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  1. 2roland2

    Kenny Jacket

    Some of the suggestions I have seen on here and this gets more grief than some of the absolute bonkers ideas like carbone and bringing Carlos and gray back ffs. Hes is a very good manager, he won’t be coming here though.
  2. 2roland2

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Either you are on the wind up or just plain crazy. Not even going to start getting into this discussion Heaven forbid wanting a chairman who didn't just spunk money away like a lunatic for the sake of it. He actually knew how a football club should be run, like the majority of the football league
  3. 2roland2

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    You are kidding right??? He took our club from the edge of extinction to a very stable position, not sure what you expect from a owner if you don't want him tbh?
  4. 2roland2

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    unreal he's getting overlooked with our current midfield options
  5. 2roland2

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Its clutching at straws when they won't let them near the squad, its criminal!! If we aren't playing westwood because of money why aren't we saying that? apparently he's our 3rd choice!!! and i would take hutchinson for 30 seconds above these clowns for 90 mins!!!!
  6. 2roland2

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Look Jos and Chansiri for me are both to blame but lets not forget about these players. We have Westwood and hutch sat on the bench, big leaders and loads of passion whilst players like flipping tom lees and nuhiu stroll around not giving a flying fizz. Send them two to rot in the reserves offs, you can see a million miles away they just don't care!!!
  7. 2roland2

    Jose semedo

    His character along with Wallace will be missed massively. Basically any one with any balls no longer plays in our squad. Semedo, loovens, hutch, Westwood, Wallace, all strong characters and gave everything. Apart from thorniley who is a prospect thrown into a circus I don’t see that from any of our current players. Even bannan looks like he’s lost interest tbh, yeah he stands out because the rest are poo but he’s nowhere near his best.
  8. 2roland2

    Carlos Twitter

    This is the most ludicrous one yet, anyone asking for this man back is beyond help. Worst st thing is though I could actually see this happening, that’s how much of a fizz up our club has become.
  9. 2roland2

    Fans forum

    I think you might have missed what the chairman actually said to the fans already fella, if we don’t go up we are up poo creek. You think we are going up? as for be careful what you wish for, we are heading th way of Coventry etc. He knows we are and that’s why he appointed Katrien imo. The reason we are in this mess now is because our fans stood silent on key issues from dot one he arrived, how the hell is keeping quiet now goi g to help?
  10. 2roland2

    Fans forum

    Whoooooaaaa hold on a mi ute, apart from the membership reduction, which lets be honest was absolutely ridiculously priced so it wasn’t a favour it was common sense for the first and only time prevailing because he was goi g to sell fizz all, what have any of these actually achieved? Absolutley pointless, he’s not going tell us anything he doesn’t want too, all I have heard in these pointless meetings is we need to back the club and stop being negative. My questions wouldn’t get answered as they have been ignored a million times already. Why hey did you fleece our loyal fans and sponsors as soon as you walked through the door? Why do you continue to do so with every part of the club? i would be thrown out within 2 minutes
  11. 2roland2

    Fans forum

    I bet you haven’t got a spare 3 years to wait for a answer though
  12. 2roland2

    Is there any point?

    Just mentioned in another thread. Great timing with the half season tickets arriving soon, good chance to rally and pray on our loyalty????
  13. 2roland2

    Fans forum

    Funny that, call me cynical but just saw it on Facebook before here and all I thought was, here comes the emotional plea to our loyal fan base about you have to spend or else we are fizzed. Just in time to pray on our loyalty pre half season ticket time. Sorry but I just don’t believe anything good about him anymore
  14. 2roland2

    What's to stop

    As a kid? I do that now on football manager
  15. 2roland2

    Pulled the plug or selling

    Said this in numerous other threads, anyone thinking Katrien was here by coincidence wants their bumps feeling. She hasnt even even started her job yet, but she is just about too. Do you honestly believe he doesn’t know how much poo we are in? Katrien was at Charlton because she is like stone, see her interviews, see the press cuttings, she is clinical and doesn’t care about fans and sees football as purely business. She is here to do a job and that is about to start soon. imo our fans need to get ready for the worst times in our history because if he doesn’t find a buyer, we are about to be told to sit down and shut up. Charlton, Coventry, Portsmouth esq disaster waiting to happen. I said at the time he came I would rather keep MM and try and build over years and not just throw daft money at it, within five mins of being here we were throwing money about and prices for everything were hiked ridiculously. Some of us fired warning shots but they fell on deaf ears, I fully understand why, our fans were caught up in a euphoria and for once believed we were back in th big time. I didnt believe that and when a owner does thing she like price out fans, price out local sponsors and backers who have supported the club through hard times when no one else would, you have to look and think, ey yeah it’s exciting he has mo ey but as fans you have to stick together. We didn’t and now e are reaping what we sow. The biggest disaster of all of all this is already we have lost years of future fans and kids who won’t be coming because of our ridiculous pricing structure and the ridiculous kids pricing over the last few years. Im absolutley gutted we are where we are but I’m more gutted that I can see where we are going