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  1. Not enough TikTok videos being produced. 2 more weeks!!!
  2. Can't go wrong with a solid german pro, all business no fluff. Was really impressed by him on the his debut and hasn't disappointed all season. Great signing Mr. C!
  3. It was the first game after Pleat was sacked (surprise surprise), Shreeves was caretaker.
  4. Anyone know what to do in regards to ifollow support? For some reason the club website locks me out of my account, it doesn't even say my password is wrong (it's memorized to the site), it just says "contact customer support, or change password (click here)" and doesn't allow me to sign in to watch the games... If I ask to reset my password it never sends me an email to change it. I'm stuck in limbo...
  5. Its easy to blame the forwards but from what I saw from the game the problem comes from distribution urgency getting the ball into the box. Millwall put 10 men behind it and forced us to swing in crosses to have a fair shot at it; but our buildup was just way too slow. I think Rhodes had maybe 3 good chances but every time he could get to the ball he was basically standing still as he already made his run into the lane but the ball took an extra 2-3 second to get to him. All of those headers were from a stand still with no pace on it. We just need to be more urgent on the counter. I was having flashbacks of the 16-17 season under Carlos where Bannan would play the ball laterally too much instead of downfield, so then you have players like Fletcher running back for a link up pass to create any kind of space but now is out of position to do anything if he gets a return ball. I think we are going to have to rely on Kieran Lee more than we all anticipated because as good as Luongo is, he's just a better version of Pelupessy but doesn't offer that extra drive in the final third, and Bannan will always play a distribution role no matter what.
  6. Same thing for me. Annoying AF. Last week the picture quality was 144p.. its like there is always something malfunctioning with iFollow.
  7. Great start. Is anyone else's iFollow quality awful? Like 144p bad?
  8. I got a notification from them a few weeks ago saying that my card information was no longer valid so they couldn't auto-bill me; I thought "good" as I was indecisive to renew away. Somehow they found out what my new credit card number and info was and then charged me without my consent... wtf.
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