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  1. 2roland2

    Hector report

    looked like he had been playing there for ages, great first game.
  2. Aguero and any good striker around could have 4 every game they play, strikers who get themselves in good positions will miss chances.....
  3. Much better performance lots more tempo, better closing down, just better all round. Hector looked great for his first start, looked like he had played for us for a while.
  4. This is where th tempo drops now. Wouldn’t have took Fletcher off but hope I’m wrong
  5. Fletcher getting in all the right positions and missing is good enough for me because that’s what eventuAlly happens if you do what he does. And fpr the fans slagging him how stupid stupid do you look now lol
  6. All season every time the ball goes in the box we look like conceding. Hope pe we get some calmness back
  7. Great finish that was no stopping that. Wtf was baker doing though.
  8. Hutton was stealing a living five years ago. How he’s still in this villa side after they have bought hundreds of players I will never know.
  9. He will never be their weakest link whilst ever Hutton has a hole in his arse
  10. We look so much better today, more energy going forward and hector looks solid so far.
  11. Possibly the best signing we made in a few years costing absolutley nothing, hope we see him back at the club if he ever continues in football on the coaching side. Proper old school character with fun and enthusiasm. Can’t buy that in a dressing room and a club.
  12. Good luck Ross. Great signing for them and I think that will help them on to the championship now. I still think he ng he could have done a job for us for half a season if we could have afforded to keep him, maybe not a regular but certainly would have been useful. Shocked he didnt go to a bottom half championship club.
  13. Yep it’s amazing isn’t it, fair play ya da ya da testicles. All they want want to do is make it has hard as possible for average teams without huge support to make it in the prem. anyhow it wont matter soon because I can guarantee it won’t be long before the elite super league comes along with 2 divisions And no promotions or relegations to make it a closed shop, franchised just like American sport. It might actually mak watching football more enjoyable again because I would watch football outside of that and totally ignore that set up.
  14. 2roland2


    Didnt see the stoke game so won’t comment, as for the four games I have seen, if he was busting a gut in those then the criteria for busting a gut must be strolling around the pitch looking uninterested. Im not knocking him for what he did last season, the simple fact is he is nowhere near that standard this season and if you think he is then your wearing blue and white tinted specs mate