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  1. Some view football as a wee wee up with friends, cheap beer may attract them to a match, plus drunks usually add to the atmosphere.
  2. Hope things turn around for you soon m8. My parents haven't been able to attend since the home Derby game due to ill-health., even though they got a season ticket. Sometimes its not for a lack of desire why fans cant attend.
  3. True, hope our fans get in every time at the expense of the local glory supporters.
  4. Yup, but alot would be the prawn cocktail brigade who come for the 'experience' or those to watch the away team. For example, had a few m8's who supported Liverpool, never or very rarely went to Anfield, but they got tickets each year in the North in the 90's. I think we have about 25-30k proper fans, and i dont think 40k is realistic.
  5. agreed m8, i got 3-4 friends who support Liverpool and Man Utd and havent even been to a home match after 35 years :D
  6. Fingers crossed he works out, ever since the play-off final I've thought we are too light weight. The balance between brawn and skill is the key.
  7. Plus they won't cost us nowt except wages. Hope Jos makes the best of what he has rather than wasting the owners money.
  8. Would love to see a clip of when he floors that United defender 1 minute after coming on.
  9. True, but to get them to shell out for unattractive games, has to be super cheap imo, and some cheap beer deals wouldnt go amiss. Also, Friday night, I'd never have attended when I was 20-30, as I had my drinking routine intown.
  10. Alot aren't Wednesday supporters for the big games. In the 90's, pretty sure 15-25% in north and south were Man Utd supporters etc. Wembley, about 5 family members got tickets, they haven't been since. Alot of our own who want to go just cant afford it, with beer/travel costs included. Would have to be super cheap to get them to go.
  11. It would have to be £5 if you want to see a real bump in attendance. Plenty of people are seriously struggling, and football is a luxury.
  12. And in comparison, Billy Sharp has been dropped like a bad smell by Wilder, top scorer last season, not even brought on as a sub in the Derby, instead replaced by a player just brought in. Wasn't a talking point at all. Never any chat on any subject that could put Wilder in a negative light.
  13. I enjoy listening to all the RS presenters, and overall I think they do a great job. Just of late, I think they have been skewed against Wednesday a little bit, I don't see why that's such an issue to raise.
  14. I've no problem with criticism, but I think it goes over-the-top when it comes to Wednesday and the opposite for the other local clubs. Yup, I know Giddings is a Halifax fan, but neutrals usually lean to one club or another in 2 club cities, no reason to suspect that isn't the case with out of town journo's. Likewise, some of our own fans are over critical, so I dont see why that can't be the case with a journo who supports us.
  15. Yup, when I said of late, I meant the performances since Jos was appointed.
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