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  1. Rest Bannan, abdi / jones in cm, ff on left buckley or matias on right. Lee replaces hunt, pudil keeps place. Hooper Fletcher front 2. Hutch Lees CD. Our strongest starting 11.
  2. I think your comments to the man \ woman \ TG are tantamount to religious persecution and you should be careful what you say. You wouldn't get away with these comments if you were attacking a Christian or a Buddhist. You are not being very tolerant. You need to be much more understanding of other peoples beliefs.
  3. Quick not a lot of time left. ends at 7.00pm I think
  4. My favourite drink. Port, Port and brandy or a nice Madeira. All bloody lovely.
  5. Phew buggggery bugger... Great win but hells bells talk about tense.
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