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  1. Don’t worry...inspirational half-time team talk coming up!
  2. ...like Liam Palmer, who the fans have always remained patient with
  3. ...or their fans will be like ours...he’ll had a nightmare 45 minutes somewhere down the line and they will have decided he’s crap forever.
  4. Come on children, play nice. Besides, his Dad’s bigger than yours!
  5. ...a few of our players have been promoted!!! Just not with us
  6. Players can improvement, evolve, learn ya know? Look at Cooper at Leeds, their fans use to hate him.
  7. Gotta wonder if Warnock will swoop in after their deal for Sanogo fell through.
  8. I gave mine up and even if some change of direction did stir up the intrigue to return and test the waters, it’s too expensive to pay on the gate ...away days are better anyway (not that that’s easy without the season ticket)
  9. Do people actually think Chansiri is interested anymore? Completely disappeared, no contact/statements. Thank god Im not a season ticket holder anymore, my mate who’s got one has paid his money and heard absolutely nothing about what’s on offer to him. Shambles of a club. Unfortunately football is an addiction but, must admit, I bloody hate it atm (case for most addictions I guess)
  10. Wednesday fans are a stubborn bunch. Once a player is disliked it’s virtually impossible they can win over some people. Footballers evolve and sometimes improve over time, but Hillsborough ain’t the place to do it. Still remember the Wednesday ‘faithful’ calling Grant Holt a “fat b*stard” as a 20(?) year old on his league debut, when he missed his first chance.
  11. ...if they’d relegated us now rather than the deduction, with this squad, I think we’d stand a better chance of being in the Championship next season. I.E this squad is more equipped to get promotion from L1 rather than fight relegation in Championship
  12. Starting to think it may have been better if they’d just relegated us rather than the deduction
  13. I miss a time when points were decided on the pitch and not in Court
  14. I wonder if Chansiri knows when pre-season is...wonder if he cares? Starting to wonder if I care.
  15. Can’t even be bothered to pretend to be bothered anymore. What a depressing club.
  16. Carlos was a great manager when things were going well, charismatic, engaging and brought a feel good factor...but when the pressure increased he crumbled big time. It became painful to watch, the £20 press conference summed it up. It was similar at Swansea, started well, became a media darling then when the tide turned he just lost all composure. Guess that’s why his CV reads as it does. ...that first season was great though (up ‘til PO final), felt like we got Goal of the Month every month too (or was that the season after)?
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