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  3. CohenTheBarb

    Owls v Pigs U23’s 7pm

    Ahh just a niggle then, to be expected I suppose after so long out.
  4. CohenTheBarb

    Jos - Latest Interiew

    Rubbing off? Foreign accent? Was Jos on the kop on Saturday by any chance?
  5. CohenTheBarb

    Kop children

  6. CohenTheBarb

    Clean Sheets

    I admit there is a bonus to keeping clean sheets like raising confidence, and taking pressure off the attack somewhat but keeping clean sheets doesn't win matches. Outscoring the opposition does! some of the best teams in the world don't always keep clean sheets but they usally win 3-1 4-1 5-2 etc... not saying it's completely irrelevant just not as crucial as is sometimes made out.
  7. CohenTheBarb

    Any Live Streams Saturday

    Still trying to figure out how to how to find one on Facebook, all this bloody technology goes over my head! I just need a big obvious button to press... anyone?
  8. CohenTheBarb

    Nameing a stand after....

    I swear to god these are the creepiest füćkiń things goin! That's me not sleeping, god damn children of the corn looking weirdos. the irony is when I drive past them I want to run over them in horror.
  9. If it's life size just pop it on the bedside table under the lamp
  10. ^This^ Also if its the club that produce the video then even if something potentially inflammatory was said out of context surely it could be edited around it to just leave a fun, harmless, and warm interview that appeals to people... that said Bannan just about pulls it off but come on, who doesn't love this guy? Legend! Here's to another 3 years of running his socks off and working every inch of the pitch.
  11. CohenTheBarb

    Team V Millwall

    Boyd in the megastore car park? I know he's got his issues but give the guy a break.
  12. CohenTheBarb

    Sam Winnall...

    He's busy counting his 100 billion pounds a week
  13. CohenTheBarb

    Why has Jones been banished?

    £5.5m a week and a £1.5m bonus! FFS (had to join in dint I)