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  1. Interesting i agree with Palmer as think you need good defenders if going 4-3-3. I would go with Hector and Thorniley in centre think it offers better balance. Looking at Hector and Lees think neither could play left sided centre half effectively. I would use Penney at left back as his pace his useful same as Palmers in defence. Think a more straightforward role in this area suits him best. Some of his best work has been defensive and do not go with this idea he is more of a forward. his efforts in that role have not been as convincing as you attract a marker and attacking becomings a lot more difficult than to occasional sortee from the defence. Personally would prefer 4-3-3 and think we have personnel to make it work absence of both FF and Matias mean we have lack of pace in front line. Think Fletch and Reach done enough to guarantee place and Joao is certainly best from the bench. Nuhiu could be used where opposition defence requires that tye of player.
  2. In hindsight you are correct but before a ball was kicked what would have been your thoughts.
  3. I think if Onomah played it would be at expense of Bannan in last nights team. They were too strong and athletic for BB to be at his best. When we play against physical opposition with quick athletic midfielders he is not at his best.
  4. Genuine question who would you have in back 4?
  5. Quist

    U23s at Hull

    I first was aware of this when Bannan travelled to an away match last season when coming back from injury. I am delighted Winnall is showing right attitude and would rather praise him than make comment on usual suspects. Lets face it we know several we have recruited have just come for final pay day, think something like this when we are short of players shows true colours of elder bretheren. I am not sure if league rule or a Wedesday one.
  6. It has been a problem for years I would never park there would sooner pay a couple of quid rather than have damage to car which will cause loads of inconvenience and cost lots more.
  7. Quist

    U23s at Hull

    My understanding is first team players such as Winnall, Jones, Boyd, Abdi, Van Aken and Hutchinson have the option of refusing to play in away games at u/23 level. Hats off to Winnall as he has shown that he is prepared to make the effort. it also shows how eagre others are to progress. Shaw and Wladock are key members of u/18 team so i presume they did not play this morning. Delighted with win.
  8. At the end of this season is an excellent one for a clear out. The change in rules regarding loan players (only 6 is the proposal will a side be able to loan out) will mean some of the Premier clubs are required to have a change in policy. Think Chelsea have 44 out on loan currently. It will mean the relentless snapping up of talent by Premier teams will be restrained. Although they will still be keen on top quality the mopping up of any player who shows talent will be scaled back as no good having them sat on backside doing nothing. I expect lots of bargains will be around with major clubs offloading players.
  9. Quist

    SWFC U18s 1 v 3 LEEDS UTD U18s

    It will serve as a reminder that not everything goes to plan. I am sure the lads will realise and hopefully nrmal service will be resumed next week.
  10. Quist

    My Balanced View

    I agree with a lot of the points made by the OP. In partcular agree with the points made re Palmer, Thorniley, Pelupessy, Fletcher, Hector, Penney,Reach, and Joao. think Bannan tried but was ineffective against power and muscle of opposition his charging about everywhere did not help as we lost shape of team but could see why he did this. Some games are ones where his talents will be negated and Middlesborough are one of those. However last few season wse were vulnerable to balls in the box and lost lots of goals to crosses. To counter this we use a really high line. This means players at back have to be more decisive and not to dwell on ball as they can be quickly encountered by energetic midfield. Lees has struggled all season with distribution and many goals conceded are due to us not implementing high line tactic correctly. He is like Palmer can defend but poor at distribution.especially when put under pressure. The high line defence puts extra pressure on goalkeeper as they are required to do a lot more interception nad passing of the ball. In the Leeds game dawson made more completed passes than any other player in side. They also have to cover alot more ground. the role of goalkeeper has changed like lots of other roles in side, Westwood distribution was never great and the way we play would not suit him I am not saying he did not have qualities but think way we play would not be to his strength. Dawson stood no chance with either goal tonight.
  11. Quist

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    I understand point about first goal but disagree. hector was already commotted when Thorniley allowed ball to bounce his first option to head was correct. there were two attackers and only Lees caught between two stools. Fully garee Lees has had poor game but its been the same every time he tries to bring ball out from back. he is not cut out for ball playing game. We struugle when we have high pressing energetic midfield against us. We play high line so although our defenders are often near half way line they have to be decisive otherwise they are caught in possession. Our defenders just need to understand not to dwell on ball and be decisve. They only had a chance when we gave them opportunity which is the dissapointing thing for me about last night.
  12. Quist

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Pelupessy, Fletcher and Hector grafted and put themselves about. Reach scored another beauty and covered alot of ground. They were all reasonable performances. Thorniley generally did ok until first goal was a mistake by him when he changed mind about heading a ball and let it bounce. Palmer was good at tackling but can not pass the ball. Lees we keep using to bring ball out of defence and he struggles. Second goal he refused simple ball and turned into trouble. Penney had poor game he tried to dribble by Shotton when he should have tried to run him and kept doing this. Contract negotiations may have had some impact. Bannan was not at best, not his type of game against tall physical players. The spirit they showed to fight back was impressive. Whatever anybody says if we cut out individual errors we will do ok in league. Sky have highlighted defensive frailties of Wednesday and it was basically the passing we do at back.
  13. Were you one of the children? By the way I have been on the stage as well. I was deliveing some props to the crucible and was told to leave it on stage.
  14. Quist

    penney may be off

    Doyen are the problem, I think he will sign with us, in his circumstances would not be wise to do otherwise. Did not do well on loan with other clubs so best to get more good history under belt before any fancy move.
  15. Quist

    How many are out injured now?

    The info you have given there is completely different slant put on first post. Hutch has not been out as long as others so will not need as much preparation. Van Aken has been training for a while before Hutch and Winnall I actually think he is fit just not fancied for role he does. you admit baker is fine. like I said we have two players who have been injured this season and currently not playing. You just required a bit of a nudge to report facts correctly.