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  1. We are doomed. Fingers crossed that the mini pigs are joining us.
  2. We must have different hearing ears because he comes across very well. Perhaps you prefer listening to the "speaking" bull....it of previous managers.
  3. Patterson spent most of the first half falling over after minimal contact.
  4. I saw Ron Atkinson in Morrisons today by the fresh fish section. Maybe he is coming back
  5. Yes that annoyed me too, never in a month of Sundays were either of those incidents penalties. But then afterwards i thought do i really care what those 3 numpties think. I thought it was a cracking performance by our team decimated by injuries.
  6. The word that comes to mind to sum up this horrible little man is trailer trash. A truly obnoxious character who talks in very strange dialect. Previous managers of this horrible club had much more class than this fool.
  7. Wish a lie detector could be introduced on this site to assess how many people on it are actually grunters in disguise ?
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