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  1. Blackburn: Famed for having nothing famous about it
  2. And the drummer without a beard was called..........................................Frank Beard!
  3. Manager of the season for SWFC. 4 to choose from don't forget!
  4. Very astute Lord Snooty, but surely we can beat Supermarket Bolton this time!
  5. I'm liking the sound of that stat when it comes to turning around our dismal record at Pride Dark!
  6. I clocked him too, but haven't a clue of his name. Wasn't sure if he was off the tele or perhaps an old school friend or distant relative from years ago.
  7. I'm definitely not one of the ladyboys! I actually think it could be a good game of football tonight (shows what I know!). There might be a few surprises for our porcine friends. UTO
  8. Excellent film. Really enjoyed it, and did well up too. Looking forward to buying the DVD as rumour has it that there's a 12 minute extra scene in Special Features, dedicated to Cakeball!
  9. Pan Galactic Gargle Basters were where it's at
  10. CBW = Cricket Before Wednesday or 'He's worth flipping Millions. Nah, nah, nah, nah ooh....'
  11. Can't see anyone coming in to buy. FFP is just too much of a 'handicap'.
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