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  1. They prevented club being sold and basically had no idea on business. When we were eventually sold the hey day of getting a club by spending cash to get into Premiership had gone. Allen was not sensible Chairman he was also responsible but Wednedayite made it worse.
  2. I am not quite sure what is wrong with section of Owlsfanbase. Things have not been good and mistakes have been made. Monk took over and got none of his team with him. Alot of managers would not come in those circumstances. Clearly something was wrong at club and this probably stemmed from disgruntled players who had unsettling effect. Also I suspect coaching was not in harmony either. If anyone is a Wednesday fan they can not be anything other than pleased with the start to the season. If they still have nothing positive to say but want to gripe out behind the scenes going on you have to ask why? *Were they part of Wednesdayite fiasco which nearly led to demise of club and still sore from that episode. *Are they fans of other clubs who just want to stir up trouble at the club. *Is being a misery part of their existence and unless they moan and groan they are frightened their life will not be worth living. *Have genuine worries about the health of some as it can not be good to be indark place you live. Those having a go against Monk. *It is only this season he has his team in place. *Due to CC buying fiasco he has been left in most difficult situation any manager has ever faced at this club *He has had to rebuild a team in adverse circumstances *If he was dismissed just who do you think would take on the challenge? *His demeanour and comments this seasoneven prior to first game have been sensible and sound. *The statement at start of this article basically saying the club needs its fans and we need for you to all get behind us. They are wise words and no true Wednesday fan could find fault with them I support a manager until I consider he has outstayed his usefulness and no loner in best interests to retain him. End of last season wastrying for us all but in view of circumstances did not think a change was right at the time. In first few games many of those concerns have gone and think it is about time to wipe state clean with Monk and the team and give them a clean state . If we fall from the standards we have set infirst few games criticism will be appropriate but it has to be tempered into how we are doing in the season as a whole. The last 18 months has been extremely difficult for me personally and the fortunes of Wednesday have not helped in you look to hobbies interests to give you a lift. It would be lovely to come onto the site and see good informed debate about football and the club. Good humour and passion in equal measure, credit where it is due and criticism where appropriate. Unfortunately their are those whose glass is always half empty, the failed comedians, and the failed teachers who ruin debate and enjoyment of the site. The number of fans who avoid the site for these reasons are substantial. I do not always agree with Owlstalk but he is absolutely right on this one.
  3. Thanks for that. I presume not Norwich as they got Oliver Skipp. If Wednesday were succesful it would possibly mean Pelupessy or even Loungo being allowed out on loan. Do you know of interest in either of these. With two games a week two players are required for each position especially with the type of game we are playing.
  4. Understand approach. Think it is important lots of guys who go to away games lwatch games on ifollow. If we do it in smae volume we go to away games will make huge difference to club. We get nothing from selling away league tickets normally. On ifollow we get the money so would be a huge boost to income. I accept not everyone can afford to do this but lots can and it will really help the club.
  5. Swansea and Huddersfield both already ruled out by Garner or Man United. Blackburn are trying hard besides ourselves apparently.
  6. This is for those with season tickets. For anybody who does not have season ticket can pay£10 tomorrow,
  7. I am getting an aroma of fresh optimism wafting in from the fields and the late summmer chirruping of birds. The hound is snoring gently and having a good dream with regular wags of tail. Dom has uttered his wise words which illustrate his total lack of knowledge of what is happening down Wednesday way. Something is in he wind (it is a Mary Poppins moment) I see arrivals a plenty coming through the door On the other hand it could be the manure spreader of neighbouring farmer and another dinghy load of migrants.
  8. Sorry I was trying to indicate we had money available and did not address question. He is worth that sum and would not moan. He played for Newcastle in League Cup this week so may not be available. Depends on wages I would not pay rediculous ones as they can hurt club. I think we are looking at several different options (defensive midfielder, left sided defender, wing back, and striker) and would not want us to compromise other deals by going over top in one when have options available. Think will be quite a bit of transfer activity before deadline I ill go ith Monks judgement if he thinks he is worh cash ok if not happy to avoid.
  9. Which bit, I am certain we are not in danger of punishment this season if penalty stands.
  10. Yes Birmingham started a fesh when they received punishment. This isdocumented. Unless you do this it would be unjust totry and punish in following years. The system is based over 3 years and once a penalty is imposed legally you can not use details again as punishing twice for same crime. Therefore process starts again they need another 3 years of accounts.. When someone promoted to division or relegated get 3 years before a punishment looked at as need 3 years accounts
  11. We have spent no real money for two years. Ground has been sold and with penalty all debts will have been neutralised by FFP. Hence can lose £39 million over next 3 years. We have got rid of alot of rediculous wages and noww buying on more sensible way players who can be resold. Covid means all teams will be losing money hand over fist. Hence rejig of rules will be possible. Wednesday have huge fan base lots of whom live outside of Sheffield. Therefore with no fans at games number paying £10 to watch games will be much higher than many clubs. If we play well could be big winner for Wednesday with thousands regularly dialing in. Normally we get no income from away games so this will be significant boost to our funds. Anybody any idea how many Wednesday fans dialled in to watch Cardiff game? Point is we are probably in a better positionto sign players.
  12. If we could beat them I would not mind us putting in a loan bid for Knockeart as I do not think in first XI. Alays useful at Champonship level.
  13. Everyone had concerns but results so far have been positive and so confidence could not have deteriorated. Some on here need help and I do not say this lightly.
  14. Penney in for Harris. Palmer played well but think Harris will keep right wing back slot. Rhodes will make way for Kachunga who looks a good forward well suited to system we play and was taken off early in game in midweek. Thought that was so fresh for Saturday. Rhodes will be on bench, along with Wildsmith, Dele-Bashiru, Reach, Hunt, Palmer. Other choice difficult will depend on who hasrecovered from midweek exertion the best Borner or Shaw
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