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  1. Got to 'hand it to you' that's a great thread!
  2. Wonder Spaniel

    Section prices

    Choice is good. How about you get a further 10% discount if you promise to keep your eyes closed whenever Palmer gets the ball ?
  3. Wonder Spaniel

    If / WHEN we win on Saturday...

    Crikey, we need to slow down and give the others a chance! Suggest throwing the game on Saturday to make it more competive. HMS PissTheLeague
  4. Wonder Spaniel

    Michael Hector Signing?

    Is he Kevin’s grandson?
  5. Wonder Spaniel

    Fan forum

    There is a possibility of it being relaxed, but ITK sources believe that it can only be drunk in the Congo.
  6. Wonder Spaniel

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    9.45am,, You can t(ask me later.
  7. Wonder Spaniel

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    Top OMDT. Right then, if I get my tent down, and neatly packed in the car along with the bikes, camping gear, dog, kids, mississ, kichen sink etc etc before 10am, we will win! If it's between 10 and 11am, we'll draw. After 11am we lose No pressure! I'd better wake the bin lids up!
  8. Megson didn't do too bad either!
  9. Alan Harper. He had certainly seen better days. Remember him being torn to shreds by Ted McMinn at the Baseball Ground.
  10. Wonder Spaniel

    Random pre-season games you were at

    Des Walkers debut!
  11. Wonder Spaniel

    Van Aken

    Won't play again this month
  12. Wonder Spaniel


  13. Wonder Spaniel

    next seasons captain

    Woofety woof
  14. Wonder Spaniel

    next seasons captain

    Hutchinson all day long in terms of galvanising his team and commitment etc. Sadly it's not going to happens due to lack of appearances and potential overzealous. Shame, as with the right guidance I really think that he'd thrive with the added responsibility.
  15. Wonder Spaniel

    Deadline Extended

    How about next year they adopt an auto renew system? Simples init