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  1. It’s the same cringey-ness as our lot and them lot calling each other ‘pigs’. Leave that s**t in the playground.
  2. I was at the Huddersfield game too...Green, I’ve just never seen a confident look so short of confidence.
  3. Liked the look of Adeniran. Energetic box-to-box midfielder. Seems to have a bit of cockiness about him. I’m still stunned the club have managed to draw interest from me again. Fair play.
  4. I can’t see this being discussed on any football site or Derby Fan Forum...just on a Sheff Wed forum!?
  5. Thought he was one of our better players after his first 20 minutes. Proper box-to-box player.
  6. With everything that’s wrong with football, this really doesn’t matter.
  7. We decided yesterday to go on Sunday...already changed our mind! We’re hoping for a nice easy POTG but no, plus ticket line’s a joke. You just become frustrated, how can a club make it so bloody hard to let me give them some money. What’s so difficult about allowing POTG, doubt there’ll be a stampede
  8. Wouldnt be surprised if at least 80% of those are injured by week 3
  9. Servers probably just crashed from the excessive number of people desperately trying to purchase!
  10. I don’t know how anyone can predict what we’ll be like next season. They can’t! I never thought Hull would dominate last season, after that poor run the year before, but they did I have no idea if it’s a season of struggles, or we’ll give it a go...all guess work atm.
  11. I can’t get that ‘Podcast’ app on my phone, anywhere else we can listen to it/stream it?
  12. I agree but hard to relay on Dunkley / Iorfa / Hutch / Loungo staying fit. Be great if they did! Iorfa especially is way better than this level.
  13. Wayne Hennessy set to be confirmed at Burnley today...so may free up Peacock-Farrell to move on...
  14. Knowing us, it’ll be Wickham we’re signing, third times a charm and he’s a free agent! (Btw - I don’t want to see this happen)
  15. I’ve not heard/seen anyone defend him for a while. Seems like he’s universally despised. Certainly is in my family!
  16. NOOOOOO!!! I’m going to have to watch this now. Damn you to hell, Sky!!!
  17. They should just have an open day for us lot to turn up, see if we can do owt
  18. I’m frequently in R&C, aka Top House...you’ll been told right, it’s open now but is often changing management, closing down for a bit, lick of paint, back open again, new management, loads of promises, closes again. It’s a common cycle with the place, unfortunately.
  19. Thompson’s the new go to guy ain’t he!?!
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