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  1. Abu Dhabi Owl

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    a sentiment nobody saw coming when she was appointed, but one that now most people would probably agree with!
  2. Abu Dhabi Owl

    Paul Hurst

    Where in this link does he say that he's a wednesdayite? "But that's just friends that would like to see me at their hometown football club" I have genuinely known Paul now for a long time, since his rotherham days, and would never describe him as a "Passionate Wednesdayite" as quoted in the this thread on numerous occasions, which is what my original post referred to. Im not disputing there is a link to the club from his family (and his best mate, who IS a "Massive Wednesdayite"), but wouldn't describe him as that, which a number of people seem to be using as a justification for trying to get him here.
  3. Abu Dhabi Owl

    Paul Hurst

    sorry to burst the bubble, but he isn't! good lad though and doing good things, would love to see him at the helm!
  4. Abu Dhabi Owl

    Top Championship Earners

    where the hell are these figures coming from? Why make it up? do you go round telling the whole world what your salary is? Too many posts in this thread start with "I think", "Ive heard", "I believe that", "I reckon" that should really just start with "Im completely guessing/making this up..."
  5. Abu Dhabi Owl

    Expats & the Christmas games - Thoughts?

    I couldn't fly back for Wembley due to work, so try to take every opportunity possible, saying that having just forked out 80+ pounds for 2 tickets that may change!
  6. As is often the case, many expats return to Blighty for the festive period and with that in mind I was wondering how many people will be adding to our attendance numbers over the break? Im home for the two home games (Wolves and Boro) and have already got my tickets for both, how many of you will be attending? and what are your expectations after probably following from afar since the start of the season?
  7. Abu Dhabi Owl

    Festive Period Games

    After staying up til 2am last night to watch that tripe I must say my original post is now heightened quite a bit (the first 2 paragraphs of it anyway) a point away at Ipswich will generally be considered a good result, particularly against one of our bogey managers but they weren't exactly brilliant, Loovens should have been off inside the first 5 mins (again), we gifted them 2 goals and for about 91 mins it was like watching paint dry! For that penalty to have been our first registered shot on target in over 200 mins of football is scandalous; But hey, at least i can look forward to the fact that we play much better at home ..............right?
  8. Abu Dhabi Owl

    COMPLAINT : Bad Language in family stand

    I don't think the OP is saying he isn't expecting not hear it around the ground, just not specifically in the very few seats designated specifically for families. Its not that difficult
  9. Abu Dhabi Owl

    Festive Period Games

    Noted! To cover the blood from all fighting in the stands between our own fans you mean?
  10. With the Crimbo Holidays coming up and trip back home to see the family means I have the opportunity to catch a couple of games over xmas, Wolves and Middlesborough to be precise, not exactly the easiest of fixtures! Watching us from overseas isn't easy (ifollow is great, WHEN it works) so the majority of the info you receive is either on here or from mates, which clearly at the minute is far from positive. After being an expat for nearly 10 years this is the least I'm looking forward to going to Hillsborough in that time, which is ironic in what should have been our celebratory, anniversary promotion season! Looking at the club from afar the message is constantly negative, and doom and gloom (not just on here) seems to be hovering all over. All that being said, I can't EFFING wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and anyways at least I've got a Beres' pork sarnie or two to look forward to irrespective of what happens on the pitch.
  11. Abu Dhabi Owl

    João - How best to use him

    Agree he looked lively, and is a willing runner but fail to remember seeing one pass to one of his own men during the time he was on the pitch; although watching on ifollow, quite often you are lucky if you see anything!
  12. Abu Dhabi Owl

    2 Points off Play-offs

    but a million miles away from "good enough"
  13. Abu Dhabi Owl

    COMPLAINT : Bad Language in family stand

    Was going to use my first post to take aim at this ridiculous statement; but then saw that his account says "Interests: Rocket League" and decided that he/she is probably as young as some of the kids in the family enclosure