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  1. ...a rich man from Thailand has managed to destroy this family’s following of Wednesday. I’m just about hanging in there, cos it’s an addiction, but my Dad has thrown towel in, started after being priced out of pay on the gate. My brothers’ packed it in, he went to every game home and away ‘til a couple of years ago. Hopefully people come back if Chansiri leaves. Wonder how much tickets will be in League 1!?
  2. ...and who wants to be part of this shambles of a club at the moment! Agreed...to think Hector is regretting not joining us is ridiculous.
  3. Why is he being discussed as if we’ve bid for him? Not seen anything. Has one person read it on a Facebook Fan Forum and took it as gospel?
  4. I agree, think this is going to be the case. Seems a decent bloke - Thompson - but rarely works with inexperienced caretakers taking it on full time. Especially with this mess he’d be adopting. ...saying that, Chansiri’s made it hard to care. I’d have the same faith, in our club being slowly destroyed from the top downward, whether we had Thompson, Klopp or Big Ron.
  5. Jesus Christ! They actually have him holding the shirt up too...he’s our long serving player isn’t he!!! this club...you have the laugh or you’d blow ya brains out
  6. Can’t help but presume he’ll go on to have a decent career somewhere else and we’ll be left going - ‘well he never did owt for us’! Though he never plays. We’re basically just a terrible club for young footballers to be at. Awful record of nurturing talent within the club and terrible at encouraging players as a fan base. Go figure....or he could just be sh*t
  7. He won’t because his ego is bigger than the club, fan base and ground put together.
  8. How many believe the search for the manager will be longer than time spent at the club, by said manager?
  9. You make it sound as if Chansiri/Paxo has some sort of plan or work flow...there really isn’t. It’s just a hit and hope policy. Bored of his sh*t, as are many.
  10. The ego of Chansiri won’t allow any of this unfortunately. Just waiting for him to f off so, hopefully, some enthusiasm can come back into the fan base/club.
  11. Amazing that people still see odds as gospel...so many “ffs no”, bewildering. Mind you, I still have mates and colleagues say “so and so is signing for...” because they read it in The Sun. You’d think people would learn.
  12. I’m in. Best option, like the above said - Seems to be able to develop players. He was building a decent squad at Wigan. Seems a good bloke. Let’s hope this one sticks around. Welcome.
  13. Always remember seeing him play one of his first games (professionally) at Hillsborough. First thing he did wrong, felt like everyone ‘round me was screaming “you fat useless c*nt” at him, only a young lad. We, as fans really don’t help the situation...especially at Hillsborough. Horrid place sometimes. Glad he went on to have a good career.
  14. Keep hoping, like the infamous Vincent Tan at Cardiff, that Chansiri will just disappear to the background and let someone else run it quietly and efficiently but it just ain’t gonna happen. I miss the days when you hardly knew who the chairman was and rarely heard from them
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