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  1. Alan Harper. He had certainly seen better days. Remember him being torn to shreds by Ted McMinn at the Baseball Ground.
  2. Wonder Spaniel

    Random pre-season games you were at

    Des Walkers debut!
  3. Wonder Spaniel

    Van Aken

    Won't play again this month
  4. Wonder Spaniel


  5. Wonder Spaniel

    next seasons captain

    Woofety woof
  6. Wonder Spaniel

    next seasons captain

    Hutchinson all day long in terms of galvanising his team and commitment etc. Sadly it's not going to happens due to lack of appearances and potential overzealous. Shame, as with the right guidance I really think that he'd thrive with the added responsibility.
  7. Wonder Spaniel

    Deadline Extended

    How about next year they adopt an auto renew system? Simples init
  8. Wonder Spaniel

    John L's?

    John L Feedback - Bloody marvellous. I am a convert! Very smug as my testiclays were toasty whilst the majority dithered in the snow. Might try a packet of Werther's next week
  9. Wonder Spaniel

    John L's?

    Perhaps a swift wipe down with a spare £20 could help
  10. Wonder Spaniel

    John L's?

    Regarding the sweaty crack. Could this not be sorted with a shammy leather G String? Possibly.........if such a thing existed and could be bought on line..........if you know what I mean. Asking for a friend!
  11. Wonder Spaniel

    John L's?

    It's going to be a chilly one out there today chaps. Wearing Long John's to the match? Down with the cool kids and freeze your chapel hat pegs off, or wrap up like ya Grandad did and be secretly smug on the terrace? Thoughts?
  12. "We forgot to not score!"
  13. Wonder Spaniel

    Positives from this evening

    'I can't believe it's not Butter.....field'
  14. Couldn't really be bothered to go tonight. A waste of time and money. Only went to extend my ST by another 5 years. Lol.
  15. Super thread M'lord. Predicting a 0-0 victory for the owls tonight. Nuhiu and Abdi with the throw in's. (Nb interesting that spell check came up with Abdicate, when I tried to write Abdi..............a message from the cloud maybe?)