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  1. Apart from 45 mins against Millwall we have played the same defence and midfield for a few games with plenty of clean sheets including against Millwall, how is that poor? Pour defence and midfield today was the worst I have seen us in years, but to say that about them over the past few games is just crazy. Bat poo crazy.
  2. 2roland2

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    Obv wasn’t talking about subs. They didn’t really get lomg enough. The starting 11 were disgraceful
  3. 2roland2

    We've not replaced Wallace

    Not got a problem mentioning g not replacing Wallace, but people keep singling out Boyd, he was actually the only player who put a couple of decent balls in the box today. That said he was equally as tug as every other man on the field in a blue shirt
  4. Infact I will go one further. If our defence performed like that at Millwall they would have certainly scored at least two or three. Luckily they didn’t.
  5. 2roland2

    Man of the match - Rotherham (A)

    After defending our team midweek, I can’t give a man of the match today, it was like they turned up and had never met each other. Wouldn’t give anyone a rating above 1 today.
  6. Super defensive for 45 mins? No we just setup wrong and trust me our defence today performed not even in the same universe as they did at Millwall. The defence was solid at Millwall as they were in previous games. If you watched the Millwall game and the game today you wouldn’t even dream of saying it was the simular performance.
  7. Hold on we have had the same four midfielders against Wigan, Ipswich, Reading , Millwall (45 mins with pellupissy ) and Rotherham. I think you might be a bit drunk????
  8. It only changed for half a match how is that change?????? that midfield is the same midfield for the last few games and we have been solid, so what was the difference apart from the first 45 mins at Millwall the last four games are the same as this. Like I said am I in a different universe? Serious question because I don’t see what you are saying, how can the same players and same formation be a more attacking line up????
  9. How was the line up different? It wa the same midfield exactly hutch, bannan , reach and Boyd. Been pretty consistent apart from half a match where pellupissey played. Am am I missing something???? and that aside every p layer on the pitch played worse than I have seen in years.
  10. Apart from not turning up at all, any of the players today we did nothing tactically different line up wise. The players not turning up for the game today makes no difference to your statements
  11. Cripples? Ok yes we will have to disagree , if we went on your scenarios anyone who has a lomg term injury would be on the dump pile of footballers, you wouldn’t be able to move for them.
  12. There is still 4 months for them to get fit and you have wrote them off, yep they might not be the same who knows, but a lot of players come back and are just as good, they still have four months to prove that , yet your fuckimg them off before they try kicking a ball again when we are likely to be under embargo come summer.
  13. To be fair that’s mainly because we are hoping they get fit again and without a doubt they (we’re) and hopefully still are the best players we have in our squad.
  14. 2roland2

    Big Hec

    He’s been like a rock the last few games but I mentioned and I’m not messing he looked pissed up today. Bizzare
  15. Absolutley mad goal but let’s be honest not one player deserves a higher rating than 1. That is is the worst performance I have seen in years, it looked like we just turned up and the players had never met before. God awful