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  1. Peacock-Farrell: 6 Palmer: 6 Iorfa: 8 Johnson: 6 Hunt: 5 Brown: 3 Adeniran: 8 Bannan: 5 Dele-Bashiru: 6 Berahino: 2 Gregory: 3 Paterson: 6 Corbeanu: 7 Shodipo: 5
  2. Cant watch that rubbish again Watching The headless chickens of Brown Gregory and Berahino is to much for a Monday.
  3. First game for 2 years looking forward to this one.
  4. Got Lincoln tickets having to print them off as card still not come.
  5. Where will we finish? 2nd Player of the season? Bannon Top goal scorer? Windass Signing of the season? Berahino Most disappointing player of the season? Corbeanu
  6. Kamberi Corbeanua Even Adeniran hope I'm wrong tho.
  7. Think we might scrape 6th and then who knows. Don't think a lot of the new signings are that great to be honest.
  8. Going go Ossett tomorrow only a mile away from me be good to see some of the young lads play.
  9. Reach probably wants 55k a week he thinks hes that good. Can see Harris playing Sunday league.
  10. He is terrible just doesn't command his box. Bit like the two we already have.
  11. Our rubbish goalkeeper coach who as never done anything in is career says we don't need another goalie.
  12. Saka average all season as one good game against a poor team and starts ahead of Foden
  13. Shows how bad he is with the clubs he as signed for since leaving.
  14. Get Southgate playing with them and get a manager in who isn't scared to death of everyone.
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