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  1. Hes just making poo up because he forgot what he said earlier in the thread fella. He was comparing terry and ff case not long ago then said he hadn’t...... or he had but not in the same way ...... he just likes talking poo
  2. Your just making poo up again, you must have a degree on talking testicles. I said they arent fit for purpose. , I have no problem in FF or anyone else being investigated, none whatsoever , show me where I have said I have?? my problem is them charging him with no evidence, evidence they haven’t had for 10/11 months. My other problems with them not being fit for purpose especially on subjects such as such as racism include the inability to deal with the problems in a proportionate manor. But it once again keep talking testicles mate if you want.
  3. Your a plantpot that’s why you question my intentions Both the FA and FIFA do absolutley flipping bare minimum to cover racism issues. And things like this make it even more obvious they are clueless.
  4. Stop trying to spin things around you nutjob. They have investigated him for 10/11 months with no conclusive proof, otherwise he would have been charge already. I would be saying the same regardless of if it was FF or someone else’s player. Why the need to question peoples people’s dedication to eradicating racism? Yes I do want it eradicating, yes I want it to be done fairly, and yes I want punishment to be suitable. none of this is happening because the FA are doing a token job, as are fifa. The fines and bans are poor, they are no deterrent at all, but they have to be seen to be playing the game. FF case equally shows how incompetent they are. But keep talking testicles man, if it helps you feel better
  5. They haven’t found evidence in 10 months or so maybe more but do now?? absolute testicles scapegoat in the making, if they had evidence he would have been charged ages ago, im not glad the fa do what they do because most of it is token bullshit for the media, probably like this. if they wanted to really do something about it teams like Millwall would be behind closed doors, they just want to make a few examples though because they aren’t fit to govern the game.
  6. fizz off terry was caught on live cameras ffs, hardly the same is it.
  7. So you think with no proof this is not a dangerous precedent to set? I think your 5e insane one sir, I’m all for stamping out racism, probably much more than most, but this sets up for some very real future problems
  8. So we need to tackle racism by finding anyone who is accused with no evidence whatsoever except the word of the accuser guilty. seems fair and appropriate. Can’t see any future problems arising at all with that standpoint............
  9. Dont let the truth get in the way of a good witch hunt.
  10. People saying Hutton yeah exactly what we need another full back who can’t defend and can’t cross a ball. Oh and yeah he’s young too so another added bonus..............
  11. You want 50/1 on rangers alone!!!!!!!
  12. Alright wilf, calm the fizz down mate, he hasn’t murdered anyone it’s just a thread
  13. WBA could be in all sorts of trouble this year, loads of ageing players and a boat load of high earning loan players that won’t be coming back. They haven’t got the mo ey to spend this season apparently
  14. As if it could be him....... he doesn’t know how to jump
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