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  1. And that’s the worst argument that’s used on here. Why give a fizz about negs and pluses and smiles and poo? tbf you did say you would leave if you were wrong, yet your here arguing with folk taking the Mick. your giving even more ammo now
  2. Mate, you told people to throw money at it, I laughed because I’m not stupid enough to do that but if you are goi g to tell people a certainty for betting then your going to need to suck it up. Im sure people off line if you told them the same and they chucked money on they would take the wee wee and give you some hammer too. Thats life, it’s not like they are targeting you for having an opinion. I said in your thread at the time if anyone is stupid stupid enough to throw mo ey on a bet that someone chucks on here then more fool them, I stick to that, but you are goi g to get grief.
  3. Is it just me who thinks his impressions are very average? there ok but it’s like listening to a bloke in the pub who’s a bit funny. Certainly not worthy of the attention he gets imo
  4. What do you expect from a fan base that even did the same to John Sheridan. Some of our fans are just not blessed with many brain cells I guess.
  5. Yes he was, he twice in the first half. It’s pathetic
  6. You know what our fan base staggers me sometimes, boo him pre match, boo him when he was on the ball. everyone knows he’s our third choice left back, he’ll I have stated enough times pre new signings he was our biggest weakness but ffs our fickle fans can’t even acknowledge a player having a good game because of pre judging. I don't post on here nearly as much as much as I used too because it’s like reading school kids comments. You can can see where the boos In The crowd came from tonight judging on this thread. Pathetic.
  7. Wasting your time mate, Fox didn’t knock the ball out with a misplaced pass at all but ........ you know
  8. Some people are still trying to find scapegoats, it staggers me sometimes.
  9. Another cracking post with immense insight bravo sir bravo
  10. I would buy some new glasses if I was you, Fox will not get mom from our fans as long as I have a hole in my backside because most of our fans pre judge everygame he plays. I don’t think he’s even our second choice left back but I’m not silly enough to not acknowledge he had a excellent game
  11. Get on I follow, if you watch it you will retract your comments
  12. He won’t get mom because our fans never give him any respect because of who he is. If it was fair I would snap your hands off but it isn’t. btw. I will say this again. I suggest you watch it again because he wasn’t out of position, he had two stray passes which is less than pretty much the rest of the team, and he didn’t knock the ball straight out either. I will say it again not sure what you watched.
  13. So basically you have no reason then? And again resort to abuse when you can’t make a point. It’s easy to make a point just tell us why he was bad, it isn’t a hard question.
  14. Go and watch the game again. If you can show me those passes I will take it back. Seriously have another look
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