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  1. Yep he just scored one goal last night that’s all he did, your proving me right again, owlstalk posters know fizz all about football shock
  2. Mate, honestly you are off your rocker if you think he can stop that.
  3. If you aren’t having a drink I struggle to understand you saying he should save it, it was in the top corner. If that was Harry Kane or sterling’s they would have had it on replay for three months. It was a perfect free kick to be fair,
  4. It is my point. 2 mins, 3 max and that doesn’t happen. Unless I slept through a injury I didn’t see any stoppages, and it isn’t like we were time wasting, usually refs extend it if teams are taking the wee wee. But we weren’t clever enough to do that
  5. Not one injury. No stoppages. Hows he get to five mins 30 secs? Usually I would say it’s our own fault for not seeing the game out, I will even go as far as saying joao was a nobhead for not running it into the corner. But not one person can find five mins plus in that game.
  6. Lol sober up and watch it back, I really don’t rate Dawson but your making your self look a bit daft
  7. You could rewind it a thousand times and you ain’t finding a reason to give five minutes
  8. Between hinchcliffe and piggy they couldn’t pick two bigger nobheads that talk testicles to commentate on football league games. The pundit tonight is very good though.
  9. I honestly have never listened to a farke interview, I won’t listen to another. What a bitter cheeky monkey. You want to think yourself lucky the ref found five minutes without one injury. What a cheeky monkey.
  10. Come on then because I have no idea where five mins comes from, have I slept through the stoppages??
  11. He had a good game right until he made up five mi s of injury time then played 7. I jist would love love to know how they get to five mins, not one injury
  12. Put the beers down and watch it when you are sober, no keeper is saving it, the game should have been over already but it was a pearler and he had no chance
  13. Very good performance, deserved the three points although you wouldn’t have thought so with the usual dog poo commentators.
  14. Lol I am a critic of his but you can’t blame him for that, no keeper stopping that. I still want to know where five mi s came from let alone flipping 7
  15. Thought he had a great game then 5 mins of injury time with fizz all injuries then let’s them score in 7th. Never right.
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