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  1. 1st paragraph says it all. Could not agree more. Anyone who is ill or has a family member ill no matter who they support have far greater worries. THESE clubs should be Instead of putting money into lawyers pockets could be helping the local community and oap and vulnerable people instead. Football is to money orientated and the selfishness is highlighted in times like this.
  2. What a f ing joke this post is. Lets blame the only guy who has zero input on tactics and training and skill. Seriously. Are you having a laugh. Something is very wrong at swfc atm. But its least down to the chair. Honestly wtf
  3. It amazes me people still post that social media should not affect players performance on the pitch. The press has is and will continue to publish stories on people who are in or out of the media that have taken their own life due to the fear of social media. The culture of the Internet and social media has a strange affect on perfectly normal everyday people is huge. I was staggered when my wife was in tears for nothing more than a negative feedback on a ebay item that she sold. For some reason which I don't think any one really understands properly. Comments on the Internet have a massive effect on the persons feelings. Some of the stuff that I have read about swfc from so called supporters is embarrassing. We definitely have a our fair share of wallies
  4. He was obviously gutted. I clapped. Not for any other reason than i felt he was unlucky. The referee was again inconsistent. I don't think i have seen as many poor referree decisions in a season as this season. I don't think we was any more likely to win the game with 11 players.
  5. What exactly do you want. What will this achieve. If supporters make decisions for the club we really are in the poo. Wouldn't it be typical for fans to make a stand at the best chance of a game to to totally change the season. Does anyone think that chansiri does not know that this is not working. We all want to change the teams fortunes. Staying away will have zero affect for any positive change. If the reason for our recent run is obvious then a proactive approach may help. But the fact is nobody has the perfect answer to instantly change to winning ways. Unfortunately it is not possible to identify one single reason that a change would instantly work.
  6. Another manager and has the nerve to drop Westwood and Hutchinson. Players and managers disagree about tactics etc all the time. If Westwood and Hutchinson are guilty of this and its the reason why they are not playing then it is the way they have approached the situation. I don't know how anyone can suggest that these players should be guaranteed a place anyway. If they so much better than other players then this is a huge issue that is why we struggling atm. We should be concerned about the players on the pitch as they are all playing below the standard expected. I can't understand why. I am certain Westwood and Hutchinson are not the answer.
  7. Sympathy. What rubbish. The guy deserved an extension. The qualities he has is so lacking in the team currently. Lee is the player who we need fit and playing with confidence more than anything. Monk will be changing his team now after he rightly gave them a chance to put right the Stoke catastrophe. The first 15 mins against Cardiff has proved that he needs to rethink what the team is missing. We definitely light in full backs. We have no pace at centre forward with or without Fletcher playing. Iorfa and palmer dip in form has been alarmingly obvious. Fortunately borner is a capable replacement. Iorfa at right back is probably the best plan b while his confidence and form is poor. We will all be very surprised if the team against hull is the same that started against Cardiff. Lee is our secret weapon for the 2nd half of the season.
  8. His knee has not been right since he played when he was suffering pain under cc. He eventually had it operated on and still it is not right. Its harsh to slag him when the injury is from playing when we needed him for the play offs. I am sure his frustration at his form and pain is why his attitude is being questioned. Control of his emotions and temper has never been his best attribute. Fact is ff will not ever be a squad player. He needs to be fully fit and confident to play his best. He is neither and has not been for a long time. Its time for swfc to be ruthless. The club and results are paramount. He is worth very little but his wages will be better spent on someone else. January he will be on his way. Probably for free. Westwood too. With the wages savings we can get 4 players who can contribute to a promotion push. I think monk is wisely getting Rhodes price up by playing him for money he's earmarked on a quick striker.
  9. Who wasn't on the pitch for last 2 goals. Another thread is pulling monk for taking off our tallest player against a very tall Stoke team. Nobody played well enough at Stoke. But yet again atdhe is the easy target. When teams don't play well the forwards always look the worst as they chasing shadows with no service. We had 2 corners the whole game. Thats not down to 1 or 2 players. Its the whole team who played poorly. Atdhe has a place at swfc. Lots of managers have agreed. If there is any better then they would be picked. Fox now playing to well for the moaners to pick on. I dont know why some people bother watching swfc. Is it only to pick out the easy targets for abuse
  10. Its so good to have the option of either player. Managing to maximise there form and energy is key to getting the most out them both. Hutch is not ever going to be an ever present. The work rate of both is great. Being sensible with hutch is a priority to keep him available for selection
  11. Bannan takes a good corner. The set piece routines are very rarely poor due to bannans corner or accuracy. The movement in an around the box is what creates space for players. It would help if we had other options though. More the merrier. The routine which Palmer is left free for a volley might be more productive with Bannan on the receiving end.
  12. Its funny how many players improve when new deals or transfers are rumoured
  13. Iorfa type meaning young fast and good. Not necessarily a defender just players of his pedigree
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