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  1. I think it’ll only get more grim. Predicting 3-0 Wigan unfortunately.
  2. it’s incredibly cringeworthy when Wednesday and United fans call each other ‘Pigs’...keep it in the playground children!
  3. Sweet Lord...the thought of Fox and Palmer as 1st choice wingbacks is terrifying!
  4. Bagarri


    I'm not sure I've seen a more inept manager with subs. Why test players every game but then never refresh it during games???
  5. Bagarri


    What's Shameful also is Jos' inept use of subs...I don't think he has a clue!!!
  6. Bagarri

    Morgan Fox .

    The pope will be with you shortly, oh wait no, he's stopped breathing.
  7. Bagarri


    Were we we sold Charlton Athletic on a blueprint to Chansiri?
  8. When Jos got brought in I thought a string of efficient German loan players would follow...but they didn't and he's just switching here and there, hit and hope, every game and it won't work and when the others galvanise I fear we'll be the ones third to bottom come the seasons end...it all looks so very very grim for the future!
  9. Got offered a £10 ticket...thank god I didn't take it! Jesus that's bad.
  10. Bagarri

    Paul Hurst

    Next Manager will more likely be a 54 yr old Lithuanian who managed in the Greek 2nd Division 4 years ago... ...but yeah I'd take Hurst... Though it could be a lot for a young manager to take on with the off field (and on field) mess...
  11. Bagarri

    Luhukay out.

    Blackburn are looking more hopeful...I'd compare us more to a Charlton, we should try getting their CEO maybe?
  12. Never have I wanted a season to end so rapidly. 150 year anniversary, not exactly gone to plan. What a shambles of a club. It's painful to listen to, I really do feel for those poor sods who have traveled and spent so much money to witness it. Please season...end! The white flag is flying!
  13. Has anyone told Luhakey you're allowed to make substitutions?
  14. Remember when Chansiri took over and promised 'entertaining' football...how far we've come! PS, I know we have injuries but I still don't see the tactics being any different under this regime.
  15. Somebody please take this season out to the barn and put it out of its misery!