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  1. It's the cheeky little grin after that gets me, what an absolute hammer legend!! Will be missed.
  2. My first ever away kit! Think I wore it for about 6 months straight.
  3. CohenTheBarb

    Joey P - Elliot Anderson?

    I thought so, didn't want to blow my own trumpet though, not wi my back!
  4. CohenTheBarb


    Big short coming... You tryna be funny?
  5. CohenTheBarb

    Looking back, we were safe when...

    I think we just had a healthy reasoned adult debate on owls talk... quick someone call Rhodes sheeiittee or slag Fox off! This is making me uneasy. FFS
  6. CohenTheBarb

    Looking back, we were safe when...

    Promoting debate is always welcome and I feel like I'm in a similar place to you re: Jos I know he's not perfect but I'm certainly interested to see what he does with a healthy squad and a full pre season under his belt and think he's earned the chance to show us what he's got in the locker. I'd love to know how some managers can get more out of a player than others but hey if i knew that I'd be raking it in.
  7. CohenTheBarb

    Looking back, we were safe when...

    Beats me but to finish the season as our top scorer the system and position he's being played in is obviously suited to him and I'd say that's at least in some part to the manager, don't get me wrong I'm not saying Jos is the best manager in the world but to question if he deserves credit for steering our potential car crash of a season to some stability is a bit harsh.
  8. CohenTheBarb

    Looking back, we were safe when...

    Can he take credit for turning Nuhiu into a lethal attacking threat and bringing the best out of players like Fred, Reach and Joao? also the extensive and repeated inclusion of the talented youth players we have at the club? I reckon so.
  9. Reckon he could do a job at LB?
  10. Give the guy a break he only wanted a cuddle from Dawson... must be lonely being a total weepipe!
  11. CohenTheBarb

    Big Thank You To SWFC

    Fantastic! You picked a hell of a day for it. Glad to hear you both enjoyed it and good on the club for making it happen. UTO
  12. And it started off with a few pints of pale rider on an afternoon tour of Kelham Island brewery for me too! Pretty bloody great day I'd say.
  13. CohenTheBarb

    That Noise

    I rather enjoyed it and sounded a tad more tuneful than the god awful trumpeting behind me
  14. CohenTheBarb

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    ...you mean mallard-arin haha..ha.ha I'll get my coat