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  1. Its now obvious to most of us that our injury record must have more to it than just bad luck. Players like FF, KL, LJ and AR playing at their full fitness and potential is key for us competing for a promotion place next season.
  2. A fully fit FF is capable of still offering for us what he did when fully fit 3 years ago. A bit of faith in SB and what he will do to cure our shocking injury record is the key to getting nearly all of the players back to the form they can produce week in week out throughout a season with a run of games behind them. Its far too soon to write FF off. He played most of last season needing a knee operation and then snapped 2 hamstrings. These things take time to get over.
  3. Penalty taking success is 95% confidence and 5% luck. Anyone can hit the target from 12 yards. If you missed any previously it stays in your mind and creates that bit of uncertainty that is enough to make a shot that looks terrible. I was a penalty taker and did not miss for 10 years. Soon as I had one saved all of a sudden the goal looked half the size and feels like 20 yards away. 3 weeks after my first miss the next penalty was at Limb lane in December, wind blowing gusts at 80mph against me. Rain/hail was horizontal. Ball moved when just about to strike it and the wind and my poor strike made sure the ball did not even make it to the net before the wind blew the ball the opposite direction back towards me. Went from scoring 30 penalties on the trot to missing 2 in 3 weeks. The FF misses must have been on his mind against QPR. Nobody misses on purpose. SB knows enough to realise that FF has to be replaced by a new designated penalty taker after QPR miss. Missing a couple of pens does not mean FF is no longer a good footballer. It is his general play that defines this. Admittedly FF has not been at his best this or last season. He not alone. Injuries and fitness are the main reasons for FF and others under par form. SB has said many times that this is our biggest problem and the one he needs to solve ASAP if we are to be genuine promotion candidates. Why anyone would want to sell FF for anything other than his injury record is beyond me. A fully fit FF is easily one of the championships best players capable of scoring goals very few players can. Lets see what SB can achieve with him with a new fitness regime implemented properly pre season and if SB gets it right we will see lots of players back to playing to the standard we know they are capable of next season.
  4. The match emphasised the biggest problem we have had all season. More than likely has cost us a play off spot. Why is it that Lees has average to poor displays when Dawson in the net. The only exception being Bristol city. I cant blame Dawson again and cant for 99 % of the goals we have conceded all season when he been in the net. But the number of saves required from Dawson and the goals we concede are so much more than when Westwood in the net. Westwood has something our defence needs other than just stopping shots. I am struggling to put this entirely down to a difference in CD and KW communication skills. Although I think our defence is very quiet compared to most others. Perhaps the combination of not very vocal set of defenders and CD being quiet is the biggest issue. The stats must be very telling in CD and KW goals conceded. Hopefully Bruce can sort it out as we need 2 good keepers for a promotion.
  5. championi championi championi championi championi championi championi championi championi championi championi championi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thank you all !! Thanks @whitechapel owl for hosting !! Look forward to playing many more LMS on ot. Unlucky for @Peacenocchio. Good game mate !! and my commiserations. See you all next season !!!
  7. Bannan and Iorfa both 9 for me. Went for Iorfa as bannan got a goal and a assist which is enough for him to be happy enough. Iorfa has helped to make us so much stronger at the back and down his flank. He is a bargain already. Hector was close on 8 and Lees defending was solid just let down by his passing. Everyone else 7 apart from reach 6. Not fully fit and lost confidence recently. Good all round performance against a decent side. Special mention for Dawson getting a clean sheet and pulling off a few good saves. His kicking wasn't at his best but confidence will be building up after todays result
  8. Come on Wednesday. Let's close the game up now. No more last gasp come backs
  9. Such a strange feeling wanting pigs to win. Still if Hull beat them. Forgot what I was going to say. Dawson 2 brilliant saves
  10. It's looking good for me so far. Come forest. Ten minutes to go
  11. Whitechapel owl send me a pm with your email address and I will send you an example of an easier way to work this. Save any ops complaining about your data entry skills and lots of your free time.
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