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  1. 1 hour ago, striker said:

    Bit bored now, not much in the way of updates, not even any proper rumours, just Liam Palmer's excellent charity run to keep us going. Not even had any pre season training pics, videos lately.


    There had better be something lined up for Friday...


    1. New kit

    2. Interviews with the two Rotherham lads

    3. At least 1 new signing


    Would be a lovely build up to our first pre season game. 




    Do we really need footballer interviews? They’ve got nowt to say - if I could be bothered I could probably predict every question/response…”can’t wait to get started…massive club and so on”.

  2. It’s the most consistent aspect of the club...always have the majority out injured...


    i do think a lot of it ties in in with the negativity around the club. Players ‘go missing’.


    it’s amazing when a club is ‘on the up’ and flying then players remain more readily available.


    When Wilder took United from League 1 to Premier they just seemed to be able to name the same 17 man squad, each week, for three years...


    We had Matias, Joao, Jones, Boyd, Hooper, Forrestieri, Lee, Lees etc (the list goes on and on) constantly coming back and breaking down again.



  3. 10 hours ago, Box_Man said:

    Players that are winning week in week out and playing/believe in their manager hardly ever get injured.


    Losing mentality (or not wining) , players picking up niggles all the time.


    Would be more worth while launching an investigation into Darren Moore’s coaching abilities as so far he has demonstrated he hasn’t got any.




    This is true - incredible how few injuries United ever had whilst climbing to Prem with Wilder. 

  4. 37 minutes ago, bradowl said:

    I can remember when they were on a right good run in Premier League and we was bottom after getting beaten 6-1 at Man United previous Saturday. I think David Pleat got sack after game. 

    Bolton brought 5,000 and we hammered em 5-0 with a returning from injury Andy Booth scoring an hat trick. In fact I think we was 5-0 up at half time. 

    Big Ron’s return match, it was 5-0 at half time. I was there!

  5. 11 minutes ago, LondonOwl313 said:

    Why would we sell him if he won’t extend.. the sensible thing to do this season is to go for promotion and then make him a new offer next summer when we’re a Championship club which he might be more inclined to sign.


    Obviously happy days if he does sign regardless. But buying clubs know that we’re in league 1, they know he has a year left and they know he’s coming back from injury.. so any bids are likely to be low ball offers rather than the £3m or so he’s actually worth as a top Championship centre back.


    If all we’d get offered is £500k to £1m, which is likely, I’d rather we took the risk that he leaves on a free and keep him to try and get promoted. That way best case scenario is we go up and he resigns and we have a £3m asset, worst case scenario is we lose out on the low

    fee. It’s worth the gamble


    Inevitable that we’d turn down 1 million and he’d get the same injury again 😂

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