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  1. Bagarri


    Turned down 2 free tickets yesterday. Didn’t want to ruin my weekend.
  2. Bagarri

    Pulled the plug or selling

    When the going gets tough.......... .....he’ll be out shopping with the family, asking his kid if he’d prefer a Man U or Man C shirt instead - “it’s just easier this way son”.
  3. Bagarri


    What did Fryatt do wrong?
  4. 3-3 against Liverpool. Michael Owen’s first career hat trick.
  5. Wouldn’t mind that man Des Walker in this squad...you’ll never beat him ya know...probably still faster than most in the team.
  6. Bagarri

    New Defender?

    I’d sooner see Lees and Thorniley develop alongside each other tbh.
  7. Bagarri

    Millwall Score prediction

    2-0 to Millwall.
  8. Cant imagine it being ‘interesting’, once again I imagine a lot of waffle, fan blaming, excuses, excuses...same old, same old...
  9. Bagarri

    Player Ratings

    Also liked the look of Kirby.
  10. Bagarri

    Player Ratings

    Defense was shaky at firstborn but anyone saying Nielsen had a bad game is crazy. It’s easy to forget he’s the age he is, as he’s such a unit, but thought he looked assured and really got into the game...a few creaky moments but, again, he’s one of the ‘youngsters’ out there... ...as for Boyd, what a soft touch he was tonight! Bannan, different class.
  11. I’ve heard that said by many a football at different clubs, end of the day if we can’t afford to keep OR someone else just offers more money/stability...he’s off.
  12. I’m gonna miss Barry Bannan next season.
  13. I think it’ll only get more grim. Predicting 3-0 Wigan unfortunately.
  14. it’s incredibly cringeworthy when Wednesday and United fans call each other ‘Pigs’...keep it in the playground children!
  15. Sweet Lord...the thought of Fox and Palmer as 1st choice wingbacks is terrifying!