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  1. I'm not even mad... holy fuuuuuck that was a screamer....
  2. F*ck me, Matt Penney really is one of our best players. To get a kid like this out of our academy system is something special. If we don't get promoted over the next 2 seasons he'll be worth 40-50 million at this rate.
  3. Joey... stop trying hero ball shots from 700 yards.
  4. What kind of defending was that wtf...
  5. Why is the audio on ifollow some interview with some player I didn't even realize we signed? The game is about to start.
  7. You haven't died from smoke inhalation yet??
  8. This kid is the TRUTH. We may have found our left wingback problem
  9. I can't believe many here thought we had a chance today to even get a point; Brentford are certs for automatics this year, arguably going up as champions. They've pretty much steamrolled everyone already and aren't going to slow down. Chin up and continue on to the next (winnable) fixture.
  10. canadianowl

    Feels like the cloud is lifting

    Brentford are going up automatics I reckon, anything from them is a blessing.