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  1. We bought Luongo who was in last year of contract and got him cheap. Currently in Championship their are numerous players in final year f contract. Hull City have numerous players out of contract including both wingers, left back and Jacson irving. Jake Cooper at Millwall is another. I could see us being smart andlooking for players in this group. Personally going forward we need more pace in striking options and energy in midfield. Not sure who or where Monk will want to strengthen but expect we will move a few players out.
  2. If you are putting the question to me. I personally would worry if we tried to go with 2 in centre midfield against some of the more pacey energetic midfields as evidence suggests we struggle against these type of sides. I can only assume it is the type of players at our disposal which creates this concern rather than the actual system.
  3. We offloaded Boyd, Jones, Abdi and Hooper in summer all of whom were well over 30. This just illustrates how wrong the age balance of the squad was wrong. This is in addition to it not being balanced by playing position. In addition players recruited Harris, Borner, Odubajo and Luongo were all experienced mid 20's players which were required. To get the mess right it will take more than one transfer window although I think in the summer good strides were made. Monk said he would not play young players for PR purposes, I thought this was a pleasant way of saying he did not think any of current crop are ready. The performances at u/23 level of team have not been great this season with particular problems defensively. Therefore can not see any young players be included in near future. I hope I am wrong and we can introduce a good young player or two.
  4. Think all formations will work at some stage of season. Key is to be adaptable and have manager who has know how of when to play which formation. So far Monk has decided correctly.
  5. The initial signs are good. There has been a significant improvement in defending although Mon himself today said there is lots of room for improvement. Iorfa looked better going forward at full back than defending and I had concerns about him at centre half. His displays at centre half in last few games have been very good and he has improved each game. Odubajo has also started to look more comfortable at full back and again displays improving week by week. We also appear to be more organised on pitch. If EFL do not interfere think we will be in the mix at end of season and if we are not lucky enough to get promoted this season I am sure if Monk his at helm next season we be in excellent position to get out of league. His messages have been filled with common sense and he looks comfortable in the role. Absolutely delighted with what I have seen to date.
  6. Agree with majority of this. I thin he was playing with niggling injuries for last two years under CC and that contributed to form. I believe he admitted he had only been 100% fit for a few games one season. When he returned last year think injuries had cleared up and he got back to best we had seen in a few years. His performances this year make me think he probably has some sort of niggle. He is the type to play on regardless. His and play through issues which is not always wise. He is below what we expect from him at the moment.
  7. No get out of armchair and go to game.
  8. This is spot on we played three today to cope with Fulham's midfield players. We had a formation to get a result, it was not marvellous but we restricted them to very few chances and we had best chances of the game. I left the game feeling with more work this is type of game we can win and they are the sort of team who you would expect us to struggle against.
  9. I understand they played today but I am unable to find any comment on game or result. Can anybody supply information about the game? thanks in anticipation.
  10. Coleman, Zola and Pulis were clearly put forward by Agents and why they got interviewed by DC. It is clear the majority of fans did not want any of three but it appears they did not impress DC either. He left Bullen in charge and went on holiday. Think you will always get somebody who does not like manager but think far more will be happy with Monk than dissatisfied. If the allegations about Monk had not been made he would have had almost complete support, it is worth noting he strenuously denies the allegations and no proof has been put forward to substantiate them. Why there was a lot of grumbles is some of the names were clearly unsuitable for the job and were not realistic candidates. Unfortunately we have appointed a couple of left field appointments and this has given energy to wild card suggestions. Absolutely certain Monk will get as near to 100% backing as possible.
  11. Why is a daft comment by a former coach given airspace on here. It was a throw away comment not we tried to buy him.
  12. It is a fair point you make and think DC is managing funds far more carefully this season.. Think the anomaly you point out shows idiocy of current system. Where you could expect club to make £3 million of savings by getting rid of a player it actually makes situation worse in current year but much better next season. How is this helping clubs to manage financial situation?
  13. Is Monk Thompson or Bullen in attendance at the game?
  14. His performance was patchy at best, but I dislike the idea of identifying a scapegoat and piling into him at every opportunity and some evidence this is starting to happen. Think everybody needs time some more than others and far too early to be on his case. He definitely has skills and puts in the yardage he may need time to settle into a club to get to his best. He was certainly useful when he played for Norwich and he should be given some time to bed in. I think Monk will not tolerate idleness or incompetence and if he is not performing will not be in team.
  15. He was better second half and felt he grew into role as game went on. He did make several vital interceptions in first half but distribution could have been better.
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