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  1. Can't wait to be going back to the match wearing one of these bad boys https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/THAT-S-THE-SOUND-OF-DA-PULIS-Tony-Pulis-Sheffield-Wednesday-by-JamesTunney/62407650.NL9AC
  2. Seen a couple of things online about him potentially being a target, think this would be a good appointment imo? (Still rather have Pearson, Wagner and Cook though)
  3. You think Nigel Clough would turn us down? If these aren't options, who is? I know we're not exactly Man City, but if Nigel Clough and Richie Wellens are turning us down then we are probably in League One already
  4. Although, some would say that Paul Cook is quite unrealistic
  5. Yeah forgot Cook, unfortunately can't seem to find a way to edit the poll now?
  6. Which of those names (bar maybe Pulis and Pearson) are unrealistic?
  7. Honestly, I think he's back to his best and imo a fit and firing Reach goes into any side in this division.
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