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  1. Really impressed so far. Nuhiu playing well
  2. AussieOwl16

    Any I-Follow users on here?

    I've never really had a problem with the stream itself. My biggest complaint is the baffling decision to stop users running audio/video streams on the same device. I e-mailed their tech support and they shifted blame to the club - although if iFollow are providing the interface then it's their job to overlay the commentary stream that the club provides. The number of blacked-out matches is annoying too. It wasn't advertised before purchase that the FA Cup streams were unavailable - and Sky takes more league games than I would like. If we were playing better, we'd be getting barely half our matches. Not all that cheap either. I'd only recommend the season-long subscription if you're watching nearly every available match.
  3. AussieOwl16

    Jos Luhukay

    I'm okay with this, got Hertha and Augsburg promoted. I've kept an eye on Hertha over the past couple of years, and he looks to have brought in some important players while he was there. I'm pessimistic that people like Fonseca would ever be interested in us in our current state, so I think this is a decent choice from what's realistically available. Only concern is whether we can survive the time he may take to adjust to Championship football.
  4. AussieOwl16

    IFollow today

    I think that's been there all season - iFollow have been laying the blame at the club's feet for it not working
  5. Finally. Sorry to see it end this way, after so many good memories. Hope he goes on and does well elsewhere. A new manager and a shake-up in January might at least make the second half of the season bearable.