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  1. Give Pelupessy a chance. JL team formations and tactics proved to be difficult for seasoned pros to perform consistently well. Just look at Palmer and Lees improvement in a short space of time. Infact every player seems to be at a higher level under Bruce. Pelupessy has had a few good games for us. He without a doubt a trier and loves it at SWFC. Let Bruce work his magic on Pelupessy. He needs to get some games under his belt and then we can see what a new manager can do for his performances. This has to be a better option than changing a settled defence to accommodate Palmer moving to midfield. I think Pelupessy gets more stick than others of similar performance levels because he should be a much better performer than what he actually achieves. What ever Bruce decides to do if Hutch is injured it will be SWFC best option and I have faith that Bruce will chose the best option. If that means Pelupessy getting a starting slot I will be getting behind him and cheering him on. Not slating him before he even plays !!!
  2. How can you possibly say that he is not able to carry on improving to a point that is at or above the standard required for a promotion team. The attitude of not giving a young player a chance in hell of being able to improve is just ridiculous. All the academy centres and coaching setups would be a total waste of time and effort if you was right. You can not say when he will stop improving as that is something nobody can possibly know. Stop using a young player doing his best as a easy target to ridicule. If the guy only had to worry about his performance and not what people like you say about him his improvement may be quicker. That is much more a certainty than you knowing what level he is capable of achieving. Lazaar was brilliant and my 2nd choice MOM. He was good in u23s derby and hit some terrific shots, crosses and through balls.
  3. its a tough decision either way. I think his wage may be the biggest deciding factor. I am sure other clubs will want him on a free. He will get a better wage probably than we can offer. In the twilight of your career that is a big consideration. It will be KW decision ultimately. He might not want to stay if he thinks he will be battling for the no1 spot. After a year of 2nd team football on a mediocre wage is not a good start position for bargaining in contract negotiations if he planning on another season after the next. Compared to the end of this season where he 1st choice and a high earner which is a much better bargaining position to start from. Actually the deciding factor may have nothing to do with KW. It could be if Bruce thinks CD with Wildsmith as back up is good enough to get us promotion. If he thinks they are then ffp rules are pushing Bruce to let KW go. If not then it would be financially crazy to let KW go and then pay out for a quality keeper so in this case KW contract terms offered will be more favourable. Its a minefield and I dont envy Bruce atm at all.
  4. i agree at the moment. But a few bad performances or baffling team selections can soon change fans perceptions. We are a fickle bunch at times. After JL we may not be as patient as we should be.JL time amounts to a wasted season now. He had the right idea but the wrong way of implementing them. JL and CEO was probably brought in to be the hatchet and take the flack and leave a clean slate with smaller squad and some cash for the next manager to lead us to prem. DC lost his bottle when the team looked like flirting with relegation. Just an idea that would make sense of the short term CEO fiasco which seems baffling from our pov. Bruce has a tough job to do.
  5. Sorry. Only seen him once in the flesh. He scored a few for under 23's and the goals are on youtube. Any goal scorer needs service and we dont have players to do this. After Vardy (and me) being released and turning out to be capable of winning golden boot (or close). We need to give him and others at least a chance. Some players flourish in the 1st team like they could never do in junior and 2nd teams.
  6. you are a brave man james. An opinion such us ours on the God like Westwood is blasphemy. Be prepared for the worshippers trying to point out why you are delusional. But seriously Westwood is a very touchy subject for some. It is now making me think its a bit weird and I possibly missing out on something other than football that he does for them. Bruce has a massive job to get literally blood out of a stone for fans becoming more and more impatient for success. Unfortunately some players are not going to be kept purely because ffp rules are what they are. Not every fan will agree or be happy with some decisions. There is going to be pain before the gain !!! We need to put our faith in Bruce till the end of his tenure. The good times wont come instantly. Unfortunately I think Bruce letting KW go will cause a lot of fans to be unhappy. Thats just one decision. It is becoming clear why Katriene left, Has Bruce taken on Mission Impossible 5. - the mission if you choose to accept it is to sell worthless injury prone and aged players and buy better young athletic players that will get promotion without spending any extra cash in the transfer market and reducing players wages at the same time. I think the KW situation is one of the easier decisions to make in our present situ. The sensible fans realise he not as good as he was. I hope I wrong but I think the managers job at swfc is impossible. I really dont think what we want is acheviable with ffp and our ageing squad its not going to be easy to get us back up in a few seasons. I would be happy all things considered watching some entertaining football. If Bruce can do it may be he could inherit westwoods mantra. Sorry rambling again !!!
  7. NO it was tongue in cheek. But his shooting cant be worse than Fletcher
  8. i agree with your first point. As i think you will agree if Dawson was playing behind the defence now it has some organisation since JL has gone the team would not be shipping two goals a game now. The Pressman comment is ridiculous but is an exaggerated to prove a point. KW may have been the best keeper at swfc. But now I dont think he is. I know a bit about football and when a keeper gets a bit older and less agile the place that it is first noticeable is getting down low to the opposite hand side. To compensate for this his narrows the angle more to his right leaving the far left more exposed. If you watch his positioning you will see the difference from where he stands from shots from leftside to shots from right side. Fact is we need to cut costs. We have 2 good keepers. Westwood will probably want more money than we want to spend in the ffp situation. I dont think its a choice between KW and KL and MH as outfield is totally different. So I dont think you have a valid point there. If we had 2 KL's and 2 MH's then maybe you could but we havent so there no point at all really. Lastly yes my argument is flawed as its an opinion. Just my opinion. Right or wrong its an opinion. The facts are you arguing against an opinion i havent made. I respect your opinion. I dont agree. If its arguments you really want try facebook
  9. Are you actually saying that Fox cant be a good player and his improvement is meaningless because he has played some bad games. ???????
  10. That may be true. But he not as good now as he was and is more injury prone now. I liked Pressman but I would not put him in the net now. If you been watching wednesday since 70's then you will remember lots of keepers as they get older lose form. Westwood is not as agile as he was and is susceptible to low shots on his right hand side.
  11. Borukov. The current team is hardly free scoring. I think the ops point is more for a consolidation season for ffp reasons then go for it with the youth being more experienced for the season after. I think that was Jos plan and it didn't work out to well for him. Fact is no swfc fans are prepared for another season of mediocrity even when it's obvious with ffp this is our better option. Clearly DC can no longer gamble on promotion by disregarding ffp rules. We have wasted a season with Jos who had the right idea but could not implement the strategy properly or to fans liking due to strange team selections etc. We are going to have to accept that Bruce will have to gamble on youth from lower leagues that show lots of potential. That can't be any worse than watching some of the tripe we have seen the last 2 seasons in some (most) games. We are going to have to be patient. Also trust Bruce and DC have a plan that wont instantly work and will take time to come to fruition.
  12. Westwood will be up with the highest wage earners. Would he accept a contract for less or similar money ?? He at the latter stage of his career so would be looking for the best offers. I can't see us trying to match other clubs offers if they wanted him. We have 2 other good keepers on the books. If that was to change by us getting on offer for Wildsmith or Dawson that is good value then Westwood may get a 1 year extension max offered. I think this is very unlikely but possible. All the others wont be offered contracts with us but will find other clubs of division 1 standard or lower. Hooper and Lee are the only ones who if fit would be kept. They are just too injury prone and age is making this more obvious. Lee is my favourite player. I would love to see him play again. I would offer him and Hooper a pay as you play deal. From their point of view it is probably not what they would be looking for. Hooper will probably get other credible offers from other clubs. Lee I cant see any club signing him after nearly 2 seasons out and an injury renown for being difficult near impossible to fix. Retirement has been mentioned which would be a massive shame. Unless they suddenly heal and play till the end of season (highly unlikely) we have unfortunately seen the last of Lee and Hooper in a wednesday strip. I hope Bruce brings in some youth with speed and quality with masses of potential. We need a squad of players who are available 99 to 100% of the time unlike now when majority of the high earners have played less than a handful of games in 2 seasons (and longer) spending most of the time on treatment tables. Our squad is currently far to big with to many players unavailable for selection. This means we are going to see more players leaving than being signed.
  13. Reach would have won if he played 2nd half anywhere near as good as first half. Reading in 2nd half specially first 20 mins really pegged us back. Reach struggles when he needed to chase the game. Hector and Palmer where best today closely followed by Hutch and Thorniley. Palmer gets my MOM vote due to Hector misplacing a few passes in bad positions. Nothing serious just cant think of Palmer losing possession in similar places.Dont know if Lees injured but Thorniley / Hector centre halves partnership looked solid. FF was most disappointing today, he looked very rusty both mentally (poor decision making) and physically (poor 1st touch and a yard off the pace). He needs 3 or 4 games before we may see some of his old self again. 8 for Hector Hutch Thorniley and Palmer, rest 6's apart from FF who a 4 for me.Nuhui didnt get enough time to get a score.
  14. So its a defenders fault we didnt score even though we kept another clean sheet. The biggest improvement in any player in last 6 weeks is Fox by a mile. I was surprised how little we missed Lees. The Hector Thorniley partnership looked solid.
  15. I not seen 10 teams better than us this season if we playing at our best. 3 teams at most have perhaps been a level above to far. So i think mid table is too low. I not saying we are that good but more of the others aint that much better as the standard is pretty average this season
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