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  1. If anyone was in doubt to his involvement with the club, he was present on the South yesterday in the posh seats.
  2. Maybe if they could show this so called love by giving us the gig we all want at Tramlines next year...
  3. Permanent deal. Left back/left wing-back/Left-sided centre-back. Not a done deal but we're one of a few League One/League Two teams interested.
  4. Dawson Galvin Iorfa Brown Hunt Byers Bakinson A. Hunt James Sow Paterson
  5. He was our player of the season in 2019/20 in the Championship. If he can get back to his prime, Iorfa is an excellent centre-back. He needs game time to get back to his prime and possibly maybe a bit of time out of the starting lineup if he doesn't improve fast enough.
  6. What do we make of this lad this season? Do we think he will play regularly or squad player and where should he play? Do you think we should let him leave? I have always admired his effort and desire, but I struggle to see where he fits.
  7. Think he will end up as first-choice by the end of the season.
  8. League Position: 4th Top Scorer: Smith Player of the Season: Windass Surprise Player: Dawson New Player: Smith
  9. Okay the reason that it is objective is because I doubt there were any players who lost possession more than Dennis on the pitch, I would suggest his pass accuracy would be one of the lowest on the pitch, and I know for a fact he was less involved in our attacking movements than any of our other midfielder and he made fewer tackles than FDB (despite having roughly three times the minutes)
  10. I don't mind Dennis. But, objectively, he didn't play well today. And more generally speaking: He lacks the technical prowess of Byers and Baz. He is weaker physically than FDB. I'm not sure precisely what he excells at. But he is a decent all-rounder who can play a good part as a squad player this year.
  11. Yes think it will be, Fizz - Baz - Byers. As it stands.
  12. Politely disagree. Thought he was frequently caught sluggish and slow in possession, often dispossessed and rarely contributed massively defensively. Fizz did everything Adeniran tried to do, but better.
  13. I'll start: Stockdale 7 Iorfa 8 Heneghan 9 Famewo 7 Hunt 6 Johnson 6 Baz 7 Vaulks 6 Adeniran 5 Windass 7 Gregory 5 Bench: Dawson 6 Pato 5 Sow 6 Byers 6 Palmer 6 FDB 8 Brown N/A James N/A Alex Hunt N/A
  14. They are playing today against Salernitana from Serie A - so I wouldn't expect a full strength team tomorrow
  15. Clearly fake, no Turkish personality called Alp Ozturk
  16. I feel like the away is very close to the concept I designed a while ago
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