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  1. I said before the Wycombe that tonight was the game I was dreading most of the last 3 fixtures. These are fighting for their lives to stop up, this was going to be a real fight and once again, in predictable Wednesday fashion, we look to have blown it. Let's see if Moore can earn his crust this half.
  2. The first half we pressed well but our final ball was awful..that isn't down to luck. Second half, as I say, we didn't play at all, we should have gone out all guns blazing at a goal down. The pressing and intensity dropped.That isn't down to bad luck. I just hope today hasn't cost us our chance because that performance wasn't one of a team chasing promotion
  3. Shoulda, woulda, coulda Sorry but that second half was abysmal. Even at 1-0 down with hardly attempt to throw any caution to the wind. It was almost that we had already accepted defeat the minute they scored Really need a huge performance from these next 2 games and I'll be honest even before today it was Fleetwood that worried me the most because that IS the exact place and game I would expect us to lose.
  4. To be honest it's the Fleetwood match that is concerning me more. That's the exact game where it would be typical of us to go there and lose.
  5. This is just classic Wednesday in general...never turn up for the big occasions. Always flatter to deceive when it matters.
  6. I'm seriously concerned about this ref...how he can even justify that so called foul...the lad practically threw himself to the floor and the refs bought it.
  7. Sidibe who we had on loan during the Dave Jones era?
  8. So I've found out today McBurnie and his "foot injury" is a cover up. There's a video circulating of him with a lady and hoover......
  9. Hanging on nervously...against bottom of the table. Absolutely incredible.
  10. Paterson has done absolutely sweet F.A tonight and yet somehow stays on the pitch, nice one Moore.
  11. The thing what has hit the pigs this season is the injuries they seem to be getting. Lets be reyt when Wilder was there it was very rare they got many injuries particularly to key players. They were very fortunate enough to be able to field pretty much the same team week in/week out and that team was well drilled into the philosophy and style of play hence why they got relative success. The likes of McGoldrick were key to that team and with players like him out it is no coincidence they haven't been getting as many points as expected. Same with Billy the pig, had he been playing recently you wouldn't have been surprised to see them win games like today with him bagging the winner. It seems they know they haven't got replacements for these key players, the lad Jebbison hasnt looked anywhere near a threat for example. It seems Gibbs White has carried them alot in many games but he isnt a striker. Be very interesting if they stay in the Championship next season and with the rumours of major budget cuts on the wages.
  12. I think the lads got a real talent and I wouldn't be surprised to see him go on to have a decent career. As Flying Owl said he probably got a bit too emotionally involved in the game tonight and obviously wanting to prove a point to the Wednesday fans by not giving him the most friendly reception. Definitely needs to improve on releasing the ball alot earlier in attacking positions, tries too much with the fancy step overs, but he's only young and I'm sure will learn.
  13. There's fergie time and then there's that! Where he got 11 minute's from is criminal. I honestly thought he was going to let it carry ok until they scored.
  14. Just said this to my mate! The amount of times he gave them the softest free kicks and the defender Darling is a dirty tw@t and yet he somehow stayed on the pitch? Really does make you think if at times their is some kind of agenda against the club. As you say if it was other way round it would have been 4 minutes max and the whistle would have blown on the dot.
  15. Had to laugh at the MK manager when Pato went down and he's having a go at the ref saying "F###ing soft" After all the times your players went down on the slightest touch!! My god man even the ref tried his hardest to play as much stoppage time so you could equalise!!
  16. That Twine's got such a punchable face hasn't he?
  17. Same here, thought Skippy had joined the commentary team
  18. Can us getting a man sent off, this ref isnt taking the whistle out of his mouth, just waits for an MK player to go to ground and its a free kick.
  19. O they've been creaming themselves everytime MK have the ball. I was surprised in the halftime highlights they even showed our goals.
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