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  1. Who will score the goals? Winning aerial duels especially when defending. Seen all 4 games and only played well against Barnsley, Last 2 games were not good. Looked lacking in confidence first half yesterday. Westwood has looked shaky he normally gives others confidence. Hoping his first clean sheet restores confidence. We have variety of players who are suited to different opposition styles this is mainly in midfield areas. Think Bullen will stick with some when others may be more suitable. To beat Millwall we needed to go wide particularly in 2nd half. Instead we often tried to pick our way through team. It called out for 2 guys in box instead we had Fletcher coming deep. Nuhiu is probably suited to 4 games a year (Cardiff and Millwall) he remained on bench. Did not understand why we took Iorfa off apart from goal did well and they had 4 monsters in side and he was only one nearly as big as them. Easier to recruit a manager before season than during, managers will start getting sacked and choice that existed may dry up. Think recruitment of manager is being driven by need to reduce costs hence why Hughton not interested. Think it is inevitable we will bring manager in and worry we may get another ill suited to job. There are pluses, recruitment we now have more balanced squad and more talented players for a long while. We have players who have pace and also good energy. Team are fittest and best condition for a number of years. We have won despite not playing well. Team are still gelling with new players not yet settled so will improve.
  2. Unfortunately we have a group of fans who get something in mind and are not open to persuasion. When Nuhiu, Dawson and Palmer have done well they still get criticised. Palmer has been consistently best defender for 6 months and still grumbled at. We have had some criticising Murphy and he looks to have some quality he clearly has to integrate into team has only arrived on deadline day. If somebody has a bad game fair enough they can be criticised but should not hang with them forever. In the case of Dawson tactics employed by Jos of bringing ball out from back did little to help Dawson. I have not been happy with how we have played in 3 of games this season as think we played at a level less than sum of players. This needs to improve and would want to see progress before I would give Bullen the managers job.
  3. It was if Fletcher not available for whatever reason. The co-ordination / understanding between front three needs working on. I hope Murphy and Harris do get a few goals each or we will struggle.
  4. In addition to leading line Fletcher is extremely important re defensive headers at set pieces. We have lost majority of set piece headers this season and Fletcher is one who helps out. Winnall and Rhodes in brief first team appearances have not looked up to the job of leading line on their own. In certain games Nuhiu may do a job where his size and awkwardness would be of benefit (thought Millwall game would have suited him) but they are few. Forestieri is not a lead the line sort of player. For a team with an abundance of forwards their is not a lot of options if we play 4-3-3 system. I actually think if we did not have Fletcher available if you went for 4-4-2 it would be much better as non of them seem a natural pair and from what I have seen of two of them they were not in good nick. The lack of interest in Rhodes and Winnall when were clearly trying to offload them indicates they are on far higher wages than they should be for their talent and possible best days are behind them. This leaves doing an improvisation could Murphy play down middle (I do not know|). Could Damba or Borukov do a job for a game? Borukov has looked good in games for u/23s so far this season. I know bid difference but judging on what options are we may have to take a gamble with a young player. Otherwise I would say its a priority in January transfer window (probably a loan).
  5. In first half team looked to have no confidence. Westwood looked short on confidence which surprised me. Hopefully win and clean sheet will have done them good.
  6. I do not boo m own team but we were absolutely shocking and very fortunate not to be losing, in fact would have been to majority of teams in league on a performance like that. They dropped off in second half which gave us a chance and goal perked team and crowd up no end . A team can not come out and play we did in first half of games and expect to do well.
  7. Delighted we have 9 points but have underlying concerns which are very obvious. So I would say worried.
  8. I think Hutchinson is playing well and did well last night. It was because of injury woes I would have rested him. If I was dropping anyone on evidence of last nights game it would be Bannan rather than Reach. Think we are too predictable when going through him and smart teams find it easy to predict what he is going to do. Also due to lack of pace can easily be marked out of game if have high energy opposition midfield. Reach displayed a lot of energy last night which was what was needed against hat side. Bannan is great if its a team which gives us space and does not play at high tempo. Think this season we have options which can cope with most midfields and it is question of selecting right combination for each game. With Lee back fit and well we have 5 proven performers at this level which if utilised correctly would mean always have fresh midfield.
  9. There are no esy games but some are harder than others.
  10. I thought he would have played last night and rested Hutchinson. Against teams who have pacey midfield he is a must pick.
  11. He concentrated on defence which he did well, when not having to keep venturing forward is much better. Defended well tonight and Strudwics conditioning work has done him good.
  12. We played better after we scored because confidence came back in team. If confidence this fragile does not say much for coach.
  13. They folded after we scored up until their mistake which allowed us opportunity to score it could have gone either way. They should have scored in first half when we made errors but they were woeful and failed to capitalise.
  14. If we play like that we will not be for long.
  15. There was no change in set up. We probably worked harder as a unit. The co-ordination between parts of the team in first half was poor and it was a very lack lustre effort. We were lucky not to go behind in first half as Luton have one or two busy players who denied Bannan space to go forward and he was ineffective and as most things go through him we did not function. In second half they were trying to play out through back and a mistake was made we capitalised on it and tempo lifted and we suddenly had energy from this point. We have several talented players but they are not gelling together yet properly, if this happens we will be ok. This was not a good performance against a poor side who are struggling, If anything this game showed a weakness in preparation for the game and certainly did not shout out the coach did well. I have seen all games this season and only against Barnsley did we look like a unit. The last two games have convinced me we are badly lacking in coaching department.
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