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  1. Berahino done more in 5 minutes then Sow did all half.
  2. Most frustrating thing is Burton have looked so poor aswell. This is f#####g annoying.
  3. Storey has been a terriffic addition so far but he should have done much better then. So frustrating this tonight.
  4. We are desperate for firepower up top, Sow just isn't upto it I'm afraid.
  5. Usual case that they end up losing but others around them drop points aswell. It was sods law Dingles would end up beating Boro today. Hopefully the pigs just miss out.
  6. My cousin's husband Mike Coulson plays for them, he's been captain aswell. Good set up they've got there.
  7. I would hope Harris is trying to sort himself a move out of Ukraine to be fair!!! Can't imagine his wife and children feel comfortable him being out there with everything that is going off.
  8. Agreed. I know this myself, its mainly because some of his family are Blades and when the chance came to fight at the Lane they jumped allover it and tried to build it up as some diehard Blade living out his dream of fighting there. Kel isn't a particularly big football fan as you rightly said, I remember when he was due to fight Spence he even said he was hoping to get support from both Wednesday and Blunt fans. Tonight I do hope was his last fight, he's achieved everything he needed to do, he's been a world champion, been involved in some big fights, earned enough to be comfortable in life and now won against the man he's wanted to beat his whole career. With his injuries after the Golovkin fight, I don't think his body can take much more from a more active and aggressive fighter, think both the Spence and Crawford fights proved this.
  9. Credit to Lewis Gibson aswell great determination to win back the ball and the assist
  10. We will huff and puff with no end product, they'll get a second in last 10 minutes. It's written allover.
  11. I knew Steve as he lived at the end of my mums road, his mum and dad still live there now. We used to play football on Thursday nights, I was one of the younger lads in the team but Steve looked after us. One of the other lads in the team, Kyle Lowry, sadly killed himself in 2010, another big Wednesday fan. Remember hearing about Steve's death as one of my best mates, was his apprentice and he rang me the following morning to give the news...awful. RIP Steve and Shaun UTO
  12. There was no questions needed in the first place. We disagreed about something, it was you that resorted to name calling.
  13. Screaming like babies? Because we said it wasn't a corner? You really seem defensive over this one? What's up was the linesman a family member or something?
  14. Don't bother. You're not allowed to state things like this. Only thing that matters is that we didn't defend it properly leading to them scoring.
  15. To be fair they are the standard yo yo club, they'll only get relegated again next season. Happens everytime. I have to say, if that's the quality of the league leaders, then we shouldn't be fearing any team in this league. They were poor.
  16. They are going to time waste and sh!thouse all the way to full time and this ref won't do anything about it.
  17. You know exactly what I mean stop trying to be a smart@ss
  18. Absolutely, but it's just slightly concerning the fact they've been keeping a high level of consistency from the start of the season, the league position shows that unfortunately. As I said before I do believe we have enough quality to beat them and it's hoping we now have a settled midfield and formation what is getting the best from the players.
  19. For me it's about keeping them quiet outwide, Ogbene is a big threat with his pace, very direct. Ferguson on the left his very good for this level. It'll be tough tomorrow, Warne will have them up for it, but I do think we have enough quality to beat them regardless of the current absentees.
  20. You just know they'll end up winning this now. Honestly, never known a team that gets so much luck with decisions. Won't surprise me if Udders get a man sent off or pigs get a penalty at some point.
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