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  1. Not sure that our great support has made even a ounce of difference so far this season so very much doubt people shutting up and going and cheering and clapping Saturday is going to make too much of a difference to this total clusterfuck of a club, season, chairman, staff and players. Stopping moaning whilst we carry on wi5 5is level of ineptness on and off the field is probably going to do us much more damage than good tbh. People need to be be held accountable before we drop further
  2. 2roland2


    Like we the fans will ever see that, as far as we know 200 might have completed the survey. Only 500 might have opened the email. Get the stats out and if the fans have truly spoken in mass then fair play but dealing in mailshots for the majority of the business I work in I will pretty much guarantee it’s a low total response which is why we have have published percentages rather than real actual meaningful numbers. That said anyone thinking we would drop prices wants their bumps feeling, even if 40k fans said cheaper prices it wouldn’t have happened.
  3. 2roland2


    here you go why don't the police give the ones who want to scrap some land for a couple of hours. If they want to fight let them out of the way, I bet half of them wouldn't turn up to something organised and fair like this though.
  4. 2roland2

    Biggest thing- Aggression

    Although I was happy with the aggression levels the biggest thing for me was actually looking organised, for once our players seemed to know their jobs and stood to them, that's something we haven't seen for an age. Well that and a committed performance for a full 90 minutes I was starting to think under Carlos the rules had changed and a match wasn't 90 mins anymore.
  5. 2roland2

    Jordan Rhodes..

    He is bang out of form, we haven't played to his strengths, Infact quite honestly for 18 months we haven't played to any of our players strengths. I will I'll make a prediction, once jos starts to get his ideas across and we get some of our creative players back and a couple of additions to the squad you will see a 20 goal a season striker again. It would seem from from last night that jos likes to use width or at least I hope so and it wasn't a one off, if we get a couple of decent wide players in he will score plenty.
  6. 2roland2

    Pudils Instagram story

    Red and white cans ffs he had a great game and deserves the beer
  7. Ffs , have a word with your sister, I heard divorce is all the rage nowadays
  8. Laughing but nearly negged you for having a blade mate
  9. 2roland2

    Biggest thing- Aggression

    Wallace is fuckimg brilliant, hopefully he's had the shackles taken off now Carlos has gone, I think you will see the old Ross back now. he gets under people's skin and when he's on it is lik a fly buzzing around everywhere. I hope Jos lets them do what they are good at and gives them the freedom to be the players we know they are.
  10. fair play, wondered wtf you were going on about
  11. 2roland2

    SUFC official tweet

    Not read their forums for a couple of years but I'm guessing nothing's changed, he has always done the same. i just imagine him being a 40 plus chav scrubber with fake stone island who if he was ever on his own im front of a normal Wednesday fan wouldn't say boo to a fuckimg goose. Sure he will be ok though posting online bile or stood with all his pals in a pub miles away from rival fans giving it the billy big testicles
  12. 2roland2

    SUFC official tweet

    Never had a problem with Chesterfield , always had respect for them until dave Allan took over and their fans started to have a pop at us, we even tried to be nice and pre warn them. they deserve what they get and nothing could have been clearer than what is happening to them now, you did t need to be a clarevoyant, good riddance to bad rubbish
  13. Srry im going to stop replying to you as I really can't take you serious at all......
  14. One fan starts another thread slating fans for being cautious tonight pre game and this comment, I really really do wonder what's wrong with some of our fans. we have just had the most organised professional performance in a long time and our fans want to point score with idiotic statements. You just couldn't make it up. Go go and enjoy your night ffs