guy his size is simply unacceptable. If he can't use his size to bully people then why play him? Fletcher is a better player, Joao has twice the amount of skill, Fessi is just all-round better, Winall surely can't be any worse? What does he add to the team?
  7. I'm not even mad... holy fuuuuuck that was a screamer....
  8. F*ck me, Matt Penney really is one of our best players. To get a kid like this out of our academy system is something special. If we don't get promoted over the next 2 seasons he'll be worth 40-50 million at this rate.
  9. Joey... stop trying hero ball shots from 700 yards.
  10. What kind of defending was that wtf...