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  1. Pondsforge is an interesting one....can't work it out so can someone elucidate?
  2. Apologies as I posted this originally in Trivia but seems to be gathering dust. I am interested in funny/witty/scandalous player nicknames...for example I know Megson was called Suitcase after his nomadic career path...]but interested in finding any others Also who would be the Wednesday candidates for the catchall nicknames every club seems to have a few of....Beast/Animal/Trigger/Psycho? Much appreciated and enjoy the season....
  3. Argyle fan here on a mission to find as many good fummy/witty and or apt nicknames for players from every club past and present... Also any players who were your clubs Beast/Psycho/Animal/ 50p head/Trigger etc My favourite Wednesday one so far is Suitcase for Gary Megson ( saw him a lot when I watched the Argyle youth team ...) Thanks and good luck for the rest of the season
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