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  1. We are 6 games in Every game we should win Oh no we lost a game We need another new name It's not important how good they have been Just a face that fits into our scene Bullen loyalty taken for granted From owls supporters who just been shafted The referee had forgotten his glasses That DC’s fault just like with the membership passes Only maximum points at this stage will do For all the numpty supporters with the brains of poo. Thank you
  2. I have seen better standard and entertaining football on a ploughed field with 50 mph winds with a minus 5 wind chill factor on a sloped pitch on Limb lane. The amateur refereeing with no linesman is normally of a better standards than the qpr officials. Qpr also beat us at getting around them. When the standard of officiating is that low getting into the refs head is very important and an art. We was as poor at this as we were in our general play
  3. Success comes from repetition, security and confidence. The sum of the team is far greater than individuals. Simplistic is overlooked in football by 99.9%of supporters. Fact is successful teams are in a small minority. Fans expecting amazing wins every game are never going to be happy LB might or might not be able to become a successful manager. People expecting LB or anyone to step in at short notice and make players world beaters with the current financial constraints and short time since LB started need a massive reality check. How many posts on here are centered around we are in a false position as our place is higher than we deserve. Surely the attitude should be we done extremely well to get in this position. The team is able to play to a much higher standard when they have a chance to settle with the other players style and positioning. Bar a couple of individual errors and a terrible referee we could still be unbeaten and not played .1% any better than we have so far. Only certainties in football is every club has its supporters who expect everything to go their way instead of hoping so. So get a grip please people on meltdown. LBis going to be here until either of these things happen 1) things get a lot and i mean a lot worse. 2) a manager with a cv of success with gaining promotion with out a full scale clear out and rethink comes knocking. The likely hood of number 2 is much less than number 1. That's nothing to do with LB ir DC. Its just football atm. We all want success but demanding it from unrealistic expectations is pathetic snd we only just into September. Incredible
  4. Is bullen also to blame for every player having a total stinker. Surely if the players had played well the tactics would have looked much more attractive
  5. When bannan plays well Wednesday play well. You may have highlighted a important issue. We do rely on a player who influence perhaps does not match his ability. The opposition has an easy option of who to stiffle
  6. Totally agree mate. Unfortunately others have also voiced similar comments after today. We will learn much more from the players and managers reaction to the performance today than the 90 mins that lb is being judged on earlier. Some of the comments are absolute joke
  7. I can safely say that with Lees playing today we would have drawn at least. Without him our defence was a completely new unit. With no time to prepare for Lees omission. Bullen already few options became even less. Qpr will beat teams that played better than we have today. Can anyone honestly say we have a group of in form players that are being told to play wrong tactics. No We have a squad with talent that is not settled or comfortable with the position of themselves and others around them. Football fans are not patient people. We have waited a long time for a squad as good and deep as ours is now. We have to give the players with lb in charge more time. Particularly in a teams transition player and management learn more from defeat than victory. They will have learnt a lot about themselves and team mates today. How they all react to the defeat in the future is much more important in assessing lb and the teams ability to be a success. With so many players playing poorly and the poor officialdom and the result being a 1 2 loss against a decent team. The meltdown is definitely as premature as i would be with blond 21 year old 5 foot 8 tall 32 26 34 identical twin of my missus.
  8. Absolutely right. Some clusterf@@ck would be happier if we were in Bolton or Bury situation. How the chairman gets any blame for today performance is symptomatic of some of the brainless comments some of the people who think they know it all now feel that they have all the answers post on here
  9. Fox got fouled and ref awards free kick to qpr on edge of box. Even hutch was on edge with tackles. The ref was so bad
  10. The biggest cluster f##ck is commenting like that.
  11. Bad result, bad performance, bad referee and generally a bad game for all our players. Lees injury, 2 first half bookings not deserved. Qpr Centre half should have been sent off or at least booked for the Fletcher elbow. Qpr had ref in their pockets. Got to feel bad for LB. Today was the last thing he needed to happen. I think he had a plan b but plan c d and e we just don't have enough options for today's situation. Some fans now in meltdown. All with the same comments that LB is to blame or DC. Not a popular opinion but they are the last people to blame. Every single player today bar kw played badly. and the officials were even worse. Qpr are a good side and took advantage of the refereeing better than we did. Pep gaurdiola would not have got us a win today with those circumstances. Some days its just not going to happen. Sorry but not sorry but blaming everyone but the players (who had zero run of the green and not for lack of trying ). Our players marginally performed better than the officials. Frustrated - yes. The easy target is LB. Hopefully thats our bad one out of the way for the season. We still unlucky not to get a point out of such a poor performance against a decent team.
  12. I bet the bookies hate you. Pls can you predict for me who will deliver promotion. Nobody can argue that nobody better than sticking by lb is available. If dc was sure lb is the man he would be offering him a contract. I read plenty of fans with crystal balls who certain that lb is not good enough. But the better option is never mentioned. Rowette, cowley even hughton offer no guarantee of promotion. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. What i do know with out a crystal ball is while a relatively new team is settling in, changing anything is normally the worst possible option. Is it broken - No Can a manager be judged on 1 game - No Is a guaranteed better manager than lb available - No Its obvious that we find ourselves in a situation where the best option is to carry on as we are and lets see what lb and his undoubted passion for our club can do. Is it ideal - No By beginning of December we will have more ideas on what we need to do to progress. Until then lb has my full support. What i can't grasp is why people so certain that they know what the future holds bother to watch the games. They obviously know what the results will be before playing. With a genuine talent for predictions they must be very successful in life.
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