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  1. Zottos wiIl I think will be too old next season. He has looked most promising of this years intake. Murtadha Al-Jahadhmy is the young lad who crossed for last goal. He cam on as substitute for Aguas. I believe he is another from under 16s. It is often case you get a group of good players together and u/16s look to have some with real promise. You are correct in individuals look somewhere for hope at times of crisis.
  2. Really upset by this. The young lad looked best midfield player on pitch by a mile last night for us and we have Pelupessy on 2 year deal. Bannan reportedly just agreed a contract withus. Why did not Celtic try and sign him he would have walked to Scotland to sign for them. Obvious one looks to have a promising future the other is past his best and judging by efforts this year is in decline. Absolutely seething.
  3. Coming on the day it is confirmed Shaw has signed pre contract agreement with Celtic makes my blood boil. In last month Bannan has been poor. He has tried to do too much and fell woefully short. Everybody who has watched Wednesday more than once will know what he is going to do. We are extremely predictable and return of 4 assists for someone who takes all free kicks and corners is absolutely dreadful. I sincerely hope we are not putting a 30 odd year old player (who is clearly in decline) and sky high wages when we can not afford to offer a decent contract to Shaw who has looked most promising young player in years. Did not think much of Pulis but when he said they were saying who should be offered contracts he gave the impression that those running club had got it wrong and if that was what he was saying he is most certainly correct.
  4. Quite simply not good enough for the job they were bought. Reach not been played where he his most effective has not helped his cause. Bannan is unique player is he is best as deep lying attacking midfield player. You need players to fit with him and this is not easy hence why nobody has come in for him with serious offer over the years.
  5. The quality of the last couple of shirts I bought was ok and kids do get their wear out of them. However I know we are top price for shirts but anyone looking at list of clubs their shirt prices we stand out a mile. At this time you have to make some marketing effort or offer discount The fact we are one of few that have done nothing and had top price to begin with must set alarm bells ringing some where in Hillsborough.
  6. Barnsley now have a structure they are working to. Have always had an ability to spot talent. They now look to have a decent manager / coach. They are recruiting young high energy players They recently had a bit of a dodgy spell but came out of it with good win over Brentford. Our recruitment when compared to Barnsley is terrible Their recruitment has been world wide and concentrated on emerging talent. With link to Pickering and now Jephcote I hope we are now looking in promising talent zone. However until we start actually signing these type of players we have to live in hope.
  7. I thought match passes were only offered for home games. This is an away game. It will be on ifolow at a cost of £10. Never use match pass just pay for game and save money on ticket.
  8. Suggestion was twin with them, How would that benefit the club? Ok they have Wednesday in name? Womens Institute in Henley have a Wednesday Bridge Club should we twin with them?
  9. Just how would this benefit club? We could not bring any promising players over although I doubt 4th division in Turkey is a hotbed of talent. Turkey is in a strange place at moment and would want to give it a wide birth regardless.
  10. Interesting post. I only heard rumours about Monk after he was our manager. If he had done this he could not continue when at Wednesday as basically everyone had heard rumours and were watching. All of the Manager's except Bruce were recommendations from same source so you pays your money and takes your choice who it refers to. The strange recruitment practices at Wednesday where we do not recruit players in obvious place we require them obviously results in questions and suspicions. Across all clubs agents are a big problem for football and set ups are so complicated you do not known who owns what. Much tighter controls need to be imposed with strict limits on what clubs can pay for their services. It is only when tap is turned off will football stand a chance of getting house in order. It is clear though that a group of Southern Europeans have made a fortune from business and they set about controlling clubs by having players managers and officials on their books. They have access to wealthy individuals who they bring into the game and then proceed to make money out of them. It has stifled opportunities for British managers by bringing in foreign coaches many of whom have performed poorly and previous record does not justify appointment. Some have done well initially as are in jobs where substantial funds are available.
  11. All players have been paid n full loads of clubs have deferred payments and others in much worse situation. EFL will eventually read law and realise they have not fit for purpose scheme which id=f somebody took high court route would fall apart as did not treat all clubs fair and equally. With cash flow problems the world over and most companies suffering it would be a diabolical decision. Chances are loads of clubs will need bailing out and new investors as debts will have grown for all. Therefore they need to attract money into game not stop rich people investing. The reason they will cancel P&S is it does do not do what is intended. If they want to take heat out of Championship parachute payments need stopping.
  12. I agree I was trying to think of names not previously mentioned. Basically something unusual and makes you take notice.
  13. When anonymity is banned and you can see weasels that are making the comments. Very easy to be brave behind a mask.
  14. Tommy Spurr I always thought was good footballers name.
  15. The team had a few players looking tired. t would not surprise me that undersoil heating was conveniently broken to let chaps recover properly. Anyone who watched us recently can not failed to have noticed one or two key players being less effective than usual. We have won through form of others coming to party. Against team like Swansea want all the good players functioning. With us having game on Tuesday could not put game back 24 hours.
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