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  1. No Scots, Welsh, Irish, Polish, Czech, Belgian, French, Canadian, New Zealand, South African pilots then whilst the Americans were stood ‘four square’ with ‘us’?
  2. Aye summat akin to how some Czechs, Slovaks, Icelanders, Iranians, French(relatives of mariners ) or, even heaven forfend Germans might be upset & /or offended by ‘our’ celebrations of that period in history
  3. I reckon Duncan Ferguson may ‘beg to differ’
  4. In my opinion that would lead to (absolute) Bedlam
  5. For balance I find it necessary to advise that:- 1) The Who were sh!te in the ‘80’’s 2) The Who we’re sh!te in the late ‘70’s 3) The Who were superb in the 60’s (& early 70’s)
  6. Suppose it’s better to blame the officials than Moore, or, heaven forfend, the players Slumderland were overall the better of 2 dreadfully poor sides
  7. What’s that you say?: wee or excrement ? copious quantities of both @ present windy today innit no it’s Thursday so am I let’s go for a drink
  8. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2011/dec/20/rotherham-united-new-york-stadium
  9. And just what do you think folk associate with Hillsborough/ Sheffield Wednesday well apart from eloquence articulation & charm from (an element of its international’fan-
  10. Or “ Brian The Blade” but it’s still (nationally) cringeworthy
  11. Well ‘Andrew’ was certainly taking the p!as out of himself
  12. So inconsequential that you felt the need to post about it
  13. Have to admit I must be one of those that “don’t understand” if you are implying that the fella on the radio was jesting Sutton is (deliberately) an absolute plum but Andrew absolutely eclipsed him (unintentionally) in the buffoonery ratings
  14. Aye Likely so would Wilder , Warnock or Klopp Reality is none of em, nor Bruce want(ed) to be at the club
  15. Errr who identified / signed (retained) this plethora of “good players” he / the club are so fortunate to employ?
  16. Hindsight is always 20:20 - despite what you say the injuries / absences “for such long periods” were not inevitable, even if more likely. - do you think Moore, medical / fitness staff & the players themselves were oblivious to the ‘risks’ or did they (collectively) agree on a ‘strategy’? Luongo & Hutchinson were / always going to be ‘part - time’. Each has made almost as many appearances as last season & there’s nearly a third of this campaign to go. In just the 3 games you cite they’ve contributed to winning 9 points
  17. Aye & if any of those wins had turned into draws (or god help Moore, defeats) those insightful ‘commentators’ & expert observers of the “obvious” would have gone “ crazy” & “crazier” in their analysis of Moore’s ineptitude in making substitutions that cost those particular points / games ps have you got the Euromillions (winning) numbers for the weekend
  18. Is that the “away at Rotherham ” that was won &/ or the “home v Morecambe” that was; ….won &//or the “away at Wigan” that was, errr………won
  19. I’ve all on watching 2 terrible games a week wi’art watching Blackburn or WBA
  20. Double Fantasy dream team with Mick McCarthy (sic)
  21. Certainly wouldn’t be pushovers with him in charge
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