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  1. Bagarri

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    I completely agree...yet immediately recall the anguish of Watford fans when they saw Abdi leave.
  2. Bagarri

    Did Bruce Grobbelaar

    Ian Rush called in on the wrong side of town....thank god!
  3. “Gi’ us all ya cripples”
  4. As Wednesday fans, don’t forget, we have to believe everyone hates us and everything goes against us....a bit like every other football clubs’ fans.
  5. Bagarri

    A new signing

    Kieran Lee started his career at Manchester United...that could’ve helped!?
  6. Bagarri

    Team v Luton

    I just don’t trust Pudil in a back two, he’s a different beast in a three.
  7. There’s no guarantees in football, but the mess we’re in (...or give the impression we’re in) we’d be lucky to get some one, at this level, with a CV like his. Might still not work out anyway. I’d be a little surprised he’d take it but he’s from a time where he’ll recognise our potential size...
  8. Bagarri

    Kieran Lee

    ...it does but never gonna happen
  9. As usual there’ll be a lot of talking and nothing actually said - “we need to be patient, we need to stick together, we’re a family”...blah blah blah and, unfortunately, return to a complete lack of interest and apathy. Whatever the conclusion, it won’t be DC’s fault - it’s ours I’m sure!
  10. Bagarri

    Mason Holgate

    Why would any club loan a footballer to Sheffield Wednesday after the last few years. We tend to help their professional decline.
  11. Bagarri


    Turned down 2 free tickets yesterday. Didn’t want to ruin my weekend.
  12. Bagarri

    Pulled the plug or selling

    When the going gets tough.......... .....he’ll be out shopping with the family, asking his kid if he’d prefer a Man U or Man C shirt instead - “it’s just easier this way son”.
  13. Bagarri


    What did Fryatt do wrong?
  14. 3-3 against Liverpool. Michael Owen’s first career hat trick.
  15. Wouldn’t mind that man Des Walker in this squad...you’ll never beat him ya know...probably still faster than most in the team.