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  1. Oxford played like it was a cup final. Wednesday didn't play bad. Injuries to players through out season and lack of ch atm is going to prove to be very costly
  2. This an easy one for me. In the away end at forest. Very drunk Wednesday score and in the celebrations my pie got knocked out of my hands. Not thinking straight in my alcohol fuelled hunger. I proceeded to get on all fours while the surrounding fans are deliriously jumping up and down to search for my precious pie. I found it and proceeded to eat it none the wiser of what an idiot I must have looked.
  3. You showing your age. Only people over 45 ish will understand. Your life of Brian quote.
  4. Looks good to me. So DM will turn it upside down and then drop theo
  5. He was average compared to the rest of the talent we had in the squad. Compared with today's team he would be a class and more above. Made far too many mistakes. Was bailed out many a time by better players around him. Unfortunately he was signed around the time we started to decline and sold our better players for next to nothing and replaced them with players nothing like the quality we had sold. Looking back the writing was on the wall. If you look at all the players we signed after none was good enough to improve on previous seasons. Likeable guy and honest player who always put 100 % in. Wasn't as good as Pearson Anderson Palmer etc
  6. 1 game in hand and 6 points off a play off position is not time to start looking at new managers unnecessarily.
  7. If we need a new manager. We can do much better than Neil. Sunderland was a terrible result. But upto Sunderland we was the team with longest league unbeaten run in England. The team obviously has not coped well with all the disruption with covid and postponed games etc. We are all seeing strange team selections (Theo etc) and I starting to get concerned about this. But we still along way from wanting a replacement manager. Rotherham position should be a confidence booster to show what can be done. Hopefully Sunderland will be the kick in the back side the players needed to get themselves into the right direction to get a decent winning run together.
  8. Should say playing better than other options in his position. I can't edit
  9. It cannot be this simple. We only get a small amount of the actual things that are going on at the club. Surely based on appearances in 1st team alone. Theo would be the 1st name on the team sheet. The fact that he is not is mind boggling to us that only see match days. I / we can only guess what or why DM has reservations about him. The reason must be quite big as most managers would over look most things to include a player who obviously so much better than other options at DM disposal. My point is that because Theo seems to us to be always playing by quite a margin but DM is still not picking him. There has to be a reason for this we are just not aware of the reason. If there is no reason and DM cannot see what we can all see in Theo then DM is losing the plot. I nearly 100 % sure DM is still sane. Without a doubt I would love to know why DM is really not playing Theo.
  10. Knowing Wednesday we would get our star striker sent off against an in form German team
  11. It's on until we hear different. As for team news it all depends on who passes the lateral flow covid test in the morning. I hope they are organised enough for no players to be inside social distance rules until passing the test. No point in announcing any team news until the club know who is or isn't available. Sometimes Wednesday can't do right for trying with some supporters. Surely it's pretty obvious that there is circumstances totally out of their control that are causing delays in getting team news released as early as we would like. I would much rather have correct team news late than incorrect team news early. I can't see how any other clubs are doing anything differently in these strange times we currently find ourselves in.
  12. Judging by the last sentence poor English may be another similarity
  13. DC varies between a tactical genius and a incompetent fool depending on what conspiracy theory is currently circulating. He actually somewhere on the middle. The season ticket idea was a idea to try and save some diehard fans some money. Unfortunately it could have been marketed better and tweaked to be better for both club and fans. There is a definite cultural difference between DC and swfc fans and as time goes by it is becoming more obvious not less. I think the main similarity between DC culture and swfc Yorkshire "culture" {lol} is a is stubbornness.
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