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  1. Charlie Chuck

    Wins a win. There were some good things.

    Great post. Some proper OTT comments on here since the match ended and some ridiculous slagging off. It was a potentially difficult game dealt with well. A clean sheet and so many academy products it was great to see.
  2. Charlie Chuck

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Thorniley Lees Van Aken Palmer Reach Jones Preston Boyd Nuhiu Matias Dawson J. Lee Baker Joey Stobbs Fletcher Burokov
  3. Charlie Chuck

    The Money's got to come from Us

    No chance. All I'm bothered about is being able to afford to watch my team. I'm not bothered about success if the closest the average fan can get to it is watching the results come in on Final Score.
  4. Charlie Chuck

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    I think I turned it off before you came on Mick. I'm sure you were very interesting.
  5. Charlie Chuck

    Football Heaven 2018-2019

    Put it on for five minutes and turned it off again. Same callers, same boring points. Boring.
  6. I predict that I won't be buying a membership at £90 a throw and I won't be paying £45 to watch a category A match. I predict that my D taxi won't arrive and I'll not be drinking any Elev8 pop any time this side of Christmas. Couple of loan signings, uninspiring lower to mid table finish,
  7. Because now the squad isn't as injury plagued. Jos has given increased confidence to several fringe players and has also introduced several promising youngsters, something that Carlos would not do. I think we could do with a couple of signings but generally we look ok.
  8. Charlie Chuck

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Was Paul Heald?
  9. Charlie Chuck

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Fantastic World Cup. Its the 11th World Cup I've watched and it's by far the best. The only people not enjoying it probably are the press (gutter and tabloid) and the politicians who were all telling us that it would be full of hooliganism, racism, unwelcoming anti-western natives. Just shows what bull we are fed on a daily basis. The Russians have nailed it and shown the world how to run a tournament.
  10. Charlie Chuck

    Wednesday upset a Sunderland fan

    It was like listening to Reeves and Mortimer doing the bra men characters.
  11. Charlie Chuck

    Nuhiu: Player of the month

    Rather than wanting / needing a new contract, I think it shows what a run of games and a bit of confidence can do to a player.
  12. Age: 49 - First game 1977 Hodge Nilsson Walker Pearson Worthington Waddle Sheridan Palmer Curran Hirst Di Canio Subs: Pressman, Sterland, Lyons, Jonsson, Carbone, Brunt, Chapman,
  13. He looks like a man waiting for his D taxi to deliver his supply of Elev8 energy pop.
  14. Charlie Chuck

    Team vs. Swansea

    Dawson Vernancio Loovens Pudil Hunt Pelupessey Wallace Reach Boyd Rhodes Nuhiu
  15. Charlie Chuck

    Team vs. Swansea

    I reckon Nuhiu 30 million is closer to the mark than Butterfield 1.4 million to be fair.