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  1. Why do folk feel the need to (constantly) belittle the opposition? The “mighty imps” are deservedly level with SWFC in a fixture in the 3rd tier of English football Both those clubs merit that ‘status’ - end of
  2. Not really a song but I’m pretty sure some folk were proficient with: ”Bannan you useless tw@t”
  3. Does this mean the feyt is off ? Dont think I’ll bother Satdi now - think Jackie Pallo is on ‘World Of Sport ?
  4. No surprise really - BB gets the blame for most everything that goes wrong
  5. And this is part of the problem:- “we” “have” “a” ”few” ”great” ”players”
  6. “best squad in the league” based on what, exactly? - copious quantities of mescaline?
  7. I knew there was a reason not to listen to talksport
  8. On what basis can you define his “recruitment” as “encouraging” ?
  9. I hope Big Dave doesn’t read this thread:- If he does, moving the goalposts will be his next tactical master plan
  10. Afraid I lack the emotional capacity to consider 2 issues at once - the vexing matter of the 1st team named United is occupying all my time - sorry
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