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  1. I heard on Sunday (from a neighbour who moves in these rarified circles) that we had won the case. Feel free to pile on if I'm wrong.
  2. Got ifollow set up yesterday and it worked fine, just looking forward to watching the match and locked out - shambles
  3. Owls 5 Man Utd 4 plus Owls 1 Man City 2. The second game for the absolute drama/importance and atmosphere.
  4. The club maybe able to offer ifollow and some sort of credit in the club shop, discount etc for this season but it will impact season ticket sales in the future. I believe the government are going to use lockdown again which would make me think long and hard about buying another season ticket when the season could be stopped half way through and my refund consists of an ifollow subscription and 20% off in the club shop. Thats why I think Mr Chansiri should offer full refunds for games missed this year.
  5. I was at the City game as well, one of the stand out games in 50 years watching Wednesday. For a moment after Coleman smashed that goal in at the Kop End I thought we might just pull it off 😞
  6. I've been watching this too, very well made. Its almost like you could swap Sunderland for Wednesday - very similar circumstances and they paid how much for Will Grigg OMG !!
  7. "always look on the bright side of life" as we walked out of the North Bank
  8. It's not surprising that Wickham is second to every ball, look at his injury record - he ruptured his cruciate knee ligament, went on to have a few more smaller problems and has missed almost 80 games for Palace since November 2016. What does this do for the confidence of other strikers we've already got such as Winnall, Rhodes ? I really liked Wickham when he was here before but it looks a poor decision to bring him back.
  9. I thought he had just been crying, eyes red, looking off into the distance. Looks a broken man.
  10. Agree with Freshowl = just have a look at the stats for both players. Whickham was out for 2 years with a knee injury, just signed a one year extension with Palace so they can't lose sending him North, he either shows he is back to somewhere near his best or that's its at Palace and finally its a tragedy that Westwood has been frozen out again. Dawson is nowhere near good enough.
  11. I was at that game - Ian Bowyer didn't get the email from Joe Mercer Bowyer was the difference. Tony Coleman scored a cracker for us - even though we lost it was a memorable night and the start of a slide.
  12. I heard we are playing Hannover 96.
  13. Heard from a very good source that Barbet has been at the club this week.
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