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  1. CohenTheBarb

    Any other proud dads out there

    Was chuffed to bits when i found out my niece is playing for the youth set up... also because her dad is a blackpool fan. My own will be along sometime in May and I'm already hunting for swfc baby grows!
  2. CohenTheBarb

    Where, and how are they doing, now.

    Apparently Owusu is teaching kids these days in Oz, him scoring after coming on against the pigs was my first ever derby game.
  3. CohenTheBarb

    What's happening with bruce

    Haven't seen this for years but one of the best opening scenes ever and also a great shout for the question of "what's happening with brucie"
  4. CohenTheBarb

    Hutch's salute....

    Pretty much what I was trying to say except through a haze of snowballs and sherry... chin chin boys we're on our way back!
  5. CohenTheBarb

    Hutch's salute....

    You are 100% right on that but hopefully managers like SB will also judge players on ability and work any issues out with them in private rather than publicly eschewing them which will gather more respect professionally and personally and that's the difference... May only be conjecture at this point but it's boxing day and we've got a rare 3 points and I'm smashed so to hell with it
  6. CohenTheBarb

    Hutch's salute....

    I agree he's definitely a bit of a gob sheeite but sometimes that's what you need politeness only gets you so far... In a football being a bit of a wee pipe can get you far as long as it's in balance and it can't be argued the man's got pashun for the game and this beautiful club we all love
  7. CohenTheBarb

    Hutch's salute....

    Personally I think it's fruckin hilarious sod the barsteward if he'd made better professional choices then we would be in a situation where hutch would be making these gestures
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  10. CohenTheBarb

    Owls v Pigs U23’s 7pm

    Ahh just a niggle then, to be expected I suppose after so long out.
  11. CohenTheBarb

    Jos - Latest Interiew

    Rubbing off? Foreign accent? Was Jos on the kop on Saturday by any chance?
  12. CohenTheBarb

    Kop children

  13. CohenTheBarb

    Clean Sheets

    I admit there is a bonus to keeping clean sheets like raising confidence, and taking pressure off the attack somewhat but keeping clean sheets doesn't win matches. Outscoring the opposition does! some of the best teams in the world don't always keep clean sheets but they usally win 3-1 4-1 5-2 etc... not saying it's completely irrelevant just not as crucial as is sometimes made out.
  14. CohenTheBarb

    Any Live Streams Saturday

    Still trying to figure out how to how to find one on Facebook, all this bloody technology goes over my head! I just need a big obvious button to press... anyone?