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  1. Luckily we have a top piece of local journalism to clear things up a bit...
  2. You had to say it dint yer! Cue the news that hutch and lee have ran into each other in training and now have 1.5 legs between them, fletchers hair fell back out and hes having a breakdown and SAG have decided to completely brick up all exits to the north stand
  3. One of the main reasons millwall are still in this league is their ability to gain points at home. It's never an easy game for anyone down there and when they defend as well as they did Wednesday wouldn't have been the only team to struggle. Having said that from our point of view chances weren't taken and of course some mistakes were made but what is it they say about hindsight being 20/20? UTO
  4. Hmmm if only we had an experienced solid Scottish CB on the training staff.... hang on a minute!
  5. I so wish he travelled round on a Segway constantly... driving round the pitch waving at half time.
  6. Seems a bit of a wee wee take from the beeb
  7. Had some more suggestions of: Fozzytieri Mark Bearight Pawlo DiCanio Benito Carbearne Chris Bear-Williams Any other ideas?
  8. Remembered this thread and thought I'd show off my new son and his friend Barry Bear-nan
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