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  1. We will not play 3 at back as a regular formationt and quite certain Joao will not be a regular starter. Iorfa strength looks going forward rather than defending. This side would be far from my view of a strong side.. Believe Findlay has been dropped fromplayers we wanted looked elsewhere. I know nothing about Willock. Think only way we fund players for serious money is to offload the likes of Joao, Rhodes, Winnall, Pelupessy and Van Aken.
  2. Think Pelupessy will be moved on and Hutchinson with injury woes can only be a stop gap you can not rely upon him. Wingers needed but Bruce likes proper wingers not ones who can play their as second resort. Snodgrass and Aaarons show type he likes hard working but who possess a threat. I do not think either of these will sign for us but certainly expect us to bring two wingers in possibly on loan.
  3. Think that report was accurate he watched Wednesday v Palace pictures of them and Mark Bright were published after this.
  4. If Bruce targeted any Strasbourg midfield players it would be him. We need defensive midfield player none are currently secured he is the best they have. If he can sell some of forwards will reinvest in DM , winger or two, and pacy striker. Think defence is sorted. Problem we have is we have not much sought after up front.
  5. I doubt if accurate he did not play Lansbury at Villa. If true re Strasbourg midfielder Sissoko it would mean we would have to do some serious wheeler dealing to buy this type of player to club.
  6. When I saw name did not ring a bell and could not say who he played for. Can now vaguely remember him. I watch a fair bit of football and knowing nothing about him suggests you are right or even putting a rosier picture on him.. Suspect lots of others on here have no idea who he is.
  7. Did not impress in league one. Reportedly his wage reduced to £40,000 a week when Sunderland dropped out of Premier. This is a ridiculous wage for a player of his ability. He has learned to manage injury but it has cost him the zip which made him a good defensive midfielder. Taking a player on with his past history and at his age would be unsound business. Clearly a mate of Bruce family as currently on holiday with Alex. Hence speculation and with us needing cover in that area can understand polite enquiry. I am sure Cattermole would enjoy linking up with Bruce and Sunderland love to get rid but surely common sense will prevail and he will continue to be a burden for Sunderland.
  8. Excellent player but career ruined through injury. Signing players with horrendous injury records is not way to succeed.
  9. Nixon not getting any decent Wednesday info at moment. He gets info from Agents (Doyen definitely supply him). Cattermole has been wheeled out for last two seasons trying to get rid of him and his high wages. Nixon no idea who Bruce scouts are looking at. If going for old pair of legs in midfield Diame probably best bet. I suspect his wages and Cattermole's not far apart as he received his contract when Sunderland in top flight. Personally think younger man such as Vaulks or Morsy better option. Also heard we looked at Lewis Holtby and he was suspended from playing last two games in German second division by his club similar to Borner but no outcry about him.that club and not seen any links as to where going.
  10. You could be right about personality. Few are perfect but those who succeed recognise their shortfall and employ somebody to fill that gap. Those who were around at time will know it was not quite right and personally not certain what was missing but something definitely was.
  11. I think he has had health problems (heart) and not been in best of health. In addition his wife had died not long before. He used to be a pundit but drifted away from this, may have been due to health. He was probably a far better manager than most of us realised at the time. He had some excellent contacts in the game and could get hold of excellent players. He had Frank Barlow who was excellent football coach to help him but could probably have done with more support in back room team. Just felt team was missing something but hard to say what it was.
  12. Borner was suspended/prevented from last two games of season in league has he had already signed for us. Thus been known for some time but Wednesday have said nothing. Odubajo has signed as well but again we have said nothing.
  13. Yes a lower burden of proof. But when there is no evidence at all how is that proving anything. If evidence is reviewed there are clear incidents mainly by Mansfield players against Wednesday players. Some of these had done nothing yet were being mistreated. It is wrong to be selective, this looks to be a case of having it in for player or Wednesday. Also why the delay, why has it taken so long? The police investigation was shocking in only one side were interviewed and case was rightly thrown out. This does not enhance footballs reputation it makes it worse. Wednesday have a variety of races in team and had a black manager at the time of incident so could hardly said not to be inclusive.
  14. I think owning football club is risky business, very few make money and those that show a profit have invested close to a billion to achieve it. Norwich owners are fans and only way they could benefit is by selling club at this point to those who want status of owning Premiership club. I doubt they will see any of the money from PL unless they sell the club. Swansea were a club who used TV money to pay players high wages it was ok until relegation hit now having fire sale to survive.
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