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  1. Aye (Apparently) folk liked (many of ?) Corbyn‘s (McDonald’s)policies but despise(d) the man. Now Starmer is ‘likeable’ but is devoid of ideas / policies Meanwhile the ‘loveable’ corrupt buffoon gets away with (literally) murder because he’s a ‘character’ & delivered Brexit ( oh and he’s had CV19 too - poor lamb) Don’t be harsh on ‘Mandy’ after all he was a ‘Northern’ MP !?! Hartlepool clearly pining for the halcyon days of his reign Not his fault he doesn’t know the difference between guacamole & mushy peas ( or fascism : socialism for that matte
  2. “Chasing”you say ? “a ball” you say ? 2 out of 3 ain’t bad you know. infinitely better than the current squad with added bonus that plenty of em could resolve the “spatial awareness” dilemma- well practised in pointing & telling folk where they should have been / be What breed of puppy is it ?
  3. Aye Guess I was being cautious using “philosophically” (it was in inverted commas / mind ) Not sure evil capitalist fascist b@stards (Thatcher —> Blair —> Johnson (Cummings) would be welcomed on a Sunday afternoon
  4. Aye Richard Kirk (has) made a career out of it ! Ware ( Marsh & Gregory) especially as Heaven 17 were truly subversive melding pop with subversion - “We Dont Need This Fascist Groove Thang” ; “Crushed By The Wheels If Industry” being stated / broadcast nationally ! Still didn’t change much mind - now those songs /sentiments are just part of a lucrative karaoke exercise # Come The Revolution.....
  5. Cant / won’t disagree with any of that & not expecting / inviting any form of apology Guess my point was / is job / employment was sh!t in (Thatchers) 80’s & is a different kind of sh!t now The 2 are (‘philosophically’) linked. As is the ‘state’ of Sheffield (city centre) including all the grim stuff ‘described’ on here (skins / ‘druggies’ (sic) / ‘homeless’ / muggers etc etc
  6. Your tongue clearly wasn’t in the cheek of (m)any steel workers (82) coal miners (84/85) their families or communities nor listening to most of the bands you cite who’s music was (initially?) (mostly) focussed upon the misery of post industrial decay ”Live for lust, Quite unnerving, Live unjust, Even mor frightening, 15 minute pharaohs, Happy now, Golden hands then back below” & that’s one of the ‘happy’ ones What were the ‘real jobs’ (bah ! Humbug !)
  7. What’s the new job - city centre development adviser ? ( if not it ) should be - Once you’ve sorted that out you can move on to resolving Gaza afore the real biggie - S6 whatever the job is hope it goes well
  8. As opposed to league positions determined by how minted clubs / owners are or who has the best accountant?
  9. Relegation play offs were scrapped an age ago (thankfully)
  10. Aye but his tackles feel like being hit with a flower
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