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  1. CohenTheBarb

    Clare tho!

    Not read through all these responses as I'm in Benidorm on a stag do and half cut but I'd like to say I'm a fan of Clair and would like to see him develop with us but if he wants to go and his hearts (pun very much intended) not in it... and it seems like it's not, then good luck to the guy and farewell but once he's off it's not our concern we have enough to worry about without more threads about him and Hirst as well. UTO WAWAW
  2. And to you sir I say, well done! Well done indeed.
  3. CohenTheBarb

    Ricky Moate

    Trust me to reply in the wrong thread! All the best Ricky. WAWAW
  4. CohenTheBarb

    ricky Moat update

    Happy to hear about Ricky and hopefully his donors family can take some comfort knowing that in their time of loss someone else life can be saved, thoughts go out to them all.
  5. CohenTheBarb

    New kit

    Or watch James Corden learn how to commentate from Glenn Hoddle and Michael Owen!... Is that too mean?
  6. CohenTheBarb

    Waddle Art

    Bloody auto correct never words for me
  7. CohenTheBarb

    Waddle Art

    This post needs far more love imo, genius!
  8. CohenTheBarb

    Pre Season Friendly Announced.

    Pretty sure it's called Doncaster.
  9. CohenTheBarb

    13 years ago today

    From what I remember (and it's an admittedly hazey experience) at least one copper joined in with with hoofing the ball miles in the air after being met with a hail of boos after picking a ball up swiftly followed by a large cheer as it sailed through the air... What a bloody great day! The sight of all 7 Hartlepool fans surrounded by Wednesdayites will live with me forever.
  10. CohenTheBarb

    What’s happening here then?

    Seriously though anyone know what the crack is? I work across the road and lived 5 min away... Then i have a long weekend and move to Elsecar and all of a sudden it's all going off in S6! (Unless they're just giving it a spring clean, in which case I'm not so excited)
  11. It's the cheeky little grin after that gets me, what an absolute hammer legend!! Will be missed.
  12. My first ever away kit! Think I wore it for about 6 months straight.
  13. CohenTheBarb

    Joey P - Elliot Anderson?

    I thought so, didn't want to blow my own trumpet though, not wi my back!
  14. CohenTheBarb


    Big short coming... You tryna be funny?