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  1. you know what I will leave it here and let the mods deal with it. Deejay asked politely earlier in the thread to stop abusive posts and stick to posts not posters. You are still carrying on. You just can’t help it, same with sij, I have asked politely several times but yet again you both continue to niggle away for no reason.
  2. ffs just give it a rest and be civil I disagreed with the line you were taking. That’s it. I then came back on after doing something else and answered. there really is something wrong on here. Is it really that hard to not be civil ?
  3. Ofc you didn’t....... if you can’t be civil the. Ignore me it’s simple. Absolutely no need for it.
  4. So I answered you, just because I didn’t answer instantly ffs. I do have other things to do you know.....are we really goi g to get into another conversation about disagree buttons? I press that button if I don’t agree with something. I hit the green agree button if I agree. is that really why you are being like you are? Never seen anything like it.
  5. Go back I answered your question. Which by the way I didn’t have too. and Ofc you did mean me. But whatever...... just be civil it isn’t that hard is it? The easy thing to do is not aim poo comments at people in general.
  6. I answered your question in a civil manor. Then for no reason whatsoever in a conversation I’m not part of you called me dopey. what’s the need for it???
  7. another one who can’t help not being civil. I answered all your questions and I was civil about it, no abuse not name calling why do people feel the need to constantly do this on this site? Do you find it this hard to be civil in person or is it just online? I’m struggling to understand why people need to be like it
  8. It seems to me from your points you are saying he’s hired someone to make him look favourable Infact no you have said that, that’s your view I’m not even pulling you down for that by the way ( not sure why you think he would but) if that’s the case and he’s done that he would only do that if he had done something g that was bad to have to make it look favourable. Or why would he give a fizz? Surely he would just sit their and take his money??? if he has indeed done more wrong then this statement could make people come out defensive which would just stoke more of a fire.....
  9. this is my point. It’s just wild rumours again. as I said in my previous post, imo if he his back covering it’s the weirdest way in the world if he did that. He’s leaving g himself open to a barrage.
  10. that’s a big assumption yet again though. Made for pr reasons? If I was being sceptical I would argue him doing this if he’s done something wrong opens himself up to a war chest of backlash from fellow players staff and the club and fans. so for me if he had done something out of order I think he would just keep quiet.
  11. Again. Why can’t people just type without having digs or abusing? just type out a response and be civil. It isn’t hard........
  12. pure semantics. what you are doing is trying to make it sound vague. Anyone with any common sense can see that means monks decision was to not play him and play dawson, it coincides with the fact westwood isNot playing. Answer a question for once rather than sending it around in circles. considering he has said he accepts monks decision ( if you think he’s vague and you think it’s something else explain your interpretation) and they haven’t had a falling out over that ( which is clearly to not have him in the squad because he isn’t ( but again if you do t think that expl
  13. such semantics. We all know what he meant. And so do you.
  14. wow the semantics on this site with the same posters everytime...... he says monk made a decision and he accepted it. ( I think it’s safe to say considering he hasn’t played that his decision was to not play him. so my point is and was...... that he’s made it clear monk didn’t want to play him. I didn’t say it was a clear reason as to why monk came to that decision did i? Or have I typed something g whilst half asleep???? I also said he continues to explain there was no fall outs or afters. Which goes against the very strong tide of rumour mongers on the site. then gu
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