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  1. Hi son, I've got you a gift here it is... What do you mean you don't want your SWFC tape measure? Okay, how about this? It's a SWFC "Long-armed monkey"! No? Not keen?! Okay, final straw, I'm sure you'll love this ...
  2. Don't worry, not to jinx it but Football League World know absolutely zero. Fraud of a publication
  3. And Coventry and Birmingham will both be looking nervously over their shoulder. Yes, performances have not been good enough at all this season, but let's not lose all hope yet. There's still 13 games left and, although some players look uninterested, the majority have to fight for future careers in football, whether their future lies with us or not. It has not been good enough, but try and get behind the team and keep sending support wherever possible. It's far from over yet
  4. Not sure, 14/15 Blackpool and 16/17 Rotherham were both simply tragic sides. However bad our lot may be, they're world-beaters compared to those teams, so I reckon maybe one of those also had a similar comeback record.
  5. Yes, it's early days for Darren, but I think it's interesting to see people's opinion on this
  6. FT - 1-1 Why are our games always draws in recent years? Hopefully, we can have a senior derby next season if Moore can work his magic.
  7. Our club should be very keen on covering our academy more - the u18s won the last PDL that completed (2018/19), while the u23s won a title very recently (PDL North 2017/18). It baffles me why they do not cover it more. I, and many others I am sure, would happily volunteer
  8. Imagine reacting to a reserve goal like this. Embarrasing
  9. WIldsmith Palmer - Borner - Lees - Penney Hutchinson - Bannan Harris - Windass - Reach Paterson
  10. The camera man couldn't deal with my baseball cap so naturally I had to refuse
  11. Great appointment imo. For once, we poach one from another side rather than getting an unemployed manager whose failed elsewhere. Has experience of League One as well if necessary
  12. Definitely. I think he's a very good player on his day (carried the team for two years straight in 17/18 and 18/19) but get the vibe he'd always rather be doing something else - football is his career, not his passion. Not a critism, just an observation.
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