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  1. Wow. People can afford to pay on the gate at Hillsborough!? Thought those days were gone. I do miss being able to decide to go down when my Saturday shift pattern changed :(
  2. Are Red Button games still not shown in pubs?
  3. Yeah, that ‘Wednesday way’ and years of following them has me thinking the other way ‘round: ...Wednesday 0-2 Barnsley and people become less passionate about Bullen getting the job.
  4. Wednesday fans always need a scapegoat - Palmer’s in fashion (playing well) and Nuhui probably won’t feature too often, if everyone is fit. Here comes Moses, one game...HE’S KAK!!!
  5. I don’t think it’s quite as easy as that...what would Frank Lampard’s Chelsea gain from this? Hardly the nicest club...
  6. Unfortunately I can see Gayle ending up at Leeds once Roofe has gone.
  7. Makes Alan Knill look like a motivational speaker!
  8. Yes. I’m still in the same job as last year but I’ve spoken to 2 other companies in that time, always look at your options. Same applies.
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