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  1. I put it to you Mr Weinstein that not only did you use your position of power to commit numerous sexual offences (including rape) but you wilfully and maliciously prevented Sheffield Wednesday fans from purchasing (tacky overpriced) leisure wear Any other survivors of this heinous crime are encouraged to contact the Me (I’m a ********) too hotline based in Norfolk ABSOLUTELY NO apology for ‘playing the man’
  2. Aye serves you right for not using plusnet
  3. Aye but did you ask em why they didn’t answer Norfolk‘s call on Friday (within 3 rings)
  4. My point was / is it’s not just about parachute payments: as you yourself suggest promotion can be achieved by: smart (exceptional) recruitment status /reputation good fortune ( ?) Which is lacking @ S6? nb can’t be far off returning PL if your observation about plucking a dozen lower league gaffers is true
  5. Brentford; Dirtyleeds; S2 (possibly) would suggest otherwise
  6. Demolish & build - city centre (ish) close to pre existing retail park / railway station etc
  7. Why would anyone buy those “decent players” in 4 weeks time when they could sign em for sweet fanny adams when Derby are liquidated ?
  8. Not sure I can give much credence to the opinions of someone who reckons 90 minus 72 is 28
  9. Your 2nd paragraph strays (dangerously) close to the (rounduns ) ‘it’s a short career line. (sadly) there’s folk all over forced to sell whatever assets (never mind trinkets) they possess just to live
  10. Thanks awfully One other thing if you don’t mind: Am I correct in my assumption that any such conclusion can only be reached at the conclusion of the game & irrespective of the performance witnessed
  11. As a (relative) newcomer to this social media malarkey, could someone confirm how I should behave / respond. As far as I can gather: victory: Galactico’s; HMSPTL. best squad in league defeat: useless t0ssers; oxygen thieves; Bannan is appalling draw:; Moore is tactically inept & should be sacked
  12. Fixed it for you: ”If (SWFC) chairmen thought .... this thread wouldn’t exist”
  13. Tad disingenuous given that Lewes, St Albans & Hitchen are in the top 5 I was sufficiently interested to visit Stonehenge but, on reflection, I don’t want to live there, even with a lick of paint & some double glazing
  14. Have a like - just for the optimism currently just as close in the tables / pyramid to St Albans &/or Boreham Wood as Manchester Citeh
  15. Don’t fret Just wait for next defeat & he’ll revert to being (considered) t0ss again , along with the other 10
  16. & there, in a nutshell, is the reason for the demise of the Green Un.
  17. Aye but then again he’s never played agin a Wednesday team (sic) managed (sic) by Moore
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