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  1. Had some more suggestions of: Fozzytieri Mark Bearight Pawlo DiCanio Benito Carbearne Chris Bear-Williams Any other ideas?
  2. Remembered this thread and thought I'd show off my new son and his friend Barry Bear-nan
  3. I voted on wifi voted on 4G on mobile and then again on incognito... does that count?
  4. Glad I sacked it off for elsecar beer festival then all things considered... either way I'd be leathered so probably wouldn't make much difference
  5. As long as we still ended up with Bruce I'd have let bullen have the first half of the season, ok some slight hyperbole but it cant have been much worse.
  6. If we are going to struggle with FFP I can't think of a better man to be in charge, just love the way he handles himself honestly and openly its something we haven't seen in far too long.
  7. With Jones off the books we can finally sign Ronaldo
  8. 2 weeks... Wait, what was the question?
  9. There's nowhere near enough spelling mistakes in that for you to be as drunk as you obviously are
  10. Might be a long shot but I'm going for Blackburn at home
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