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  1. One of our most under rated players I reckon. Despite all the signings we have had in the last few years, he's still our best full-back.
  2. Probably the same at every club mate. A quiet majority happy to give the be manager a chance but a few clowns moaning and groaning because it’s not their first choice. Usually the same faces as well and one in particular that moans about absolutely everything. We’ve all got some gripes about the way the club is run (mine is the pay on the day ticket prices), but some people on here need to have a serious word with themselves.
  3. £43 for a ticket on the South Stand to watch us play QPR Sponsored by companies that don't exist Manager and the two head coaches leave and weeks later have not been replaced Kept in the dark and fed on poo
  4. Possibly because Forestieri is facing a six match ban if he loses his appeal, so the need to keep Rhodes fit as back up to Fletcher in the system we play with one up front?
  5. Always struck me as one of the nicest lads in football and seemed genuinely happy to join us. It's not worked out for him (or us) so far but I'm sure it's a concern for him as well. He doesn't seem the type to not give a throw about it. Any player who is not a world beater despite giving 100%, has a dip in form or it just doesn't work for, seems to get dogs abuse from a section of our support. Dawson last season, Fox, Rhodes, Palmer and Pelupessy to an extent, the list goes on...
  6. I'd want to go as well if I was him. Gives 100% every time he plays and gets dogs abuse.
  7. I went at the back end of the season when the Owls were at Preston. It was Staveley's last game of the season and it was free entry. A really friendly club with good facilities and an excellent set up all round. Definitely worth a visit.
  8. BitofashitlistofnamesbutifIwasforcedtochooseI'dhavetogoforRowett.
  9. Bloody Coleman's done nowt. (Apart from taking Wales to the Euro semi-finals and 8th in the Fifa world rankings)
  10. Amazing reaction on social media. Must be the most hated man in football.
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