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  1. It's great to have a choice between players who have been great all month. The claims for Westwood, Palmer, Fletcher and Iorfa are all valid and there are cases for Lees and Aarons. Too often this season, we have been picking the best of a bad bunch.
  2. Middlesbrough are awful and are there for the taking. I think Villa will get in the top six and one other. I think we will fall agonisingly short but what an effort this has been these last few weeks. Considering the key players we have been missing, it's been a brilliant run. We might have sacked Jos earlier but we probably wouldn't have got Bruce in if we had done and I think it's worked out perfectly. His three signings have all been spot on (shame about Lazar's injury) and Iorfa is going to be a bit of a cult hero. Next season - fit squad, bit of wheeling and dealing, and I fancy us for a top six finish.
  3. Helps when there is a proper manager who knows exactly what he's doing. Really impressed with him.
  4. We've conceded 12 in 18 games since Jos left. Take out the Chelsea cup game and it's 9 in 17. Big well done to Bullen, Agnew, Clemence and Bruce
  5. I'm not voting for Hector just in case he wins and then gets dropped. Oh, hang on. We've moved on haven't we?
  6. It's got lost in translation. He probably said something like there's not mushroom in the squad for the experienced players. Or summat.
  7. I would have liked to have read the article but the Star website is probably the worst I've ever seen. It's just unusable.
  8. Where’s my D Taxi. I’ve been stood outside for 15 months now and I’m freezing.
  9. Bad manager selections Spunked money on aging and now worthless players D Taxis Elevate energy drinks Chairman's name on shirts Chairman's name on seats Best keeper in the league sat at home while we leak goals Ticket prices highest in the league
  10. David Mills, big money striker from Middlesbrough (I think) - did nowt
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