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  1. ...best way to recover from injury, whilst with Wednesday, is to leave the club! Worked out well for Kieran Lee - who’s playing every game now and running Bolton’s midfield Incredible....do they play on concrete car park down at Middlewood?
  2. Seems a nice bloke but awful pundit in my opinion.
  3. It’s the most consistent aspect of the club...always have the majority out injured... i do think a lot of it ties in in with the negativity around the club. Players ‘go missing’. it’s amazing when a club is ‘on the up’ and flying then players remain more readily available. When Wilder took United from League 1 to Premier they just seemed to be able to name the same 17 man squad, each week, for three years... We had Matias, Joao, Jones, Boyd, Hooper, Forrestieri, Lee, Lees etc (the list goes on and on) constantly coming back and breaking down again.
  4. He can do better than us, unfortunately. I’d love him here.
  5. This is true - incredible how few injuries United ever had whilst climbing to Prem with Wilder.
  6. I had already managed to block out his time here from my memory. Now it’s back. Thanks.
  7. Big Ron’s return match, it was 5-0 at half time. I was there!
  8. No point relaying on him. He may come back but will only be 1/2 games then gone again. Shame. This club is quite the career killer ain’t it! Also, does a great job of killing enthusiasm for football too.
  9. Will have to wait to see as the Wolves lad ain’t in the squad.
  10. Inevitable that we’d turn down 1 million and he’d get the same injury again
  11. Everybody’s injury prone when they put Wednesday shirt on
  12. It’s the same cringey-ness as our lot and them lot calling each other ‘pigs’. Leave that s**t in the playground.
  13. I was at the Huddersfield game too...Green, I’ve just never seen a confident look so short of confidence.
  14. Liked the look of Adeniran. Energetic box-to-box midfielder. Seems to have a bit of cockiness about him. I’m still stunned the club have managed to draw interest from me again. Fair play.
  15. I can’t see this being discussed on any football site or Derby Fan Forum...just on a Sheff Wed forum!?
  16. Thought he was one of our better players after his first 20 minutes. Proper box-to-box player.
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