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  1. For the first time in a long time we can go to a game with a smile on our face. A team that is dear to its followers, playing in bright blue & white, we are a team of renown and the pride of the city. Thousands will gladly cheer them on their way tomorrow. The dawn of a new era.
  2. Looks like the threat of my light show protest could have forced Jos out. It would certainly not have reflected well on the hierarchy at the club. Get your phones on full charge overnight still just in case. However, if the rumours are true it can now be a celebration. 20,000 iphones lighting up Hillsborough. Magic.
  3. You may mock but there's nothing like a Hillsborough wall of light to make the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end. It would be a show of unison in troubled times.
  4. Good man. The word from the influencers in the North Stand says it's happening.
  5. protest probably wrong word, just a united message from the fans to the club to try and affect change. let's all light up together.
  6. I can tell you it wasn't... and that's straight from the grOWLers mouth. The 60th minute comment was a bit tongue in cheek (although not that far from the truth) but the proposal is a serious one. However, it seems I've misjudged the mood on this board, not surprising given its demographics. I'll take it to the cool kids on tweeter as I think they'll be up for it. #WednesdayLightShow We need to make a stand against what's happening at our great club and a Hillsborough light show always makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It would be a beautiful sight and send a message to the powers that be. Sky sports would be all over it.
  7. ok, i'll be honest, it's an android. can't afford an iphone with the season ticket prices.
  8. That's what I'm saying. Don't boycott like some have said. Turn up and support but you can still send a message. As for your 4th division comment, that's exactly where it looks like were heading. And to be fair if you were there back then you might be better bringing an actual torch because I reckon your Nokia 3310 won't have a light.
  9. Like Castleford Owl says. To show our disapproval of everything that our great football club has become. The way it is run from top to bottom which ultimately ends up with what we get to see on the pitch.
  10. I will be turning on the torch on my iPhone in the 60th minute this Saturday. Boycotting games doesn't work. Vocal chants don't work. Visual banners don't work. However, a glorious lightshow will be seen around the world as our message of disapproval to Chansiri. Why the 60th minute? Well, I couldn't think of a symbolic number and that's when people start to leave nowadays so why not. Who's with me? Let's get it trending #WednesdayLightShow
  11. We're reached a tipping point and we need some straight answers so lets have some straighttalking. Owner's not good enough to own Manager's not good enough to manage Players are not good enough to play Anyone who disagrees can begger off to New Zealand.
  12. I bring my own pie to the game already but certainly won't be spending owt in shop anymore. Grandson wants a Rovrum jersey for Christmas anyway so that's no bother.
  13. It would have been a different story if we'd gone up against Hull or Reading though so surely Carlos is the one bloke to blame. Or that Collin Quaner chap.
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