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  1. I think the current set up does not work for the majority of teams in football league. The young players at the club do not play the best Academies and in order to improve you have to play against better players. We won league last year and now in U/23s it can be seen there is a fair gap between the two. The U/23s league again excludes all of top level Academies and have long thought it does not extend our young players as it stands. We have a large squad which helps block young players getting opportunities to play with first team. I do accept not sending players out on loan has also not helped situation. If there were proper reserve fixtures even if it was only 20 per year I think it would be a good help to bring the young players on. The leading academies now have EFL trophy games to help bring on players this is in addition to a more competitive fixture structure and some teams having European fixtures for their young players as well. The clubs in Championship are the ones who are missing out and something needs to change An alternative would be arranging ad hoc games against teams, this depends on other teams being willing to play and no guarantee of decent opposition. The teams who would challenge the players will probably not be available or not interested in playing a team from league we are currently in. Therefore fully support bringing back reserve fixtures or having youth and under 23 based on geographical basis (North and South) rather than Academy status.
  2. In the match commentary on Blackburn game it was said Ryan Needs had arrived from Birmingham this week and was the new Head of Match Analysis. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere. Hopefully this will help improve the team going forward.
  3. I watched the replay of Blackburn game on Wednesday site and it was mentioned in commentary that Ryan Needs had arrived this week from Birmingham and is now head of game analysis for Wednesday.
  4. Yes think you are correct. Heard that Monk does not see any of young players in under 23s as ready for first team. He said as much when he said he would not play young players for PR purposes.
  5. Interesting that all of these are best played on left side of team. It is all a matter of opinion.
  6. It is a rolling contract, I think it guarantees him more than 12 months pay. The reason others did not come is Birmingham not happy to release. Apparently Beattie and Needs are in some kind of dispute with Birmingham. neither of them are doing full duties any more. Judging by report you would have thought this would have happened by now so may be some snag holding up probably compensation.
  7. I was told we had a problem with lack of defensive ability in Academy and u/23s at beginning of season. They signed the chap from Wimbledon but it seems he has not the filled gap. from what I have seen which is not a lot defending does seem to be a problem, the defence looked lacking in pace and full backs looked better going forwards than defending. In addition Dawodu who is a very promising right back has been injured and think he is missed. In addition Neil Thompson has been with first team squad since Bruce left which I think has not helped situation. Haslam has stepped in but this is in addition to running Academy. The quicker we bring in a couple of new coaches the better.
  8. It is two or three who are genuine competitors for a place in the team. We have no real competition for Fletcher or Hutchinson. I also think a wide right player with pace would also be interesting as Murphy not lived up to expectations at this point.
  9. I am hoping if Beattie arrives he can bring best out of Borovic and Damba or Shaw if we continue to play him as striker in reserves. He has improved strikers beyong recognition so I am hoping he can turn one of young players into a gem.
  10. He was injured and think was due to return to training this week.
  11. Centre backs with pace are as rare as hens teeth if you look at money some centre backs went for at end of last season. Iorfa if progress continues is as good as any of them and with his pace who knows what value may be on him. At the moment he is the last player if we got promoted you would not be looking to replace. Borner has also been an excellent signing and in my opinion mad a better start that Hector did last season. If he can continue to improve think we have best centre back pairing in Championship.
  12. I am not sure how many loan players you can play but thought 4 was maximum. if Nixon is correct this may mean we send Murphy or Bates back to parent club. Think we need midfield reinforcements personally would like to see us try and do a deal for Stewart from Hull who is out of contract in summer and we could possibly pick up on cheap like Luongo. With regard loans think Che Adams is a good shout as he is type of forward we need and he needed another year at this level. I also think we will look for right footed creative midfield player who can possibly also play on right as well as in centre, but who that would be I am not sure, although think likely to be from a premier league club as other Championship teams unlikely to loan good players to a fellow Championship club especially if we are doing well.
  13. Defensive side f game is not good enough.
  14. He is a good player no doubt but this puts a rose tint on things. He demands ball and gets uppity when players do not pass to him. His distribution was very poor in last two games and his passing was inferior to several. This was due to pressure being applied to him and having less room to operate. A sensible tactic would be to use a different outlet and success we have had in these games was when other routes forward were utilised. As pointed out previously his tackling and hesitation and poor passing put us under pressure in both games. He was taken off against Cardiff which I think says a lot. if we utilise other avenues and bypass him it will force opposition to revise tactics and hopefully give him space he requires. If you think his performance does not vary on how we set up and how opposition play I am amazed. The team also have numerous other players who have shown they have real talent and this is not about saying so and so is not as good as somebody but saying if you have options use them. I actually thin BB probably tries to do too much and he would be an even better player if he did refine game.
  15. At one point the look on the ref's face was a picture, it was not another injury. Think injury actually played could have been much longer. There were 4 injuries which resulted in players coming off at I think 4 clashes of heads in game. Plus many other stoppages. It was not a dirty game most were result of accidental collisions or falling and twisting badly or just genuine attempts to head ball.
  16. This post is spot on. We have certain players who have very good qualities and are a real talent. However the opposition know this and put plans in place to thwart them playing to their strengths. Our current midfield finds it difficult against pacey highly energetic midfield players because neither are blessed with great pace. Leeds are a team who will use lots of pace in this area and a method will have to be found to counter this. Bannan has not been seen at his best in last two games because opposition have players who disrupt his style. The OP made a suggestion and if Lee had running power of 3 seasons ago it would be a good call. The midfield players at Monk's disposal do not fit together ideally in all situations and I am certain this and striking area are high on agenda for additions to be made.
  17. There was a summary of Wednesday on sky sports goals games by the former Reading manager of the Wednesday team. This is not a verbatim quote but he said were solid and well organised team who played at a level of 7 or 8 every game and he said if you do this in the Championship you will be in the top few teams and will gain points. I thought this was a good summary of us we are not spectacular but you know what you get and play to a standard each game return will be consistent. Think The crew down the road did this last year and it served them well.
  18. Iorfa has been one of the successes of the season. He is improving by the game and has all the qualities to be an excellent centre back. He did extremely well tonight.
  19. Penalties have never been given for every infringement in the box and this was 6 of one and half a dozen of other. Allen clearly was looking for it and his going to ground like he did di nothing to help his cause. it is one of those if you are an away side you are unlikely to get and the fact he had fouled Wednesday player first meant even if VAR was in operation it would not have been given. Bannan in his attempt to get the ball looked out of controla and can see why some thought it may be a penalty.
  20. We bought Luongo who was in last year of contract and got him cheap. Currently in Championship their are numerous players in final year f contract. Hull City have numerous players out of contract including both wingers, left back and Jacson irving. Jake Cooper at Millwall is another. I could see us being smart andlooking for players in this group. Personally going forward we need more pace in striking options and energy in midfield. Not sure who or where Monk will want to strengthen but expect we will move a few players out.
  21. If you are putting the question to me. I personally would worry if we tried to go with 2 in centre midfield against some of the more pacey energetic midfields as evidence suggests we struggle against these type of sides. I can only assume it is the type of players at our disposal which creates this concern rather than the actual system.
  22. We offloaded Boyd, Jones, Abdi and Hooper in summer all of whom were well over 30. This just illustrates how wrong the age balance of the squad was wrong. This is in addition to it not being balanced by playing position. In addition players recruited Harris, Borner, Odubajo and Luongo were all experienced mid 20's players which were required. To get the mess right it will take more than one transfer window although I think in the summer good strides were made. Monk said he would not play young players for PR purposes, I thought this was a pleasant way of saying he did not think any of current crop are ready. The performances at u/23 level of team have not been great this season with particular problems defensively. Therefore can not see any young players be included in near future. I hope I am wrong and we can introduce a good young player or two.
  23. Think all formations will work at some stage of season. Key is to be adaptable and have manager who has know how of when to play which formation. So far Monk has decided correctly.
  24. The initial signs are good. There has been a significant improvement in defending although Mon himself today said there is lots of room for improvement. Iorfa looked better going forward at full back than defending and I had concerns about him at centre half. His displays at centre half in last few games have been very good and he has improved each game. Odubajo has also started to look more comfortable at full back and again displays improving week by week. We also appear to be more organised on pitch. If EFL do not interfere think we will be in the mix at end of season and if we are not lucky enough to get promoted this season I am sure if Monk his at helm next season we be in excellent position to get out of league. His messages have been filled with common sense and he looks comfortable in the role. Absolutely delighted with what I have seen to date.
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