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  1. The crisis team are fantastic. A first class service. Outside of this, though the mental health services are massively underfunded and therefore sadly lacking in so many ways. My wife has an advocate and voice through me, however, there are many out there without the same level of support, and they often get a missed or overlooked, because the system is massive overstretched and under pressure. Alas, Mental health services are the poor mans part of the NHS, due to less vocal nature of the patient group and stigma attached to it. I have definitely noticed a slow groundswell change in attitude to mental illness in the last decade, and would love to think that the next generation will understand it and be more embracing then previous ones.
  2. Very heartening to read all the stories. It might only be the tip of the iceberg, but threads like this on a male dominated football forum, with all its bravado and Micky taking, go a long way to breaking down the barriers that are still there for sufferers. Still a long way to go though. There is nothing to be ashamed about in admitting if you're struggling. I have suffered with anxiety for years, but learn to manage it and do not let it rule my life. I am lucky! I also now care for my wife who has suffered with reoccurring severe depression over the last 3.5 years (after seemingly having the perfect family life and no mental health history until the age of 42). It is currently doing a very good job of ruining her life, and has almost taken it several times. I am currently off work on suicide watch as she has relapsed again in the last coupe of weeks. The crisis team visit twice a day for an hour, and me and the kids do our best. The touture she experiences is unimaginable. Beleive me, this can happen to anyone, so look after yourselves and one another. x
  3. Wonder Spaniel

    What will be the Bannan-less plan?

    Lets hope that Baz decides to stay at home and watch it ont' telly, or we could have a few balls lumped to him sitting in the South, out of habit!
  4. Wonder Spaniel

    No Hand pulled Real Ale in North Stand.

    I was about to post a serious, whinging reply, pointing out how there is no longer hand pull ale on the kop as they have installed those dreadful taps to dispense Thornbridges Wednesday Ale, but then luckily, just in the nick of time, I in fact realised that your point was in fact a joke about masterbation, so fortunately I didn't bother That could have been embarrasssing to say the least!
  5. Wonder Spaniel

    Not sure about the way we play

    I thought that Leeds looked excellent tonight. Fast, nimble, all good on the ball, intricate, pressed and harried us out if the game. I realise that we are trying to adopt a style of our own, but sometimes you need to go back to basics and ruffle their feathers a bit more. We tried to play out from Dawson numerous times, and Leeds' high press forced errors time and time again. Why not go long and by-pass their dominant midfield from time to time, to keep them guessing? Also, when we press their defence, do so with conviction and numbers when appropriate, rather than the token effort of a couple and let them play through us. It's difficult when you're being outplayed, but sometimes you have to take the fight to them and unsettle them.
  6. Wonder Spaniel


  7. Got to 'hand it to you' that's a great thread!
  8. Wonder Spaniel

    Section prices

    Choice is good. How about you get a further 10% discount if you promise to keep your eyes closed whenever Palmer gets the ball ?
  9. Wonder Spaniel

    If / WHEN we win on Saturday...

    Crikey, we need to slow down and give the others a chance! Suggest throwing the game on Saturday to make it more competive. HMS PissTheLeague
  10. Wonder Spaniel

    Michael Hector Signing?

    Is he Kevin’s grandson?
  11. Wonder Spaniel

    Fan forum

    There is a possibility of it being relaxed, but ITK sources believe that it can only be drunk in the Congo.
  12. Wonder Spaniel

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    9.45am,, You can t(ask me later.
  13. Wonder Spaniel

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    Top OMDT. Right then, if I get my tent down, and neatly packed in the car along with the bikes, camping gear, dog, kids, mississ, kichen sink etc etc before 10am, we will win! If it's between 10 and 11am, we'll draw. After 11am we lose No pressure! I'd better wake the bin lids up!
  14. Megson didn't do too bad either!
  15. Alan Harper. He had certainly seen better days. Remember him being torn to shreds by Ted McMinn at the Baseball Ground.