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  1. I went at the back end of the season when the Owls were at Preston. It was Staveley's last game of the season and it was free entry. A really friendly club with good facilities and an excellent set up all round. Definitely worth a visit.
  2. BitofashitlistofnamesbutifIwasforcedtochooseI'dhavetogoforRowett.
  3. Bloody Coleman's done nowt. (Apart from taking Wales to the Euro semi-finals and 8th in the Fifa world rankings)
  4. Amazing reaction on social media. Must be the most hated man in football.
  5. Restores your faith a bit after what the club has been through this week. Well done Fernando, the act of a proper gentleman and happy birthday young man.
  6. It's like meeting a woman who's had a bad experience in her last relationship. You get to know her and she agrees to move in but needs a holiday first to sort her head out. You bend over backwards to accommodate everything she needs and she moves in a couple of months later with you and the kids and everyone is getting on great. Then some obnoxious cheeky monkey who she was at school with and says was her first love gets in touch. Despite the fact that everyone knows he is a cheeky monkey and his kids wants nothing to do with her, she meets him to talk about moving in with him and leaving you. I doubt many people would be grovelling to have her back and would wish that she moves in with him, that he chucks her out before Christmas and she ends up some sad, lonely old woman with no partner and some shitty bed sit down Page Hall. Steve Bruce is that woman and I, for one, will be glad to see the back of him.
  7. It's great to have a choice between players who have been great all month. The claims for Westwood, Palmer, Fletcher and Iorfa are all valid and there are cases for Lees and Aarons. Too often this season, we have been picking the best of a bad bunch.
  8. Middlesbrough are awful and are there for the taking. I think Villa will get in the top six and one other. I think we will fall agonisingly short but what an effort this has been these last few weeks. Considering the key players we have been missing, it's been a brilliant run. We might have sacked Jos earlier but we probably wouldn't have got Bruce in if we had done and I think it's worked out perfectly. His three signings have all been spot on (shame about Lazar's injury) and Iorfa is going to be a bit of a cult hero. Next season - fit squad, bit of wheeling and dealing, and I fancy us for a top six finish.
  9. Helps when there is a proper manager who knows exactly what he's doing. Really impressed with him.
  10. We've conceded 12 in 18 games since Jos left. Take out the Chelsea cup game and it's 9 in 17. Big well done to Bullen, Agnew, Clemence and Bruce
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