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  1. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    I wish he was playing like he was a couple of seasons ago.
  2. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    It's ok. You have answered mate. Thanks.
  3. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    The captain should be given to a player who with the arm band gives the team more and the player. Can anyone say that giving it to Lees improves him or the team. I don't think he weak willed more of an introvert who needs to be concentrating on his own game only.
  4. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    Best defender or not he a much better player than how he playing recently. I never tried to justify dropping Lees. I asked if thorniley Hector would be worth a try. You still countering arguments that have not been made. If recent results show you that no improvement can be made (incidentally only you have mentioned last 6 games ) then you are very wrong.
  5. hirstys_achilles

    Can you justify?

    No club will be offering 15m for reach. For the fee we would realistically get its not worth selling him. If he is worth 15m we need to keep him.
  6. hirstys_achilles

    Neeskens Kebano

    That makes sense. Possibly gets the best from reach. It is proven we not comfortable with a 5 man defense and we don't have any wing backs at any level.
  7. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    I can see Bruce signing a 30 year old centre half which we will get 1 good season out of. Then be injured on maximum wages for rest of contract.
  8. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    The Dawson witch hunt is embarrassing. Totally undeserved and out of order against one of our own. Giving him the arm band would be a brave decision by a new manager. It won't happen but who knows it could work and help him to communicate with more authority and confidence.
  9. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    I never seen tyro Dawson play centre half. Giving him the arm band as well may be to much while learning to play out field. Seriously. The fall from the grammar high horse.
  10. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    I can't edit it now.
  11. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

  12. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    And again. You actually are funny. I take the comedian comment back. Is that better?
  13. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    Out of interest. Do you think we need another central defender
  14. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    Thank you. Brilliant. Really. Made me chuckle
  15. hirstys_achilles

    Tom Lees

    Read before posting the bloody topic. I never mentioned any other players. In fact you have. Bruce is supposed to be looking for a centre half. The topic is not to slate any player. I think Lees is playing low on confidence and not at his best. If you think he is then fair enough. But don't criticise a topic point that has not been made.