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  1. Think you are right. I have no idea on Friday 13th. But somebody should tell him Elephants bolted when Pulis name mentioned.
  2. Apparently reports said we agreed deal with him and then it was coaching team. Considering these are now all geriatrics. Kemp is 67 and the other names mentioned were all wrong side of 60. Its one thing being an old manager but you need younger blood out on training pitch to do coaching. I assume who ever is speaking to DC realises it seems a bit odd. If second round of interviews on Wednesday or Thursday something not quite gone to plan. We can but hope.
  3. Apparently 67 ear old David Kemp is his number two. This according to Percy on twitter. He took Megson back at a club and it went wrong not sure relationship as it was.
  4. If we keep Loungo fit we will stay up. Until injury crisis we looked a side capable of staying up. Squad is not worst in league b any means. I accept only way he would sign is to offer long deal but it is very expensive way to do it. His teams are fundamentally different so he will bring in goliaths and move out those who do not look like bouncers. Therefore any one who follows him has huge difficulty if they do not follow his system. Therefore even short term can be very troublesome. Look at how teams did when he left them. Most clubs got rid of him as his style impacted attendanc
  5. I saw article and it reflected what I thought, kept getting asked questions so thought I would start thread and use article. Think ts worth a read.
  6. Pulis is money orientated itwould cost us a fortune to get rid of him.
  7. I suggest you read this article https://www.90min.com/posts/sheffield-wednesday-supporters-should-heed-caution-amid-tony-pulis-rumours-opinion
  8. https://www.90min.com/posts/sheffield-wednesday-supporters-should-heed-caution-amid-tony-pulis-rumours-opinion Well worth a read think author has situation worked out.
  9. He is and it makes no economic sense to pay high wages for someone who is unlikely to increase revenue. There are numerous reasons I do not want him. I do not like his style of play and see no future in playing that way. I think he is past his sell by date.
  10. I would have Warnock but not Pulis. Huge difference between the two. Garujuan has pointed out that Warnock adapts as game moved on and has kept in work. No evidence in style change by TP and his teams have not been as effective.
  11. This is the point exactly. In order to survive everything has to adapt, Warnock is intelligent guy under all bravado and has moved on successfully. TP has not changed and is reason why he is not in a job.
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