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  1. Byrne May be a good player in those league but he if he can’t make it at Oldham what hope has he got here?
  2. I don’t know how the defence can be adequate without a left-back
  3. I always wanted Rhodes to succeed (more than most players) but unfortunately when given the chances he hasn’t came up with the goods as often as we would have liked. The strange thing is that when he scores one, he looks invincible and usually scores another (ie Brace against Millwall, hat trick vs Forest). If we did get relegated I would certainly keep him, and depending on contracts I would consider keeping him again for next season and attempting to rejuvenate him a little.
  4. He actually scored one for us against Villa as well.
  5. I disagree with your point about Dawson. I think he is a player with significant potential, and if we show faith and allow him to gain match experience and develop, will easily surpass Westwood’s ability at his peak. Also, Westwood has gotten worse and worse every season for the last 3 years. I doubt Westwood will be the keeper you’re looking for come August.
  6. For any particular reason? Yes sometimes quality is in short supply but was part of a promotion team
  7. Tbf Stobbs, Kirby and Penney were this season. But I agree we still need to do it with more players, despite the improvement.
  8. All three of these, contracts are expiring at the end of the season, which would you renew and why? my take: Hunt: looks most promising of the 3 and, alongside Ozaze and Penney, looks the most promising academy product currently (excluding Dawson and Wildsmith). Sign him up Borukov: previous touted to be a future first team player, however development looks to have stunted slightly. I’m torn. Preston: played more minutes that both of the other two, but I have the feeling he needs a loan move or too to get some experience, however I’m not sure he has the potential to play at this level. Keep if we get relegated, otherwise release.
  9. Almen Abdi had tons of potential, Melo effectively better than Vieira already, Sougou will be next Gareth Bale
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