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  1. what we’re reach’s comments??? i haven’t seen anyone post anything yet, be nice if someone could at least link it so we can see what he said and how accurate it is before we castrate him mind.
  2. Quite a few bannan threads to be fair matey
  3. I will give him a tenner Got someone I could do with upsetting would give it to him
  4. I see after having a quick glance he’s now saying he doesn’t know if it’s true.............. so not poo stirring much then who would have guessed a journalist would try and poo stir, especially after a 5-0 defeat. carry on boys jump on the journos band wagon and bay for blood sorry edit. A wannabe journo
  5. im sure someone took over his account. Everything he posted in the past is now being reversed the past few days
  6. I’m not sure if this is true or not or who it is, but who is this guy who says this? Is he involved with the club or a poo stirrer? Be nice to be objective before hanging players out to dry like.
  7. amazing, no rascal knows what he’s said yet and he’s a nob head for saying it.
  8. brian cox.....what an annoying cheeky monkey he is, I wish he wouldn’t just take Christmas off but the rest of his life
  9. wow is it the turn of reach now what the hell was said to warrant another one of our players to get dogs abuse? Comments about what he’s said and no quotes???
  10. also the bigger issues imo are caused because of how banana is playing in this deep role. Well that and the direct football we have decided to play that bypasses the entire strength of skill we have in midfield with reach, bannan and lee and Harris but....
  11. yeah but this is part of what I and apparently a lot of others think is the problem, he wants to take freekicks even deep back in his own half, said it before he’s the over eager school kid who wants the ball 100% of the time. by no means will I ever question his ability, he is a great player but as you say the deep role is no go for him. But for the amount of set pieces he takes I would expect he would get more assists. I don’t think he should take all our corners and freekicks but there you go. keep saying this but I honestly don’t think he trusts the other players which is why he wants the ball and comes deep and why he wants every set piece. I also understand his thinking and partly agree but him doing the above doesn’t help the team and leaves him not doing his own job as effective. let’s not pretend here although he’s shown moments of brilliance this season ( as he always does) I would say this is his worst season so far since we signed him in terms of his match to match consistency. Obv that’s just my view
  12. your skim reading this thread fella, I don’t think anyone is questioning his ability, although the stats you mention I would like to think if I took every throw in freekick and corner for a team I would have a fair few assists too read back though, it’s about where we are playing him or where he is deciding to play if it’s his choice.
  13. imagine how good he would look if he wasn’t sat so deep and in a role that suited him for 90 mins per game
  14. Pretty much every post on here the past two,games are about lee being the most intelligent player we have and what a difference he makes, Then you single him out in this game saying he’s done you just love attention
  15. for some reason it’s my iPad, it is horrific for doing it.
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