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  1. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Dean Gibson Bannan Luongo Byers Windass Gregory Yates Easily best 11 in the div next year. Then just get some decent reserves (Tucker, Anderson) along with Adeniran, Mendez-Laing, Hunt...
  2. If Yates is available, we should throw everything at Blackpool. Would get at least 20 goals. We would win the title. Him, Windass, Gregory front three
  3. Taylor will not be leaving Posh. Cracking player though but Posh will feel they can have a push for autos after their relatively good end to the season, and still boasting Clarke-Harris, Taylor, Szmodics and a couple of decent young centre-halves.
  4. Young players can be inconsistent. Moore probably felt with Hutchinson/Adeniran/Paterson that he had enough cover in midfield and preferred an extra more experienced body in attack in Kamberi. Still, I would've picked FDB.
  5. Yes. Paixao also signed Dom Iorfa, Pelupessy and Andre Greene
  6. Sow and Kamberi were Paixao signings... We tried to sign them both the previous January.
  7. Matt Butcher and/or Joe Rothwell would be great. Simarlarly, with Ryan Broom but expect he'll be off to Plymouth
  8. Does Windass fit the 3-5-2? Not really...
  9. Released by Preston, would add pace and add to the wide areas (which we are fairly lacking) Yes wrong side of 25... But would be a great signing on a free at this level
  10. So the squad for this year was: BPF (keep if possible), Dawson (keep), Wildsmith (release) Palmer (keep), Hunt (keep) Storey (keep if possible), Dean (keep if possible), Iorfa (keep), Hutchinson (keep), Dunkley (release), Brennan (loan), Gibson (don't get back) Johnson (keep), Brown (sell/release) Bannan (keep), Byers (keep), Luongo (keep), FDB (keep), Adeniran (keep), Alex Hunt (loan) Shodipo (don't get back), NML (keep), Windass (keep) Paterson (keep), Sow (sell/release), Kamberi (don't get back), Gregory (keep), John-Jules (would be tempted to get him back), Berahino (release)
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