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  1. Nixon

    Nixon has contacts at Doyen hence when they were heavily involved at Wednesday he used to get a lotof his posts correct as it was from the horses mouth. Doyen have hooks in Sunderland hence why we did quite a bit of business with them loaning players. The downside on this rumour is I hope doyen are still not influencing recruitment, I suspect Nixon wll have picked up on story from Sunderland side of things (well I am hoping so). Our recruitment was not driven by our requirements but rather what was on Doyen shelf, hence why we have ended up with an extremely unbalanced aged injury prone squad. Personally do not know much about Honeyman but reeal good write up from Sunderland press suggests he has something to offer.
  2. U23s

    Wednesday should have won dominated game in second half. But Wallis saved Wednesday with penalty save in extra time. Preston scored wednesday goal with header close to end of game he had several efforts saved by their goalie in second half.
  3. Gossip

    This ignores what we are paying in wages which also has an impact on FFP. If he is on £1.75m a year loss in year would be £3.75m when added onto transfer fee. if we sold him for £3m the reduced wages would bring loss down to £3.25m and improve situation in future years as well. The article on FFP which was on Owlstalk was not as great as it was made out to be at the time.
  4. Rhodes

    Think whole team look a lot sharper..Rhodes has definitely toned up in last few months and appearance now is significantly different to in December. For the record I also thought FF looked leaner than I have ever seen him. Jack Hunt is also showing up more in games and his contributions have become far more useful. Think fitness and conditioning issues are now behind us.
  5. Nixon

    Actually think we need 3.megatheads 1. The outgoing transfers 2. The incomimg transfers 3 Transfer rumours relating to other clubs. I hate looking at rumour thread and reading about other clubs signings.
  6. Gossip

    The new chap in the photo, he is probably the new asian investor in the club.
  7. Gossip

    The mature gentleman who told me is not an employee of the club, he is a season ticket holder in the South Stand. I can not remember him sharing any gossip reviously. We were speaking about Jos and we thought he was definitely staying and I was looking forward to what we did over the summer months. It was at this point he said that he had heard we had already got players lined up for nexxt year, he thought they were from Europe. He did not elaborate further even though I pressed him. It seems that few have heard much on the grapevine. If they are done deals one would think they will be announced soon after end of season.
  8. Firstly I will say I do not know how accurate this gossip is but would like to know if anyone has heard any similar.gossip. At the game yesterday I was told we had already signed a couple of players up for new season on pre contract agreements. I understand they were from Europe (presumably Holland or Germany). They said had not been made public so as not to cause any unrest in squad at a time when many players were unavailble and relying on some who may not be present next season. Anyone heard anything similar?
  9. It was a strange decision by Watford to sell him in first place after having apparently done well for them previous season. I think they realised his engine had gone and realised opportunity to cash in. Loovens is a good example where a player can suddenly lose a couple of yards of pace in a couple of months and it turns a reliable playe into a poor one. Think medical set up at Watford must have realised Abdi had lost it and it was time to move on. He has not looked anything like since being at the club even when he played and scored the rest of hisvgame was nothing like it had been in previous seasons. This is risk you run if buying players towards end of careers and why it should not be done regularly. Hopefully the club will no longer target players in 30 plus age group.as we have had numerous failures with many not living up to expectations in addition to lengthy absences with injuries which is also more common with older players.
  10. So do we all agree..

    He will be hear next season no doubt. He has restored some pride and passion in team and football is improving week on week.
  11. The new young'un...

    It is excellent to see young players progressing to first team. It is unfortunate we blocked young players paths by buying too many aged players of similar style which prevented natural progression of the young lads. When starting out all will make the odd mistake it is part of learning the game but they have to be given the chance and this is more than a 15 minute outing from subs bench before being consigned to reserves for another 12 months. The new manager is showing real romise at bringing players on and introducing them to the team. He realises that to throw them all in at once is risky and as slowly blooded players and given them a chance. I do find it really annoying we brought in a player like Butterfield on loan when we had quite a few promising Academy players who should have been given the chance.
  12. We will soon know if Hunt rumour is correct and if so will give credibility to Hirst story. If Hirst does go to Benfica I think it will show someone has made a Horlicks of managing him and his career. The Agents have close links with Benfica and I suppose is a last resort destination for them. Most English clubs would pay considerably more wages than Benfica do especially for young unproven players (I would think their Academy players or on less than Wednesday's). It is probably only the signing on fee which would make it financially worthwhile for him to join Benfica as no transfer fee payable This indicates his agents have put too high a price on his servicesand have concentrated too much on financial gain rather than in his development as a player..The lost year will have not been worth the stand off and could have seriously damaged his career.

    I think Westwood and Rhodes are as good as gone for next season. Abswers regarding them are cleverly avoided. This may generate a bit of money to reinvest in players and get rid of high wages of the books.
  14. was it? and why?

    Definitely was blue and white kit in 65 as first went to football match that year with my dad and we were playing in solid blue with white sleeves.
  15. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    Hutchinson is a very good player and we have to play him in a role which is most suited to his abilities and where he does not incur bookings and is overstretched resulting in collisions with opponents. To me this would be in defence and probably at right back. This season he has made several returns and quickly got injured again this was even the situation when recovered properly. Therefore it has to be considered that his injury has finally caught up with him and a second retirement may beckon.