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  1. Midfield 3

    Think you are correct on this. i am not even sure about Van Aken as he is slow to get moving. Jos has packed midfield in front to provide two rows of 3 to add solidity which suggests not great deal of confidence in defence.
  2. Midfield 3

    Looking at the players we have (even when all fit) they do not fit well into a 4-2-3-1 formation. Jos has already decided that another defensive midfielder was required, weonly had Jones and Hutchinson who fitted that description. I could see Jones and Hutchinson playing in a 2 and presumably the new man could as well. The solitary guy up front has to be mobile (high work rate) or hold up ball well and bring others into play. If this man does not have pace I would think 2 out of 3 behind need pace for system to work. I do not think on evidence seen so far that we have a striker who could do that job. The 3 in behind usually have to be capable of scoring goals and be busy orgenuine link players. FF Reach and Lee could do a job in there but not sure would all fit in same team. Hooper could do central role of 3 but seems to get injured when playing the role. Wallace could play wideright role but do not think could play every game. Abdi has played well on left of 3 previously but appears to be heading for medical retirement. Bannan is not a defensive midfield player and does not score enough to be part of attacking midfield. It will be fascinating to see what develops.
  3. Would You Rather

    Play off place.
  4. Congrats to Adam Reach

    You sound like a girl I once took to a game.
  5. A lot of Portugese managers have been fortunate to trade on Mourinho succeess. Many have landed at clubs where they have been backed financially. Many good other managers form other countries would have loved opportunities they have had. Think success has been due to marketing of managers from Portugal by Agents, actually believe they are now well behind some countries when comes to coaching and scientific methods being applied. On Sky sports their is an article about science being used by premier teams. In Germany great strides have also been made.
  6. We had a video analyst who used to go through games with CC (this was stated by CC). Thought our reading of opposition was generally poor and put this down to video analyst, for example we played Bolton twicw and made same mistakes in both. It sounds as though JL shows it to players and says this is where we can improve. Boyd said there was more meetings to discuss tactics It is clearly different to what we did before from comments that have emerged. It was a bit of a mystery to me what all of them who left actually did. Think 5 left including CC does anybody actually know how set up worked and hat each of their roles were?
  7. Was uplifted by press conference. To introduce more professionalism re training before games and after games. Obvious something wrong and clearly identified issues with our approach. If he receives backing he will do well. Also positive mentionfor youths, I expect some of them to raise game as now they know there is chance of future.
  8. Nuhiu or Joao for Swansea?

    I think if he came for anyone it will be Hooper. If they go down he will be sacked as only 6 month contract.
  9. Apparently its a hamstring injury and with them not always easy to predict.
  10. Yes fully agree. I can see FF and Lee fitting into most systems he could employ. Real problem we have is the number of players we have who are similar, for example if you play 4-2-3-1 formation. You could argue that best place for Reach, FF, Abdi, Lee, and Bannan is left side of the 3. Whilst on right side we have very few who would favour that role probably Wllace and Matias. its a real puzzle as we a[[ear to have bought players without having regard to wear we would play them. We also played players out of position which again makes them different to evaluate. Think it will be interesting what if anything he does with Bannan.
  11. A Must (tache) Song For Jos

    Unfortunately there are alot of inappropriate words that rhyme with tache.
  12. Minutes Applause

    I donot think its just football there has become an unhealthy obsession with grief.
  13. In answer to the original question, he looks a defender and not a ball playing whizz. Van Aken can deliver a lovely pass and this seemed to be the criteria used. Venancio looks a defender first and foremost We played an unusual shape which does not suit some (probably majority) players. We have already seen quite a few players putting in far better performances than was thought capable as we are not asking some to do the impossible whilst allowing others time to play. It is possible that some players will not perform as well in the systems jos employs as not allowed space they were under previous system.
  14. This is difficult question because we donot know what formation he intends to go with. There are a couple of areas we need to address regardless. First is left back because we do not have one who can do a real job, think Pudil is no longer capable of delivering performance in this position. Defensive midfield looks as if being addressed as Hutchinson is only player with enough pace to do that job on his own and his persistent injury problem means unlikely to play in 50% of games. We are short of real pace going forward, but if Jos can somehow get joao and Matias to perform this may not be as big an issue as it looked before he got the job. Think we have real problems in centre of defence at the moment we have gone with 3 centre halves and 3 midfielders in front of them, believe he has done this due to lack of defensive quality in side. i am not certain that we have 2 centre halves capable of playing well consistently as a pair at the back. Lees and Loovens did it with Hutchinson in front of them. For whatever reason Loovens has lost some reaction speed this season and is now prone to errors. Lees has a degenerative tendon injury and has a spell on sidelines each season. i suspect he was playing with injury as been below best this season. Pudil is probably best of rest but not hing more than stop gap solution.Venancio and Van Aken are not good enough for Championship as pair, Venacio looks more capable defensively than Van Aken. Therefore I think 2 centre halves are required going forward, would like to think one of young players could step up but may be not soon enough for teams needs. I would expect major rebuilding in summer if we are to go for it next year.