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  1. Quist

    Team effectiveness.

    I have defended Jos in I do not think was given a fair chance with the croc of shyte he inherited. However recent games have shown that I think we have exhausted his football knowledge. If DC has looked for a successor this is a good thing as we need swift transition and change needs to be quick. If he has spoken to Bruce as it shows he is looking in right circles. If we ditched and replaced with a non entity it would be hostile from outset.
  2. No point in having them complete waste of time for all concerned.
  3. Quist

    Who Is to Blame?

    The advisor to Chansiri was Doyen but eventually left and formed own company and is still present. They had contract to do scouting. Manager was a Doyen client. Some players had doyen as agent. The commercial manager who left was a Doyen client. It can be said they are all different parts of Doyen group but a fair bit of involvement.
  4. Quist

    Who Is to Blame?

    Doyen introduced DC to club, they were already here when he arrived. He may have been obliged to use them as part of deal. He was not involved in football so required help. They are far from free of blame.
  5. Delighted to hear the news. I sincerely hope they sign up Hammoud, Shaw, Rice etc as well they all look decent. Remember Dave Grant playing no nonsense full back.
  6. Quist

    Ben Wilkinson

    He won promotion with Notts County.and worked in non league. The recent developments at Man City over last few years are I stark contrast to what happened when they first took over. I suppose its much better to look at an old has been or some geezer who has not heard of Sheffield Wednesday before getting call and asking to manage them or an appointment that suits advisors more than club. Jjust think he has pedigree to do well if like his father he will learn as he goes along and having some one like him as assistant manager coach gives an opportunity for progression at a later date rather than in current situation where there is no obvious successor in first team coaching ranks.
  7. Quist

    Ben Wilkinson

    This is not a daft suggestion. Ben Wilkinson coached under 18s last year and they used high pressing tactics which they have employed to some effect this season. He was head hunted by Manchester City for their U/23s at end of last season.. Howard Wilkinson was not a good footballer but was excellent coach and if his son has followed his example he will be ok. I think bringing him in as assistant to a more mature / seasoned coach would be a good idea. I am sure his dad would be available to offer advice if necessary. I think its a safe bet ben Wilkinson will have success as a football manager / head coach in the future. Remember Man City recruited head of Academy Ramsdale year before so I suspect they are well aware of young Ben's capabilities. Manchester City also have a project in place monitoring all young managers in Europe looking for the outstanding coaches of future. So to be selected to coach under 23s tell you he is very capable.
  8. is that a village in Holland?
  9. Think he is pleasant bloke a bit of a yes man. From stories not very good as a coach. Had poor record in Scotland and adds not much in his current capacity.
  10. Quist

    Alan Nixon

    The embargo was removed. The way P & S is supposed to work is they look at future income and expenditure and put in place a plan to get club back on guidelines. I suspect as long as we follow guidelines we will not come to no harm. It probably means spending will be limited and with down turn in attendances may have to be lower than expected but it would be ridiculous to go back into embargo less than 12 months after it being lifted. If selling of a player was required it would not have been lifted until this had been done. I suspect players may be sold in order to fund fresh players coming in. I accept it is not a job which will attract high quality managers as not much to spend and not a lot to work with.
  11. I live to the North of Reading, just been talking to a reading fan and they were linked with Bruce and lots of money went on him to manager. However he apparently turned them down because already had other irons in fire. They are now strongly linked with Luis Carlos a Portuguese nobody. They have of course had strong links with Doyen so about time they get a prize donkey. It sounds as though Jos has got bullet today so fun will start tomorrow.
  12. If the club have already approached Bruce. Nixon is accurate when mentioning stuff relating to Bruce and there was a clear mood change in midweek with newspapers openly speaking about next manager and discussing names. Therefore it is probably true and it makes position of current incumbent untenable. The last few games it appears things have got more desperate on pitch and this could be due to Jos and players knowing axe is about to come down and new manager is being sourced. Now it has had public airing I think a decision has to be made quickly by club to sack or publicly back Jos. If neither action is taken things will only deteriorate and performances will get worse (oh yes they can). The overwhelming feeling of fans is change is required but reports in newspaper mean are now in dead man walking zone and this has to rectified as soon as possible for sake of club.
  13. Quist

    Alan Nixon

    Think some managers work with certain clubs and not others. For some reason Bruce at Villa never seemed right and it did not work. Before anybody asks I have no idea what would fit with our fan base but Bruce stands as good a chance as any. Think some foreign names mentioned would not stand a chance and some old favourites have no chance of getting job in current set up. Who ever gets job needs time because we have poor team and from comment relating to Bruce he realises a clear out is required. Lets hope DC has fresh cheque book ready.
  14. Quist

    Two full backs needed

    It should have said new back 4 and central midfield. Yes its that bad.
  15. Quist


    The answer to second question if all points was accurate is no. But neither would any other decent manager.