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  1. Sheffield is a average size city and has 2 clubs. Sunderland has only 1 team. If anyone could do the stats for population of city to number of supporters for both home and away games. Sheffield must be up there with the highest number of fans attending games per total city population. Manchester and Liverpool have 2 big clubs and are probably in top spot. I would be interested to see where London is in those stats. They have a lot of clubs in all divisions but have a very large population.
  2. Ha ha ha. Yeah a well proven manager.
  3. I fed up of reading that DM is not the man for us. After some of the useless managers we have had recently DM has taken the biggest steps in repairing our club. Nothing happens as quickly as supporters want it to. What DM has done in just 1 season is brilliant. He needs to build on this and get us automatic promotion next season. We have done better than expected this season.
  4. Would anyone want Leam Richardson as manager instead
  5. Just said same thing on another thread. Luongo could be replaced quite easily with fdb
  6. Disagree totally. This season was supposed to be consolidation. Its been a good foundation for a team next season to get the title of this division
  7. Dunkley, iorfa can't be relied upon to be fit for a whole season. I looking forward to seeing who DM brings in now he should be able to spend more money and have more backing after this season. When the dust settled it will be obvious that influential players being injured for to many games has cost us an automatic promotion place
  8. I don't care who goes. If DM does what he did last pre season with signing players then we will only see better players replacing the players leaving. Injuries have cost us an automatic promotion place. DM needs fit, young, athletic players. Not players only available for half the season. Replacing Hutchinson will be difficult. He has stayed fit most of the season. Fdb could do luongo job for the team. I think that role suits him perfectly.
  9. I was at millennium stadium too against Hartlepool. Don't think that it is anywhere near the feeling of winning a cup at Wembley
  10. Yeah it's hard for the younger fans. I was there in 91 and yes it was real. I would never have guessed that in 30 years we have won nothing else. It was an amazing experience. Yhe whole cup run in 91 and 93 was very special. When Sheridan hit the back of the net every fan knew that we had won. It was brilliant. I still enjoy watching 91 on YouTube. It's a great pick me up tonic
  11. We also have to contend with biased referees and the general footballing media, league, fa and everyone else who for some strange reason has it in for us.
  12. It makes it all the more sweeter when we do eventually win something. Next season. Automatic if not champions of league 1. Nailed on
  13. That's right. Blame the guy who has put together the best team in years. After manager after manager had nade a mess of our club. Your a wally
  14. You far to intelligent and level headed compared to the average fan. I think that supporters should think about if we didn't have all the injuries to important players for a large part of the season. We would have been in the automatics easily.
  15. Palmer mom 7 6 for everyone else. We can play so much better than that. But Sunderland still needed a gift to score against us. So out of character for Hutchison. He was our best player up to that point. The first go at Hillsborough is crucial. If we don't score it then we can probably kiss goodbye to Wembley for this season. If we score first then it is going to be amazing at Hillsborough and Sunderland will really be up against it. We need an early goal for us. They are used to playing in front of large crowds. But not when a big prize is at stake. We very much capable of beating Sunderland. Think that keeping a clean sheet is going to be the key.
  16. She very proud of how she looked. Just goes to show these things can happen to anyone. She wants to go. Not everyone can afford to go to games. Just trying to do something nice for her.
  17. Can't think of a better excuse to not watch it. Have a great day. Post a picture or pm it if you shy
  18. Just thought that to thank anyone who's read the post. I will show you a picture of her 12 years ago before she got ill.
  19. Probably wrong section. Apologies in advance. My missus is dying at home with copd. She was given hours possibly a day to live on sunday 17th April. She has defied the experts and miraculously improved very slightly. I'm her husband and not been able to work last 10 years as I have cared for her full time. So although I am a mad Wednesdayite I not been able to get to any games. She's wrote a bucket list of some things she wants to do before she passes and one of them is to go to a Wednesday match with me. I've set up a crowd fundraiser so if we get enough cash in I will hopefully take her to a playoff match or even Portsmouth game if things go well. I would love to be able to take her to Wembley for a play off final but lots of things that I have little or no control over would have to go right for us for this to happen. There is some other stuff not related to Wednesday that she would love to do aswell. Here is the link if anyone from the Wednesday family wants to help her out. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lyndsey-makey-2/story UTO.
  20. Didn't see it too busy celebrating myself. Scared dog to death.
  21. You are surprisingly right. I never expected patto to play as well with Gregory. But he did.
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