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  1. Johnbloodaxe

    Three quick fixes

    Rest Bannan, abdi / jones in cm, ff on left buckley or matias on right. Lee replaces hunt, pudil keeps place. Hooper Fletcher front 2. Hutch Lees CD. Our strongest starting 11.
  2. Johnbloodaxe

    Psychic Predictions

    I spent a month there too one day...
  3. Johnbloodaxe

    Psychic Predictions

  4. Johnbloodaxe

    Psychic Predictions

  5. Johnbloodaxe

    Psychic Predictions

    7, 16, 29, 37 44, 45
  6. Johnbloodaxe

    Psychic Predictions

    I think your comments to the man \ woman \ TG are tantamount to religious persecution and you should be careful what you say. You wouldn't get away with these comments if you were attacking a Christian or a Buddhist. You are not being very tolerant. You need to be much more understanding of other peoples beliefs.
  7. Johnbloodaxe

    Guess The First Fixture....

    L**ds at home.
  8. Johnbloodaxe

    Get voting for FF

    Quick not a lot of time left. ends at 7.00pm I think
  9. Johnbloodaxe

    Bottle of port

    My favourite drink. Port, Port and brandy or a nice Madeira. All bloody lovely.
  10. Phew buggggery bugger... Great win but hells bells talk about tense.