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  1. Can’t stand wolves..hope they go out next round
  2. Casual supporters..first time I’ve heard this one..are they above or below part-timers in the food chain? We have more fan cetergories than we do tickets
  3. Indeed..there shud be a public enquiry into a shed load of our signings
  4. There was never any need for the fox signing..it’s got these dodgy agents and connections fingerprints all over it..
  5. Yep he will be half way over the snake..in his Bentley..as we speak
  6. So the st holders have swerved it then..as expected..
  7. That tragic hashtag might be putting clubs off
  8. Used to hate my kids doin that when playing Sunday league
  9. Same thing innit..you only want to eat em when yer bladdered
  10. See you in southern Spain next week..full English brekkie and a pint..is on me
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