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  1. Charlie Chuck

    Wednesday upset a Sunderland fan

    It was like listening to Reeves and Mortimer doing the bra men characters.
  2. Charlie Chuck

    Nuhiu: Player of the month

    Rather than wanting / needing a new contract, I think it shows what a run of games and a bit of confidence can do to a player.
  3. Age: 49 - First game 1977 Hodge Nilsson Walker Pearson Worthington Waddle Sheridan Palmer Curran Hirst Di Canio Subs: Pressman, Sterland, Lyons, Jonsson, Carbone, Brunt, Chapman,
  4. He looks like a man waiting for his D taxi to deliver his supply of Elev8 energy pop.
  5. Charlie Chuck

    Team vs. Swansea

    Dawson Vernancio Loovens Pudil Hunt Pelupessey Wallace Reach Boyd Rhodes Nuhiu
  6. Charlie Chuck

    Team vs. Swansea

    I reckon Nuhiu 30 million is closer to the mark than Butterfield 1.4 million to be fair.
  7. Charlie Chuck

    Man of the match - Player ratings

    Wildsmith - 4 - has been brilliant but two absolute howlers today. Happens to all keepers at some stage Palmer - 6 - got skinned a couple of times but worked hard down the right Vernancio - 4 - like Wilsdmith, has been great but has a nightmare first half Loovens - 5 - didn't do too much wrong before he was subbed but just not up to it any more Pudil - 6 - The best of the centre halves. Unlucky to get sent off Fox - 2 - how he gets a game I will never know Joey - 6 - steady but gave it away a bit. Difficult game for him as we were so outnumbered Butterfield - 1 - for getting his shirt on the right way round. Absolutely shocking. Don't like to see players booed off but I've no sympathy Reach - 6 - kept working but not enough quality. Matias - 4 - too far away to see the sending off but had done nothing prior to it Nuhiu - 6 - rubbish in first half, much better in second Joao - 7 - great goal and looked really lively Boyd - not enough time to make a difference and with only men Thornilly - must have been gutted to have been dropped Jos - 5 - couldn't do anything about the goals but poor team selection. Loovens and Butterfield especially sholudn't be near the first team.
  8. Charlie Chuck


    I can't recall a worse central midfielder in a Wednesday shirt in the last 15 years.
  9. Charlie Chuck

    Player Ratings

    Dawson - 8 - couple of dodgy moments but dealt with most things really well. A couple of smart saves Nielsen - 8 - one or two loose passes but a solid debut Venancio - 8 - looked very assured again. Looked after the two young lads admirably O'Grady - 8 - not the biggest but a fine debut. Hunt - 6 - did well to get 90 minutes in on his return from injury. Did ok Fox - 6 - looked better going forward but lets players run past him too easily. Not convinced. Jones - 7 - solid enough. Nothing spectacular Butterfield - 6 - a bit less crab like but not the player I was expecting when we signed him Boyd - 7 - great in the first half, not quite a good in the second but nice to see him in the pitch for 90 mins Matias - 8 - again, nice to see him back. Took his goal well and was lively all evening NUHIU - 9 - led the line brilliantly, took his goal well, clearly loves playing for the club. Well done big fella Reach - not on long enough to judge Jos - 9 - good team selection with some of the young lads in the starting line up at last. Got us through with another clean sheet and saved enough legs for Friday.
  10. Pretty sure Carlisle stayed over in the hotel on the stain last night.
  11. Wildsmith Palmer Vernancio Pudil Fox Jones Butterfield Matias Boyd Reach Rhodes Subs: Dawson, Penney, O'Grady, Wallace. Joao, Nuhiu, Preston Clare (Gillingham) and Thorniley (Accrington) are cup-tied.
  12. I think Jos came across really well. First impressions were good and I hope he'll be the man to take us forward. He seems like a calm chap and I've no doubt he knows his football. Just needs to have a bit of luck on the injury front and get some players lacking in confidence firing again.
  13. Charlie Chuck

    A Good Result Today

    Still in the cup and survived a real banana skin with a side missing Westwood, Hunt, Lees, Van Aken, Lee, Bannan, Abdi, Fletcher, Hooper and Forestieri Leicester drew at Fleetwood Villa lost at home to Peterborough Bournemouth drew at home to Wigan Brenford lost at home to Notts County Cardiff drew at home to Mansfield Stoke lost at Coventry QPR lost at home to MK Dons Reading drew at Stevenage Chelsea drew at Norwich
  14. Charlie Chuck

    Team for next Friday

    I'd play a 2-8-0-1 formation and go for the 0-0 Wildsmith Dawson Palmer Nielsen Venancio Loovens Baker O'Grady Pudil Fox Rhodes
  15. Charlie Chuck

    Anybody still feel sorry for Carlos?

    I wish him all the best at Swansea and hope he does well. The time was right for him to leave S6 anyway. I've watched a bit of the 2015/16 highlights today and reminded myself what a fantastic season that was and how refreshing the football we played under Carlos was. The comparison with the dross we have watched, particularly this season is unbelievable and both Carlos and Wednesday needed a change.