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  1. Look at the table. If you happy with losing at home to Luton when every point is so valuable. I don't get it
  2. Its strange how we remember things differently over the years. After all the dissatisfaction and todays performance anyone can be forgiven with getting things a little out from reality
  3. I'd probably take Peter eustace over monk at moment. We all thought jos was bad. Jos got much more with a lot less than monk has had. Its not working what ever he doing. If monk not busting a blood vessel after losing to Luton its just not going to work.
  4. We miss them because monk will not change the formation to suit the players available. This formation is only just feasible with a fully fit squad. When the players available are fewer monk carries on regardless with 3 5 2. Does it work with a fully fit squad. I not convinced. I am convinced now that if Luton can beat us relatively easily and Brentford outclass us. We in for a bad season.
  5. There is always different ways to look at things. Fact is gm is not getting results. Yes we should have won against qpr and probably would have if we didn't have the injuries. But what about the 70% of other games we haven't won.
  6. I don't know how you come to this conclusion. Taking all of gm swfc games as manager we win 30 % of them. Over this season with 12 points deducted we are a cert for relegation if there is no drastic improvement quickly. If you basing your prediction on first few league games how do you find us to be on track. Perhaps the performances have been better than results. Still hardly given me enough confidence for a comfortable season. I wish it had. Please let me know what track are you on
  7. Just found the winning percentage stats Jl 33.3 % Gm 31.4 % Monk has 2 % less wins than jos. Jos was unable to sign players and had a injured squad in a poor league position. This is very disappointing and worrying in our current situation
  8. The stats highlight our problems clearly. With consideration of the stats and from also watching the performances it's obvious that we are under performing and not getting the best from anyone in the team. We have a few players who the team needs to be built around. Iorfa is a fantastic athlete. Quick and strong. Luongu is a midfielder with experience and ability to work hard and stop opposition midfielders taking control. Brown can find those runs with his vision and passing abilities. Harris is super quick and a player who if playing against us would cause
  9. I perhaps could have chosen a better word. You got to admit he not a player who is adapt at buzzing all around the pitch. He not the quickest. He is a player who has something to offer to the team. But LWB is not where we are going to see his best. I can't find the exact word but he is more likely to use his energy for creating possession and attacks than chasing opposition and man marking. His engine is a good when he can dictate the play than his engine when it's being dictated to him. This is not the attributes required for a wing back. I like reach. He is being wasted atm. The skills
  10. In hind sight the pellupessy sub probably cost us the win. You right. Seems a needless substitution.
  11. Reach was put on right as qpr had no left winger fir him to defend against. Reach no good against a tricky winger. He to slow, and has no defensive sense and cannot tackle. He also has not got the engine to track up and down the pitch. To get the best from reach he needs little or no defensive responsibility
  12. It's all about a balanced team. Every player has strengths and weaknesses. What we need is a stable squad and system that plays to JVA and everyones strengths. Without JVA we rely on bannan far to much for the transition to the forward players. This makes it to easy for teams to break up our play. Iorfa and Lees are very capable of making up for the defensive skills JVA is not the best at atm. If anyone has written off any of our younger players. They should always remember how fox was once a player who looked like he was never going to be a football player. He was totally different in h
  13. Totally agree. Always have. Our chairman is doing all he can to get the club back to the big time. With hindsight he made some mistakes. But for the right reasons. I hate reading people slating him. He deserves respect. If we are in this together then it starts at the very top. Just because he has made a decision that you may not agree with does not mean that he is not doing his best for our club
  14. Nice guy and a rare type of football player who has never stopped putting himself in the line of fire even when he was getting stick from supporters. Scored some great goals and important goals. Never moaned about being subbed or dropped. I would have kept him for another season. He is a handful that some defenders find difficult to stop. Spent hardly any time injured. We never had the players to play the game style that would have suited atdhe better. If he was born 20 years earlier he could have been massive. Reminded me of kerry Dixon. If you think I exaggerating remember Brian deane got a
  15. Omg reach can't tackle. He is not and never been a left back. It is so obvious reach is a poor tackler and has poor defensive skills. Penny is the best man and can only improve with experience. Reach best position is between the forwards and midfield with a free reign to give the opposition someone to mark and hopefully give our wing backs a little support and space for them.
  16. He should try winning a few games. All the rest is bull. He just clutching at straws to try and hold on to his job. The results since Xmas have been shocking to say the least. Can't think of anything positive he has done for us. The team is spineless. Disorganised. Unmotivated. Boring and never looks like winning even when we have been in front (rarely). We need a much better manager if we ever going to get out of this division. With monk I expect more likely to be relegation than promotion.
  17. Decent is nothing special. Surely you not defending the manager. Your point makes no sense as he has had enough time to get a better squad anyway
  18. This is half the problem. Wimbledon had a squad worth nothing and won the fa Cup with it. Regardless of value performance is down to motivation and tactics. We could have best players in world. We would still lose with monk
  19. Anyone could get more points from these players than monk has. What's the value got to do with the crap management
  20. Three at the back is the managers decision. He not been forced into it. Everyone else can see its not working. The managers excuses are as bad as his formations and tactical knowledge. Time to go
  21. Surely this is his coffin nailed shut. Concentration in last 10 minutes. The first 20 we should have been 3 down. Monk was not concentrating with that answer. His formation and tactics from the start was rubbish. Then to stay with it after 3 chances Preston wasted is unbelievable. Then to be lucky to be 1 up he still carries on with the same. We never looked like winning. I was optimistic hoping for a draw even at 1 up. The squad is a decent squad. A good manager could get more out of lesser players. Anyone who saying it's not monks fault is fooling themselves.
  22. We may have not got the best players in the championship. What we have got is a lot better than what monk is getting from them. Will the people saying its not monks fault explain how many points are won in the board room. Does the chairman stick with the same formation after 15 minutes when Preston missed 3 easy chances. How can anyone not see that a 3 man midfield is not working when a team is walking through the middle of us so easily. Then we find ourselves 1 nill up and still carries on with tactics that are obviously not working. Monk plays 2 wingers who rarely have a ch
  23. 1st paragraph says it all. Could not agree more. Anyone who is ill or has a family member ill no matter who they support have far greater worries. THESE clubs should be Instead of putting money into lawyers pockets could be helping the local community and oap and vulnerable people instead. Football is to money orientated and the selfishness is highlighted in times like this.
  24. What a f ing joke this post is. Lets blame the only guy who has zero input on tactics and training and skill. Seriously. Are you having a laugh. Something is very wrong at swfc atm. But its least down to the chair. Honestly wtf
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