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  1. Charlie Chuck

    Steve Bruce in one word

  2. Charlie Chuck

    December POTM

    I'm not voting for Hector just in case he wins and then gets dropped. Oh, hang on. We've moved on haven't we?
  3. Charlie Chuck

    Jos feared wife safety

    It's got lost in translation. He probably said something like there's not mushroom in the squad for the experienced players. Or summat.
  4. Charlie Chuck

    Jos banned mushrooms

    I would have liked to have read the article but the Star website is probably the worst I've ever seen. It's just unusable.
  5. Charlie Chuck

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Where’s my D Taxi. I’ve been stood outside for 15 months now and I’m freezing.
  6. Charlie Chuck


    Bad manager selections Spunked money on aging and now worthless players D Taxis Elevate energy drinks Chairman's name on shirts Chairman's name on seats Best keeper in the league sat at home while we leak goals Ticket prices highest in the league
  7. Adam Bolder, if only for his two goals at the Lane, deserves a mention.
  8. Charlie Chuck

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    David Mills, big money striker from Middlesbrough (I think) - did nowt
  9. Charlie Chuck

    Ash Baker gets Wales U21 call up

    Brilliant news. Him and Thorniley have been the stand outs of the academy lads so far. Well done Ash.
  10. Charlie Chuck

    Tonight’s line up

    Best start to a season under DC. Players coming back from long term injury, loads of academy players coming through and no money to spend. And still some people want to have a dig at Jos. Crazy.
  11. Good Vlog that. Obviously from an Ipswich perspective but very honest and can't argue with most of what he said. Wednesday weren't very good. Ipswich are hopeless at defending set pieces, not sure if it was a red card.
  12. Charlie Chuck

    Man of the match and ratings

    Dawson - 6 - Spilled one in the fist half but pulled off a great save before half time. Palmer - 7 - incredible block on the line. Not the most talented but don't get some of the stick he gets on here. Thorniley - 8 - MOM for me. Impressed with everything he did today. Lees - 7 - Pretty solid but had an extra touch too many on occasions Penney - 7 - Looks impressive coming forward and dealt well with Edwards who I was a bit worried about. Joey - 7 - looking more competitive and misplaced less passes today Bannan - 7- nearly lost his head in the first half. Usual energetic performance Reach - 6 - Pretty quiet today. Looked to be lacking his usual spark Matias - 7 - Worked hard again today. Could have scored with a bit more control and composure when 1 on 1. Nuhiu - 5 - Poor game today. Looked like the Dave under Carlos rather than the rejuvenated Dave of last year. Joao - 7 - took his goals well but gave the ball away a bit Forestieri - 7 - Turned the game when he came on. The best player at the club Fletcher - 6 - Not enough time on the pitch
  13. Charlie Chuck

    Wins a win. There were some good things.

    Great post. Some proper OTT comments on here since the match ended and some ridiculous slagging off. It was a potentially difficult game dealt with well. A clean sheet and so many academy products it was great to see.
  14. Charlie Chuck

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith Thorniley Lees Van Aken Palmer Reach Jones Preston Boyd Nuhiu Matias Dawson J. Lee Baker Joey Stobbs Fletcher Burokov
  15. Charlie Chuck

    The Money's got to come from Us

    No chance. All I'm bothered about is being able to afford to watch my team. I'm not bothered about success if the closest the average fan can get to it is watching the results come in on Final Score.