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  1. I know it is not that we are more disliked than any other club or are more disliked now than we used to be. Its down to the plain and simple fact that social media gives everyone a voice. Mixed in with society obsession with kicking people when they are down. The proof of this is how the younger generation sees stabbing you in the back fair game rather than a fair fight. Maybe I would be the same if I played video games from 8 years old that show in such graphic detail stabbing and slashing people with the only come back of game over press restart.
  2. Do you think man utd would be anywhere near the team they are now with that attitude. Has your hire and fire method worked well for any other team. How's it working for us so far. Even the best management has taken time to get results. Alex Ferguson, arsene wenger spring to mind. DM is inheriting a poor unbalanced squad that most players are now out of contract. Such dramatic change in a short period of time is going to mean results are probably going to get worse before they get better. Sacking the manager before he can implement the squad he wants is crazy and we will never achieve anything
  3. How many managers do you need to get the message it's nothing that can be sorted out by a quick fix. Basing sacking DM on Derby is ridiculous. Rhodes limped off the pitch for a start. Also DM has been seriously ill for most of his tenure so far. We all know that the squad needs a total rebuild. This is not going to happen overnight. You going to need to be patient. If DM is planning long term his signings will be inexperienced, young and are probably going to need a season to gel. The alternative is to sign older players that will be to old in 3 seasons if we did manage back
  4. Time will tell. Such pessimistic views are not really backed up with any proof. Up until last 2 seasons we been reasonable. 1 season could be seen as a hiccup. 2 seasons consolidation. 3rd season proof of the system is not working. DC has his proof. Only idiots make the same mistake over and over. DC must now realise and has the best proof possible that he does need a ceo, dof and a different approach to chairing the club in to the right direction. I fed up of reading all the looney tunes posted on him. He is inexperienced, has been niave, thought he could manage without important roles being
  5. Been on and that is not the land registry record. It also says nothing about money owed. Just checked the land registry and it says swfc
  6. Do you mean very similar to how your post is. Saying that I actually agree. The fans are just treated like money giving morons who just pay up because they are guilty of nothing more than loving their club
  7. Carlos is like the 2nd hand car salesman you avoid. He has said a lot of things. He wasn't complaining when he got to the playoffs.
  8. Land Registry records show the ground is still registered to the Championship club. Just found this on the stadiumbusiness website
  9. Is the 1st paragraph true. Pls can you verify that this is correct
  10. Even though every time DC or managers have been asked this question the answer has been the total opposite
  11. Haven't we learnt anything from this experience. Money is not the only way to create a team. Even if we had aguiro money players of his status are not going to play in league 1. All the speculation about DC finances is pointless. If we to look at the past his financial backing has been good. Nothing says that things have changed. After a season of zero gate receipts we still standing just. Last time we were in league 1 we had a consolidation season the first season. I see the same happening next season. We need to be patient again and let DM build a squad that is for the future.
  12. Why do you think that his actions are cutting ties with us. Another point of view is he was cementing his ties for the long term. But nobody can argue against the fact it was badly executed and caused the situation what he was trying to avoid by selling the ground in the first place.
  13. A lot is said about DC megalomania. But he must now know that he can still be in control of the club but just needs a management team that is specifically responsible for strategic planning and improvement implementation. We need a full time UK / Sheffield based pr and merchandising set up. A DOF with a team of scouts who travel the world looking for the next Ronaldo at teenage or amateur level. A CEO that keeps on top of the accounts and make sure players are paid on time and weekly updates and reviews taken for a more rapid response to change. The last thing I want is
  14. Trying to be optimistic. Didn't post yesterday on purpose as it was too raw then
  15. If this does not prove to DC that his present setup is a expensive failure that needs major changes nothing will. His advisors have convinced him that we will not get relegated and just like we all knew we have. His statement is honest and I like the way he accepts responsibility for all that has happened. This in itself is a change in management style. Big changes required at a difficult time with covid19 and FFP etc. I hope DM is given complete control and football responsibility for transfers and youth recruitment. May be this is just what we needed to show DC things
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