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  1. If we had Loungo as well result would have been different.
  2. This has got finish before season ends otherwise penalty could not be applied this season. Also if we win will EFL take it any further or if we lose will we go to High Court. Hence a need to get skates on.
  3. Think you can pay to watch on ifollow cost £10. If you pay it will just mean you still have extra £10 on season ticket. The details for getting pass were posted on Wednesday web site last week. The guidance for getting pass for Lutongame were posted today. I would check Wednesday web site regularly this season.
  4. The money the PL generated for English clubs made lots of other European clubs jealous. They think a European league will transfer money to them. I do not think this will happen lots of English clubs have large followings and if given the choice of watching their team play a another English side or one of so called big 6 play another European side. I do not watch European games as not interested in them. I am quite sure that many would sooner watch top division British games than a European league. The money clubs got in top league of an English league would ensure thes
  5. We will probably be 12 points clear of relegation zone so they will set date for end of season and re impose points deduction for next season. Being fair and impartial EFL of course. The longer it goes on the more hopeful I get. If it was a straight forward EFL would have had it held and over with sharpish, tells me they have concern and are trying to ensure upheld.
  6. We are creating good chances we will score goals. More important we do not look like leaking loads of goals and tight defence is a key to success in this league.
  7. It was good football in first hour. Then we got nervous.
  8. This is how we set up. Without ball Kachunga dropped into make a back 3 wingbacks raising it to 5. Going forward we went down to 2 at back during periods of pressure with Luongo and wingbacks pushing up to join midfield. Windasss, Patterson and Kachunga all tracked back and did share of defending.as very fluid formation. It did work.
  9. You could hear Andy Hughes bellowing instructions. I had commentary onifollow Radio Sheffield.
  10. Think OP is correct. We conceeded lots of late goals last season and think you can see that in nervousness in last 10 minutes. Today would have done players good and hopefully next win will be easier. Also important to try and follow upwith home win which we need.
  11. It was for last couple of minutes of game. Found it surprising they did not go back as nothing was happening in game as player was being treated for serious injury and clear penalty was not goingto be taken untilafter this. If you had commentary only can see why this was annoying. Other than that service was good today and pictures and replays were ok. Commentary and remarks by Brian Laws were accurate in my opinion. Delighted I watched game.
  12. Exactly type of player we have needed. Puts a real shift in and works back made one of tackles of game insecond half.
  13. It was a very good performance. For first 75 minutes we controlled game superbly and should have been well in front. We then got a bit nervous and they brought on some kid called Leko (if only we had tried to sign him) who made a difference. Some real effort put in by Wednesday players today. Windass. Patterson, Kachunga, Reach, Bannan, Odubajo and Harris all put in one hell of a shift. Work rate was continually high. Dawson was their when required. Flint and Van Aken to say had hardly seen each other played really well together. Van
  14. Besides Flint who are you talking about? He is only old signing we have made. For every gem that is unearthed there are another 10 who flop. You have consistentl named lots of young players who you have indicated are worth a look at how many of them have come good and how many are now out of football. It is very difficult to get raw talent into an Academy which had poor reputation and although much improved this takes years to shake off. Also the top tier Academies are now creaming off talent more than ever. Playing with a -12 starting position is not someth
  15. If there is a trend to put beter games on box office my sky subscription gets cancelled as soon as evidence of this. I am not sure if you can just watch Championship football without PL but will try and do this. Coverage on Championship is substantial now they lost Spanish football but Champiosnship clubs did not get reward they deserved for this. Unfortunately the standard of presenters and and analysts has sjlipped to a new low in the current season.
  16. If you look at topic club statement on here. The club statementis reproduced infull and it states we receeive 100% of funds.
  17. You have to think we have serious problems with Lees, Iorfa and Dunkley. With us being in for Bennett , Hector and Flint need large centre back. I would have prefered Hector to Flint as he settled well at cluband played some of his best football here. Think he would have suited our system and with fit Iorfa think we could have probably gone to two centre halves instead of added insurnace of 3.
  18. If youare playing two up front with two on bench it looks right, certainly not over top. Rhodes can not run these days and is just seeing out time. He will be another who finds it difficult to find a clubwhen contract expires.
  19. Just read brentford made an enquiry but have made no bids for Bannan. They asked and when they heard Chansiris money counting machine whirring they went away.
  20. As Wilson or Murphy not available I will go for Harvey Elliott Liverpool wonder kid who they are prepared to let out on loan as an uplifting last minute signing.
  21. History suggests he did not do a bad job. The legacies of many others (Heath,Thatcher, Blair, Major, Cameron) are an absolute mess and we are still suffering for decisions made.
  22. Clarke-Salter or Dion Sanderson. I would like Harry Wilson or Murphy.
  23. I think this is signing because of current injuries and lack of height or ability in air at back. Real worry why he has not played for months. Hope I am wrong.
  24. If Brentford need him they have to push boat out. As an example look at Wilson from Liverpool they want £3m for season to loan him out. Some may say improvement on Bannan but considering situation the figures Brentford have bid are insults to his importance to us as a team. We have to get replacement and current options pronbably would cost us more at this stage than they are offering us. Benrama they have just got £25 m for him. I personally do not think will be a success in PL but if the want replacement have to pay for him and that is hefty figure at this point in s
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