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  1. Deadline Extended

    How about next year they adopt an auto renew system? Simples init
  2. John L's?

    John L Feedback - Bloody marvellous. I am a convert! Very smug as my testiclays were toasty whilst the majority dithered in the snow. Might try a packet of Werther's next week
  3. John L's?

    Perhaps a swift wipe down with a spare £20 could help
  4. John L's?

    Regarding the sweaty crack. Could this not be sorted with a shammy leather G String? Possibly.........if such a thing existed and could be bought on line..........if you know what I mean. Asking for a friend!
  5. John L's?

    It's going to be a chilly one out there today chaps. Wearing Long John's to the match? Down with the cool kids and freeze your chapel hat pegs off, or wrap up like ya Grandad did and be secretly smug on the terrace? Thoughts?
  6. "We forgot to not score!"
  7. Positives from this evening

    'I can't believe it's not Butter.....field'
  8. Couldn't really be bothered to go tonight. A waste of time and money. Only went to extend my ST by another 5 years. Lol.
  9. Super thread M'lord. Predicting a 0-0 victory for the owls tonight. Nuhiu and Abdi with the throw in's. (Nb interesting that spell check came up with Abdicate, when I tried to write Abdi..............a message from the cloud maybe?)
  10. Weather ahead of the Bristol City game

    "Do you want grit n juice with that luv?'
  11. tango time

    He's known as 'Tango's Dad' in our row of the Kop.
  12. The Beast from the East 0 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday Thermos Flask and Long Johns brigade.
  13. A pal of mines, dogs sitters, second cousin collects the bins at Derbys training ground, Moor Farm, and has been told that the injury crisis is that bad that they've cancelled their usual 30 seater coach and have been trying to book a 15 seater minibus from D Taxis.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 3 Birmingham OMDT

    Top OMDT! Today is the day for a goal, I can feel it. Maybe a little help from the Kop to point them in the right direction is required?
  15. Big up Andy Rhodes

    Absolutely yes. Thought that Dawson had a great game. Always seemed to be in the right place. There's definitely more to it than luck.