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  1. I knew it would not be popular opinion.
  2. I hate the nickname Owls. It is a really dim bird quite the opposite to what it is supposed to be. Should have competition for new nick name.
  3. I met up with chap this morning who is well informed on most sports. Was hoping for some information. He had nothing on Wednesday whatsoever. He heard early in summer we were one of several Champiosnship clubs who were to be informed which youngsters were likely to be available for loan but this is common practice. Apparently nothing since and nothing circulating. Before anybody asks he works for a large betting company and works on forming sporting markets. Sorry for nothing exciting.
  4. Thanks I should have said loans. Aware we will not make any major signings.
  5. Thanks for info did your contact say anything about discussions with Premier club regarding young players?
  6. Quist

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    Best option is wing back and could see him making bench and playing in cup games. Just have feeling he needs feet a bit more on ground than I have seen. He is only person I have seen Jos say anything negative about (that was pointing out what he should have done to prevent a goal). This is from a man who goes out of his way to be supportive and to avoid criticising anyone. He should have signed contract as soon as Aston Villa pulled plug on silly offer they made. probably now believes he is worth wages they offered which are generally 30% higher that should be being paid. He is 22 and little experience so needs games and will soon be too old for u/23s. Has talent, engine and physique but needs to learn defensive side of game. Needs agent to get real and get him focussed on playing rather than money side.
  7. Quist

    Engage with us

    That is sensible approach. Since Jos arrival we are doing correct things. Remember Bullen whilst in temporary charge saying DC had asked him what players they wanted in to club. Think dose of reality has happened since.
  8. Quist

    Traning video from today

    Some of the players look really knackered in the photos. Delighted to see they are working hard.
  9. Quist

    3-4-3 or 3-5-2

    The key to a successful formation is to be able to adapt to play any opposition. England lost because they failed to adapt to changes in formation Croatia made at half time. Towards end of last season one of most encouraging signs for me was we showed some ability to change shape mid game and did this more than once in a game. Clear indication of a good coach.
  10. Quist

    Strength of the squad

    Think Jos plays cards close to chest hence behind closed door games and both halves having players in them thinking would be in first eleven. Agree with point that defending is our weakest are in particular centre back. Think we will employ 3-5-2 against deemed stronger opponents. Did not see Remy (assistant manager) in any of training videos was he at Lincoln? If not where is he and what is he up to.
  11. Quist

    Categorise the squad

    Quite a few players have no value at all or minimal value. It is unlikely several of them will get money they are currently on elsewhere. Injury record for example Hutchinson would ensure that no one would pay a fee for him and could only get a pay as sedyou play deal elsewhere. He has been medically retired once which you would think passing a medical impossible in most folks books. Others are in last year of deal which probably means need decent offer to go. Also a player who has history of missing games regularly over several seasons is hardly likely to improve record once turned 30. Would not apply this to Lee who has injury which can be corrected but trying to bring back too soon resulted in recurrence of problem. Others who have persistent tendon and groin problems which go back years are the ones who will have few suitors. Think category of players changes when these factors considered as on purely how good a player or useful to our cause they are.
  12. Quist

    What they up to?

    I just add the failed comedians to ignore list.
  13. Quist

    What they up to?

    He is specifically mentioned by name but we do not need forwards. Its on an Arsenal forum led to believe by Arsenal fan wo works with me. I thought may have got wrong player. Nothing else circulating down here had no news all summer. Links to West Ham players I was told nothing in them by an ardent Hammer.
  14. Quist

    What they up to?

    Some talk in London and on Twitter we were talking to Arsenal. A name mentioned was Eddie Nketiah. He is forward which seemed wrong. Millwall were apparently asking about same player we were. If this picture taken today could be truth at least in part to story. I do not have any firm info on this. Somebody did ask Nixon about it think he was Millwall fan. Nixon said did not think Arsenal would let player leave, if he does not break story gets grumpy. A different chap asked him about Fletcher and ignored it even though several days before story was in papers. Definitely something going off.
  15. I actually think one of reasons he has gone is he was repeatedly getting knocks last year and looked as though heading for prolonged period in training room.