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  1. Lee doesn't look fit. Fletcher looks useless. Lees has had a terrible game!
  2. We must be the easiest team to play against! no pace, constant sideways passes, nothing leads anywhere.
  3. Did Sky really just say we're playing some 'really nice stuff but been unlucky'??? Wow. ...those poor fans that have travelled there on a night like this..,
  4. Side pass - back pass - side pass - lose ball. Repeat. Very slow. Grim
  5. I've mentioned before but has anyone at the press conference reminded Carlos that we stole a point from Barnsley, as the REFEREE disallowed Rhodes' own goal for no reason???
  6. Sunderland 'decent game'...really??? Great goal and nothing else. Nowhere near the money I had to pay for that ticket.
  7. How can it be that yet another player signs for Sheffield Wednesday to just disappear into the abyss? Venancio, Matias, Emmanuelson, Melo...there's been a few over the last couple of seasons...but Boyd, has been a consistent feature and fit for all his previous other clubs, joins us and immediately just fades into the background. So frustrating. Anyone any idea on length of injury? Thought it was a dislocated elbow, surely that would keep him out this long?
  8. We should've lost to Barnsley because Rhodes' own goal should've stood. No point only blaming referees, we've got to blame ourselves too I'm afraid.
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