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  1. Big Ron’s return match, it was 5-0 at half time. I was there!
  2. No point relaying on him. He may come back but will only be 1/2 games then gone again. Shame. This club is quite the career killer ain’t it! Also, does a great job of killing enthusiasm for football too.
  3. Will have to wait to see as the Wolves lad ain’t in the squad.
  4. Inevitable that we’d turn down 1 million and he’d get the same injury again
  5. I hope so! Love that man. Beast!
  6. Everybody’s injury prone when they put Wednesday shirt on
  7. It’s the same cringey-ness as our lot and them lot calling each other ‘pigs’. Leave that s**t in the playground.
  8. I was at the Huddersfield game too...Green, I’ve just never seen a confident look so short of confidence.
  9. What have I missed...who else is injured?
  10. Liked the look of Adeniran. Energetic box-to-box midfielder. Seems to have a bit of cockiness about him. I’m still stunned the club have managed to draw interest from me again. Fair play.
  11. I can’t see this being discussed on any football site or Derby Fan Forum...just on a Sheff Wed forum!?
  12. Thought he was one of our better players after his first 20 minutes. Proper box-to-box player.
  13. With everything that’s wrong with football, this really doesn’t matter.
  14. We decided yesterday to go on Sunday...already changed our mind! We’re hoping for a nice easy POTG but no, plus ticket line’s a joke. You just become frustrated, how can a club make it so bloody hard to let me give them some money. What’s so difficult about allowing POTG, doubt there’ll be a stampede
  15. Wouldnt be surprised if at least 80% of those are injured by week 3
  16. Servers probably just crashed from the excessive number of people desperately trying to purchase!
  17. I don’t know how anyone can predict what we’ll be like next season. They can’t! I never thought Hull would dominate last season, after that poor run the year before, but they did I have no idea if it’s a season of struggles, or we’ll give it a go...all guess work atm.
  18. I can’t get that ‘Podcast’ app on my phone, anywhere else we can listen to it/stream it?
  19. I agree but hard to relay on Dunkley / Iorfa / Hutch / Loungo staying fit. Be great if they did! Iorfa especially is way better than this level.
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