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  1. Oooffffff what did I miss? Just got up and it’s gone, death threats, wtf that escalated quickly
  2. Yep it’s a huge step up, they want to get those guys involved by bringing in people they know to sort out the entire digital side of the club, I’m sure they will have good links to good web developers, carry on the good work. by the way does anyone know if it’s internal staff or an agency?
  3. Keep telling you it’s a losing battle, btw how long does it take to make a cuppa and a cake? Think you need classes in cuppa making mate, get a move on
  4. I would pretty much say after 93/94 season the only seasons that have meant anything g are our promotion seasons
  5. It depends what they have been told , would you completely ignore your boss and risk being frozen out or fined etc? Also it’s a big difference between goi g and training yourself to a professional sports conditioning by professionals , which by all accounts it seems we didnt have.
  6. And rightly so, do you think it was coincidence that within a few months 9 first team regulars at Swansea were out injured?
  7. I hope over the next 2/3 months he gets full fitness but it isnt looking likely. Such a shame because he is by far the best player we have.
  8. Even you can’t argue with those stats torres
  9. FF, Hutch, Westwood, lee, lees, bannan, pretty sure Palmer was injured a lot, im sure others are still here, apart from lees which have these have been out for sustained periods since they were allowed to recoup and then given the right fitness training? Brush it aside all you want but none of players were conditioned, the game changed years ago, it’s not like the 90s where players like Hirst Palmer and Sheridan could be out all night pissed and rock up on a Saturday to play out of their skins.
  10. I think it goes to show how out of touch CC was with modern football, his approach to fitness and apparent recklessness towards playing players who had knocks absolutely crippled us not just in his era but for the next 18 months after he was gone, you could argue he pretty much ruined 2 careers with hooper and lee. For all the hate we have for Bruce with our fans he got that side sorted very quickly. And I’m sure it’s one of the few things we can thank Jos for, not actually pushing players who aren’t. Fully fit to play
  11. Ahhh the old negs argument. i take that about as seriously as I take people’s football knowledge on here , with zero creativity. Some peopl heave 10k like from posting memes and making silly comments so I’m not sure that part of your argument is justified. As for you being the site troll, you are, it’s not an argument it’s a fact, you jump in every thread and go against the grain, football related or not, you just enjoy trolling. It really is that simple. As I said before I only argue back with people who insult me , and tbf being called Roland rat and a few other things well before any of my comebacks then....... btw I wasn’t the one quoting idiots.... it was a quote a very well known quote from Phil, but ey ho again it suits your argument..... also so once again I’m going to say I’m leaving this thread , your in full troll mode now, and after I have mentioned about getting back to the reach topic 3 or 4 times each time you have tried to engage me as the poster to try and get more bites. If your going to do it use some humour because otherwise it’s dull. For now now I think I’m blocking you if the options still available because it’s dull watching you troll. Enjoy your day
  12. Yep taking Phils advice, tbh I dont get involved on here much now but every now and again I feel the need to throw out a few stats and comments to stop people making things up not that it ever stops them, they just ignore and carry on changing arguments to suit the rambling. Like you say people disagree and I get that, but some posters just make stuff up to try and back up what they say, and I thought “not today my friend, not today” so in i I rode on my stallion and I jousted the fizz out of it
  13. Sorry lsowls I will make sure I post more memes and stupid comments about how poo our best players are in future and then you can take me more seriously
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