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  1. I would give it to Fernando lifted team when we went behind. Excellent team performance and very good game plan. Credit to Bruce and coaching team have transformed way we play. We are good to watch again and very effective. To those who have not seen us play recently I would recommend go and take a look we are worth watching.
  2. Would have liked to have seen him paired with Hutchinson over a few games. They look as if would complement one another. however injury and jl has robbed us of seeing this. unfortunately due to injury he has not been a success. To play high pressing game we need a pacey player who can close down quickly but also can deliver a neat pass. I can not see him coming back next season in circumstance.
  3. Its goodto hear he will back with u/23s next season.
  4. Congratulations to all concerned. This shows Academy is going in right direction. I sincerely hope several of the lads make a career in the game and hopefully some of them can star for first team. it is notable 5 of starting X! are first year scholars (Thomson, Ellery, Farmer, Hagan, Vallaso) so they will be eligible to play next year. if we recruit well should have strong side next season. Delighted they have won Northern league and now have chance to win the play offs against southern counterparts.
  5. If you stop goal scoring opportunity and not making effort to play ball. I would think a deliberate move to handle ball on line is a red card.
  6. Winnall, Joao, Nuhiu, Bannan, Van Aken, Pelupessy, Rhodes and Fox. if anybody comes in and bids money they are gone. believe all are not quite what SB wants in respective positions. Most are too slow to play high pressing high tempo football and Joao is just inconsistent which is no good if leading the line. I suspect Westwood, Palmer will be offered deals. if Lee shows old form in training could see him being kept as has energy to play high tempo pressing game.
  7. Think he was shocked that we played his team so well. he did not look comfortable after we scored. It was a bit of a sour gripe which was surprising, in we had the better chances to score in second half and ffor long periods looked in charge of game. Only when FF came off did we start to back off a little bit. it was a thoroughly enjoyable game and any neutral would have found really enjoyable.
  8. How is your lad John, have they sorted out the problem yet?
  9. I had thought he was way past sell by date. It just shows if you play a player in his correct position and set team up correctly how it can improve a player. Think he cam on very good money from Burnley so think its unlikely we will keep him. if some players are realistic and accept lower wages I think a few may remain but with likes of Matias and Hooper their appearance record excludes them from being kept on at same rate. Also game against Leeds illustrated you can not play lots of slow play against energetic opponents. last night we saw Bannan, Fox, Hooper all left out and difference against a similar energetic team to Leeds was noticeable.
  10. Disagree he went into Matias, look at the way Matias fell very difficult to fall that way if you are tackling. The guy ran into him and bought foul.
  11. Knee injuries are not good, Hope it is not a serious one or we have definitely seen last of him. Dawson looked nervous tonight. The fans need to get behind the lad,, he did not pick himself and is not responsible for situation. I think he lacks confidence stood no chance with second goal.
  12. He is trying to address lack of pace and energy in midfield. We had too many slow players on pitch against Leeds and clearly an attempt to increase tempo of team. I suspect Boyd would have been out too if Reach had been fit. Think its good idea to look at options sorry not to see K Lee on bench.
  13. Would be a good player but far too expensive for us to sign, he will go to Premier club or abroad.
  14. Bruce is much smarter than most managers and knows how to handle press. Look at answers he has given over last couple of months, has made it clear knows difficulty of P&S situation, has indicated you do not have to spend a fortune and also said we may have to sell players. Also indicated in this one players 3 years older and shake up may be required. Financial situation is not dire we are not going into administration and why are Middlesboro and Bristol City moaning. If we were being lined up with sanctions would they have moaned?
  15. CC certainly has some responsibility, numerous players were very unfit when he left and lack of intensity think let players go soft. If you have a period not doing sport and then try to return you always get injuries. I suspect that inadequate conditioning over a couple of years has clearly contributed to issues. He also brought players back too early, he is not first and will not be last to do this but it has not helped either. If you doubt team were not fit under CC, look at when Bullen took over temporarily. In his first spell we went hell for leather in first game and none of team recovered for following games most could hardly walk. When he took over this season team held it together and it was at same intensive point of season. This shows team far better conditioned under JL than CC about only real positive he brought to club. In addition CC trumpeted different training methods when he took over and its clear he did not understand difference in tempo between European and Championship football. Playing at a much slower pace as they do in Mediterranean countries enables players to play to an older age and does not require same level of hard training required for Norther European football. Its possible after a full season of hard training health of some individuals will improve. The number of muscle and sinew injuries has been ridiculously high so something was clearly wrong.
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